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Working for an accounting firm for 5 years, I have been handling large accounts.
A friend suggested no one would notice if a couple of thousands of dollars here and there were missing.

I took the advice. Everything went well, unnoticeable for about three months.

One day I received a note to go to Mr. Smith, my manger’s office. Mr. Hanson, the chief of security and my account lead, Lance were also waiting in the office. I froze. What’s going on! Leticia. I have been told you’ve embezzled this firm for the last three months. All the evident were on his desk. I was shaking, couldn’t deny. “I am sorry. I was weak and thought it wouldn’t affect anyone since it was a just a small amount comparing to all those huge accounts. I promise I will never do this again” I cried. Mr. Smith said, Explain all the details how you did it. We need to prevent this from happening again. After a whole hour, going through all the details. Mr. Smith asked, now let’s talk about what we should do to you. “Please Mr. Smith. I promise I’ll be clean for now on. I will never do that again. He paused and then looked at the other two men. They nodded their heads and smiled. Voice of Mr. Smith, “since you have been such a good accountants for the last 5 years, I can be a little easy on you”. I was ecstatic. “Thank you thank you”. He grinned while glanced at the other two men. Tell me why I shouldn’t press charge against you. I begged: “I promise you will not be disappointed in me”. “I am glad to hear that” he responded, “Lance, would you lock the door behind you”. Yes, sir Lance responded with anticipation. What’s going on? I wondered.

Mr. Smith moved his big chair away from his desk. What size are your breasts? I stunned. I’m sorry Sir. You heard me. Your breasts size? What is it? 34C sir. I thought so, he said. Is your pussy very hairy? I couldn’t believe my own ears. I stammered.. no sir. I shave my pussy everyday. Yummy.. Lance and David, can I see her breasts.. The two men quickly came to me and put their hands on my shoulders. I resisted trying to get away. Lance whispered to my ear: I suggest you are not going to make a sound, Honey you don’t have a lot of choices. Either you get it here or you’d prefer the lesbians in jail, your choice. I can’t believe it. They blackmailed me, and my choice was obvious. I struggled in their strong grips, but know I couldn’t say no. The top of my dress was torn off. My bras were undone. Mr. Smith approached, and put his hands on my young breasts. He murmured “lovely”. His hands started squeezing my breast, then pinched my nipples with his fingers. I tried to move away from his touch, but the hands of the two men were securing my body that I couldn’t move. He started kissing me .. I felt like he was going to swallow my tongue. I protested but couldn’t make any sense. He then moved his mouth to my breasts, and sucked and sucked, while the other men were working on my clothes.

My dress was dropped on the floor, then my bra and panties. My panty hose was cut. I was all naked, feeling humiliated, and confused. I felt aroused, and wet. Mr. Smith’s mouth was engorging my breasts, as my pussy was bare, he moved his hands and fingered my clit. Lance and David were breathing hard with excitement: How is it Boss? Wonderful. This is great. A sixty yr old man ravaging the body of a twenty–five yr old girl is better than expensive wine. Trust me, he said, you will have your shares, boys. I feel other hands running along my back, then landed along the crack of my bare ass. “Suck my cock, you thief. I don’t get blowjob from my wife. You’d better make me happy and don’t disappoint me” He sat down in his big chair after dropping his pants down to the ankles, retrieving his cock in his hands. I resisted, but someone’s hands dragged me to him, and forced my face to his crotch. He reminded me I am a thief ! and now I have to pay. I have no way out, except making him happy. Taking his cock in my mouth, I started lick his mushroom, and sucked and sucked at first with hesitation, then I started enjoying it.

My mouth was tightly wrapping around him and pumping his cock harder. My pussy was wet and dripping. I couldn’t believe I loved it. He moaned loudly with pleasure. Someone lifted my ass up from the behind. Someone got under me: my pussy was on his face. His mouth started sucking my clit..ohhh! I moan softly with a cock in my mouth, I can’t make clear sound. I felt other mouth along my back…and hands on my ass cheeks. My pucker hole was licked that gave me a great pleasure I’ve ever had. Here I was, naked and violated by three men .. and my cunt was dripping wetter than ever. My moan was more vocal he moaned in ecstacy along with all the men’s. Yesss… thief. Harder.. .make daddy cum in your mouth, and you will drink every drop. Mr. Smith’s voice was so turning on … My head pumped harder and harder. His hands grasped my hair and pulled and pushed to his crotch…

His voice was louder and more urgent.. Yessss slut… just like that …yess… harder harder…. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. He shot his hot load in my mouth and screamed with ecstasy. I couldn’t hold any longer, letting out the enormous climax rushing through my body. As Mr. Smith dropped back in his chair, someone picked me up and dragged me on the desk. My butt was pulled to the edge of the desk, my legs were spread apart, Lance already had his pants dropped, he quickly shoved his 9-in hard on in my pussy. His hands were holding my legs up high, he started fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. It felt so good, I lost my sense of the surrounding. Damn you Lance, you’ve always wanted to fuck me. Here’s your chance. Fuck me like a real man… Fuck me… I moaned and got vocal. Mr. Smith whispered.. David, the slut is getting so hot, you have to shut her mouth before she gets too loud. David didn’t waste any time. He got on the desk, on my face and put his cock in my mouth. Oh….. I have never been fucked by two men at the same time before. This was so good and I have ever never thought it could be this good. My head bopped up and down pumping David’s cock while Lance was fucking my cunt like a mad dog. More pumping more ramping in the pussy, another huge climax rushing … oohhh..ohhh..aaaaahhhhhhhhh my body writhed and writhed as a hot load shot in my pussy. Lance ramped the last thrusts violently in my cunt before he exhaustedly dropped on the floor. His hot cum overflowed my pussy, and dripped down to my ass.

David’s cock was taken off my mouth… Fuck! she sucks so good, I have to cum in her ass. The men rallied. My body was turned over, bent over the desk. My bare breasts were pressed on the desk with my face down. My legs were spread wider. Someone parted my ass cheeks, and fingered around the ring, then more fingers shoved in my asshole, expanding the hole. Damn.. she’s tight. Hey slut, have you ever get fucked in the ass before? No. I shook my head. Would you like it now? Yes.. I got angry. Damn it. Just fuck it, fuck my ass.. fuck my brains out. Stop asking! David’s cock’s head was at the ring, he started sliding his cock in my ass. It hurt. I bucked because of the pain. Mr. Smith and Lance came to take a closer look of David’s cock penetrating my ass. They gasped with pleasure, as I sighed with mixture of pain and pleasure distributing all over my body. David took his cock out and shoved it my still dripping pussy. The thrusts were great, but I was a little disappointed that he didn’t fuck my ass. After a few thrusts, his cock was well lubricated He now put it back on my ass… preparing to shove in… one inch… slowly in.. then two inch.. and another inch… I sighed with pain… but also felt the thrill the pleasure that three men were watching my ass swallowing a cock.. the whole cock now disappeared in my ass.

The pain was so much but subsiding followed with the pleasure was now increasing. David started to pump and pump and pump. His crotch was slapping my bare ass while he was ramping my ass like a wild animal. The pleasure was now totally taking over. The feeling was so great, having my three superiors watching and fucking my young body was not something I never dreamt of. Fuck her.. fuck the slut. Fuck her ass good… they rallied. The anticipation, the rally, the pleasure.. I can’t take anymore of this… David slammed his body harder, and faster … I moaned like a real slut like a whore.. Damn it… come on.. fuck me fuck my ass.. cum in my ass… fuck it… ooohhhaaaahhhh…. And David came almost simultaneously … his cum filled my ass while he was still pumping until there’s no more energy in him. He collapsed on my sweaty body still shaking with the enormous orgasm like it would not stop. Mr. Smith’s voice “Damn, I’m so hard now.. I’ve got to fuck that slut”. Exhausted with one orgasm after another, I didn’t have the energy to move. Someone put me in Mr. Smith’s chair, my bottom was sloppy with cum dripping all over the leather chair. My legs were picked up again. A cock was shoved in my cunt and started fucking… as tiring as I was, the fuck was stilling great…. My eyes were closed resting, but my hands were holding my legs high and open… for the men.. .and enjoyed every stroke, every thrust. They were taking turn fucking me having the fun they ever had .. and I had discovered the lust in me that I have ever known. …. … hearing Mr. Smith’s voice ..we now can fuck this slut whenever we want. My breasts were being tortured by strong hands and someone’s cock was still fucking my cunt…. I passed out in the chair with the most satisfaction ever…

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