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Summer School Fun Part 2

Ever since the day I ate out my history teacher, we’ve been fuckin hard ever since. I thought today was our usual day: come to class, fuck her hard for 2 hours then bounce, but that wasn’t the case. She didn’t come alone. She brought her best friend and co- worker, Sue. Sue is sexy too. She is shorter than Jen but she has bigger tits, and their asses are the same size. Sue has shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. “Chris, I’ve been telling Sue of our sexual experience and she wants to try u out.” It was cool when it was one teacher but 2 is gonna be even better. Being the slick summabitch that I am, I answer with a simple “hell no.” Jen was surprised, but was calm about it. “Why not?” “Well, I started, if this gets around were gonna be in some serious shit and I’m gonna get in mad trouble and ya’ll gonna lose your jobs.” “If we don’t tell then nobody’s gonna find out,” said Sue, “besides, Jen told me u have 10 inch cock that I wanna feel inside me.”

“Fine then.” I whipped out 10 inches of black cock and she immediately dropped to her knees and began slobbering all over my cock. “Mmmmm” she mumbled. in my mind I was thinking, she don’t know what the hell she doing, she needs to get the hell off me, silly ho. Jen was naked and playing with her tits on the couch in the classroom. I grabbed Sue’s pony tail and said “stand the fuck up, you have no idea what the fuck u doing!”

She obeyed me and got up. I went over by Jen and laid on top of her and began kissing her and rubbing her body. She started to moan in pleasure when Sue stripped and got between Jen’s legs and began eating her pussy. I got off Jen, dropped all my clothes, and put my cock in Jen’s mouth. She immediately starts sucking on my cock like the champ she was. She was moaning but still trying hard to concentrate on my dick. I pulled out of her mouth and rolled on a condom. I went behind Sue and directed my dick to the lips of her twat and rammed it in. She was mad tight but start loosening up as I drenched my dick in lube and start fucking her hard and fast. She was screaming and bucking back and forth. “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!!” I put it in a higher gear and start pulling out 9 inches and slamming in to her which made her cum hard. “Oh, my fucking god, I’ve never been handled like that, I’m completely spent. Damn Jen, you’re a lucky bitch.” Jen couldn’t hear her as she was being manhandled the same way Sue was moments before. Jen was cumming so much and screaming that I’m surprised no one heard us. I got my nut off and Jen passed out for about 3 minutes from cumming so much. When she woke up she was smiling like the angel she was. “My god Chris, u were a machine today, keep this up and I’ll being calling you 24/7.” “I ain’t complaining about that Jen, u both went really quick.” Me and Sue were dressed, and Jen put all her clothes back on. “I got an idea,” I said, “lets go out to lunch cause I didn’t get to eat any pussy today.” “Good idea, but no where in town. It will look to suspicious.” Jen said.

Just as we were gonna walk out, another teacher stepped in the door way and said plain as day “Yeah, fucking 2 bitches can make a man hungry.” Oh shit……

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