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Sexy Girl At Home……….

Tina ,she is my cousin she came to do her higher studies so she had to stay in my house as she was from Mumbai.So she had to stay here in Chennai.

Now let me introduce her to u ,she is every male’s fantasy,very beautiful ,with 36D boobs with aslender waist and a sexy ass , 5ft5 and 21yrs. Iam 19 5ft7 .
From the day she came to my house I had my eyes on her , she was very friendly to me . We used to sleep in the same room .I always tried to touch her boobs . But after 2months Igot the courage to touchher boobs at night when she was fast asleep.
She is not alight sleeper so she does not feel anything during sleep. I thought I should fuck her .

Fianally the day came my parents had gone out of station for two days for a relatives wedding . So That night around 11 in the night I went and touched and pressed her boobs and slid my hands into her top she did not get up and so slowly I slept next to her and started kissing her on her lips she moved abit and then I slowly started opening her shirt buttons and then I even removed her skirt but she did not feel it but keept turning around ,she wore a white bra and panty .Then I started kissing and licking her all around ,she was moving around uncomfortably,then Ipulled her bra and panty off and sucked her pink hairy pussy and then I started sucking her huge boobs with lot of strength and pleasure and this was around 12:30 and all of asudden she got up when my 8inch cock started entering her cunt ,she got up in ashock and screamed and then put on the light and the finding her self and me naked asked me what was going on , I slowly moved forward and kissed her at first she resiste but later started kissing ,slowly I put hre on the bed and slid my cock into her cunt and fucked her and cummed into her ,then she took my cock into her mouth and sucked until I cummed and drank every bit of it. Then Iturned her around and fucked her in the ass she was bleeding all over then we went for abath and there we fucked again and then we slept naked , she was telling me that she liked the way I approached her . Then the next day being sunday we fucked the whople day and night .We fucked whenever we got a chance until she left and got married last year.

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