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Rainy Nights

Storm clouds billowed overhead building up more and more, threatening to explode and let loose the water within them. Dan drove his Honda SR2000 through the woods to the isolated house, honked once, and pulled it into the garage as it opened up. Just then a strong gust of wind blew across the house, causing it to shake slightly, and the old wooden beams seemed to give off a loud moan, as if to cry, “no more.” It was then that the clouds burst and it began to rain, Colleen’s kitty who had been outside during the sudden downfall quickly ran into the garage as the door shut. The wet pussy then went over to its bed and proceeded to lick itself clean as Colleen and Dan made their way into the house where they’d be spending the weekend away from their parents before going off to college the following week.

Two pots sat on the stove, one filled with spaghetti sauce, with meatballs, the other with penis and boob pasta. In the center of the kitchen was a small wooden table with the seats across from each other and two passion fruit candles sat on the sides of it. The center of the table held a small bowl of fruit, including several cherries and strawberries. Colleen turned the heat off from underneath the two pots and while she drained the water from the noodles, Dan finished setting the table. Next, Colleen mixed the sauce and pasta together and placed it on the table next to the basket of fruit while Dan brought some wine coolers over, as well as a wine holder filled with ice, where he placed the wine coolers after pouring them each a glass. They sat opposite each other and because of the small size of the table their bare ankles continuously brushed lightly across the other’s. At first the meal began somewhat quietly and awkwardly, this was the first time they had ever really been in a situation like this. But then they began to have a little fun with their food of choice and Dan began to lick the boob pasta off his spoon and slide his tongue through the hole in the center. Similarly, Colleen took the penis pasta and sucked the sauce off of it, noticing Dan shift slightly, causing his knees to make more contact with her and at the same time shifting uneasily herself, although the panties she was wearing at the time made that somewhat awkward.

The two finish eating and Dan pulls an ice cube out and places it in his mouth, rolls his tongue around it, then places it at the edge of his lips, showing Colleen, before rolling it back into his mouth. After that, they walked into the living room where a large, fuzzy pair of red and black dice lay and Colleen picked them up and handed them to Dan. “You roll first,” she said. He rolls the dice and the red dice comes up “massage” while the black dice reads “above waist.” He looks around for a second and then spots the vanilla massage oil laying nearby.

“You know if I’m going to do this right, you’ll have to remove your shirt,” he tells her.

“Too lazy to do it yourself?” With that invitation, he goes over to her and gently pulls her shirt off over her head, and with some surprise notices that she’s wearing an edible bra.

“Do you have the matching panties too?”

“I dunno…” Despite his sudden uneasiness and desire to do a little bit more, he decides to go on with the game, trying to ignore his throbbing dick which he knows Colleen notices, even through his pants. He places some oil on his hands and begins to rub her shoulders and neck with the oil, then realizing he can do a better job if she was laying down, eases her flat onto her stomach and straddles his legs to her sides so he can work the oil in better. After massaging her shoulders for awhile, he begins working on her lower back, sliding his hands around the sides of her stomach, feeling her soft skin. When he got to the region of her bra, he decided that it was her turn because he didn’t want to get any oil on it.

Now it was Colleen’s turn to roll and she read what the dice said, “tease below waste.” Easy, she thought, and she reached her hand down his pants, grabbed his prick and handled it slightly before removing her hand, very pleased with the look of partial disbelief on Dan’s face. It was Dan’s turn to roll again and the dice read, “kiss ?”

Dan thought for a moment and then moved Colleen back into the kitchen, lifted her up, and placed her on top of the table, before helping her out of her shorts. He then knelt down in front of the table, spread her legs apart a little further, and kissed the front of her panties, taking a bite out of them as he finished the kiss. “Hmm, tasty, actually I think I’d like a little more, if u don’t mind…”

“I don’t mind, go ahead.”

Instead of eating more of her panties as he said, however, he kissed the tender lips of her vagina, then kissed it again, and again. Next he slid his hand up and spread her skin to the side slightly, allowing his mouth better access, and he began to apply a slight suction pressure to the inner-front wall of her vagina, darting his tongue around as he moved his head slightly in a kind of circular position. Colleen leaned back and wrapped her legs around his back, allowing him greater access and she moaned quietly in delight as he stimulated her g-spot. He felt her beginning to approach orgasm and abruptly stopped his work, much to her dismay. However, he grabbed an ice cube from where they lay near by and stuck it in his mouth, then, standing up, bit off a piece of Colleen’s edible bra and kissed her nipple, rolling the ice cube around it, then went back down and did the same thing to her vagina, being careful not to over-stimulate her.

By this time though he could barely control himself, and he had to have some relief, he had to have her, and although she started to shift so she could give him a blow job or get him into the 69 position, he took her arm, and led her out the sliding glass door of the kitchen on to the deck. By this time it was really heavily and he noticed the rain drops splattering on her breasts and dissolving her edible clothing. However, he came out here for the nearby cushioned reclining chair, with the head rest that could come close to vertical. He moved the head rest up, and then helped her on to the seat, having her rest her chest and arms near the top of the head rest, and sliding in behind her, after removing his pants and boxers. Colleen felt the water squishing gently by her cunt from the seat cushions and enjoyed the strange sensation, then she felt Dan lifting her left leg up and sliding her away from the head rest slightly, so her back was at an angle and her arms rested against the top of the head rest and just one knee lay on the seat. He guided his dick toward her pussy and gently slid it in, which proved easy from the natural lubrication of the rain. He then began pumping gently as the rain slid down Colleen’s back and down her butt, all of this creating an odd, enjoyable sensation as she slid with his cock. It wasn’t long before she noticed that this position allowed him better access and he slid further inside her cunt than she had expected. Likewise she felt like she was about to explode into a massive orgasm as her already aroused pussy felt his smooth dick sliding faster and faster through it, plus the fact that the cool rain was sliding all across her body, including her bare breasts, only served to cause her further pleasure. Dan went further and further inside of her and just before he ejaculated, her body shook in an uncontrollable orgasm that almost shook him away, but he reached he released his load, and they both collapsed in temporary exhaustion.


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