Blue Moon Rising

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Life can be so rude. Snatch us from the known and familiar and without preface hurl us into a place that isn’t any of those things. Like an unsuspecting pet shop mouse being plucked from the only home it’s known, taken away to be pampered, spoiled, and treated like the King of Mice… or fed to a snake. I was that mouse. I was growing bored with this town, the same faces, and the same conversations. Perhaps it was time to move on, to continue searching…for what, the meaning of my life? It remained out of my reach, beyond my field of vision and I sank into an inescapable funk. I had planned a two-week vacation to England, to visit with family, catch up with friends, but my car died leaving me with a massive repair bill and two weeks of nothing but time. Could I mope around for that long? Hmm, I think I could. I was already off to a good start. Moping or not, I could not stay in and listen to my roommate’s chatter. I showered, dressed in my favorite shredded jeans and silk top and bunched my hair on my head with a clip. A little makeup and… I couldn’t be bothered. I flopped on my bed and watched the ceiling fan’s wobbly rotations. My phone rang. I reached for it without breaking my stare. “Hello?” “Hey.” There was a long drawn and stunted cough. “Whacha doin’?” It was my cute, stoner neighbor. I’m actually staring at a fan. Pitiful. “I’m just heading out,” I said. “Come by later?” I wasn’t interested. “Yeah, maybe…see ya later.” This just wouldn’t do. I had to get out. I grabbed some music and headed for our ‘Cheers’ where everybody knows your name and every other little detail. I was greeted at the door by our bouncer-come-cover-charge-collector. I never saw the need for either here. “Hey” I gave him a little smile. “Hey, Katie.” He popped the clip from the top of my head and dropped it into my hand. “Better.” “Thanks, Mom.” My dark hair fell heavily down my back and was swept up by the warm air pushing its way from the bar. The air swirled around me, sizzling with sensuality. It caressed my arms and tickled the small of my back. Every cell in my body synchronized their vibrations with the one moving around me. I felt alive…really alive, as though the meaning of my life lay here. In a….bar. The overwhelming sensation left no room for disappointment. I looked up and my eyes locked with a stranger’s across the room. I couldn’t look away and he held my stare. Eternity passed within a few moments. I felt disoriented and flushed and quickly turned to the bar to hide my reaction and recover. Ken popped the top off my favorite beer and pushed it across the counter. “Hey,” he threw a curious look over my shoulder, “what the fuck was that all about?” I gave him my ‘I dunno’ shrug avoiding eye contact and raised the bottle “Thanks.” I took a long swallow and was grateful for the sobering chill it brought to my throat and chest. I was picking at the beer label attempting to gather my composure when Aiden slipped his arm around my waist. He was a doctor on my floor and had a ‘thing’ for me but never let it get in the way of our friendship. “Bitch.” He gave me an overly lingering hug. “Whore.” I kissed his cheek and loosened his grasp. “Flying solo tonight? Come on, my cousin wants to meet you.” He spun me around on the bar stool. I met the eyes of the stranger again. He smiled. He was Aiden’s cousin. My freshly gathered composure scattered beyond my reach. It wouldn’t have mattered that Aiden was aiming me towards him, steering me with a possessive arm. I had to be near him, needed to be near him. We extended hands towards each other as Aiden introduced us. It seemed a ridiculously formal gesture, perhaps just an excuse for physical contact. The moment our hands touched I had a hundred flashes of him kissing me, touching me, licking me… Every cell in my body was singing like Vitas’ “Il dolce suomo.” I was losing my balance. I blinked hard. My hand was still in his, my face was on fire, my hair was sticking to the back of my neck. What the fuck indeed. “I’m sorry. I must be coming down with something.” It was a weak and breathless attempt at explaining my behavior. His brow crinkled over intensely green eyes. “You look feverish.” He smiled and bent to speak against my ear as he turned me towards the door. “Breathe.” His voice was deep and mellow and sounded like home, like London. He held my arm as though I were about to collapse. Vitas was reaching his crescendo, I was shattering into a million shards of crystal. The girls that had encircled him glared as he abandoned their group. If looks could kill I would have suffered a long and painful death. “Why’d you have to bring her over here, Aiden?” they grumbled. “I’m a masochist,” he replied. Their voices blended with the music as we stepped outside. His hand rested lightly on my lower back as we walked into the parking lot. I was quite a bit shorter than he and he altered his stride to walk with me. His touch was distracting me, clouding my mind. What was I doing with this stranger? I stopped abruptly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.” He had the most delicious, disarming smile. “Ian. Feeling better?” I nodded, “I don’t know what…” “You just needed a bit of fresh air. Thank you for rescuing me from that lot.” He looked back towards the bar. “They’re all yours, Aid.” “Aiden is in his element.” “Hmmm, I’d rather thought he was after you.” “Me? Um… I don’t know… we’re just friends.” Was I trying to reassure him? Why? “And the bartender? He seemed to be a little more than chummy.” “Ken? My ‘therapist’?” “Do you always peel the labels off of your therapy?” I nodded and laughed. “So, why did you come out here with me?” His eyes twinkled in the moonlight. “I… you kind of pushed me.” I said. A smile tickled the corner of Ian’s mouth, “You didn’t want to get out of there?” “I didn’t say that.” Ian smiled down at me and nodded. “I felt it, too.” I had to look away from his gorgeous face, his piercing gaze. “Felt what, too?” My mind flickered back to the flashes of our bodies locked together. I squirmed a little. “That bizarre attraction.” “Bizarre? Attraction?” What? “No, not bizarre…unexpected. Honestly, when was the last time this happened to you?” “Never… I’ve never….” “That’s what I mean…me, too.” Ian sounded genuinely surprised. “Well…it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Raging hormones? Or we had a few too many, or…” “No. You only had one and my hormones are always raging.” “You are definitely Aiden’s cousin.” “Hmmph. Whatever it means…we should explore it.” He spoke as if it were already decided. “Explore our bizarre attraction to one another.” I liked the idea but my head was swirling and more than capable of poor judgment. My voice of reason had been muted. “Over coffee…or perhaps a cup of tea?” That smile again. He looked like the ‘after’ in a cosmetic dentistry ad. “Where’s your car?” I lead the way to my Jeep and Ian held the door open as I slid in. When he shut his door the intimacy of being enclosed was overwhelming. His rich earthy scent, the sound of his breathing, I gripped the steering wheel to quiet my trembling hands. Ian took a slow, deep breath as though he were scrutinizing the air. He smiled and caught my stare. “Coffee. American tea is horrid.” “Coffee.” I stretched my fingers and found that I had calmed enough to drive. Ian was squinting at my CDs tilting them to capture the passing street lights. I wanted to reach over and touch his face but flicked the interior light on instead. “Thank you.” He slid his choice into the slot and turned off the light. I was acutely aware of his hand resting near my neck. I felt as though the tiny hairs near his hand were straining towards his touch. The disc began to play. It was Emilie Simon’s ‘Desert’ remix the tract I listen to when I’m all alone and feeling horny. And like Pavlov’s dogs… Jesus, why did I bring that particular disc out tonight? My body started screaming for attention, my pulse was thrumming between my legs. I shifted in my seat and tried to focus on the road ahead. Ian
as watching me. I swerved into Carms Coffee House a little too sharply causing Ian to brace himself. “Here we are.” My voice was husky. I tried to clear my throat. “Coffee.” I moved to jump out. Ian held my arm before I could bolt, the heat in his touch made me shudder. I couldn’t meet his stare. He touched my forehead, “I think we should get you home or to a doctor.” I pushed his hand away. “Come on. Carms has the best coffee.” I didn’t even drink coffee. “No. You need some Paracetamol and to lie down. Perhaps I should drive?” “I’m fine and I’m quite able to drive!” “Right…off we go then. Let’s get you home.” He was laughing at me. “No. I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. I don’t know anything about you …you might be a… a mass murderer or…” “I’m not a mass murderer. I’m Aiden’s cousin,” he said. Innocent by association? “That isn’t particularly reassuring.” I did my best to ignore his innocent puppy look and tried to tap into my sixth sense. Was there such a thing? I felt good about this guy. “I have a shotgun under my bed.” He laughed, “Of course you do.” Ugh, Libby was home. My roommate was a pretty blonde, bounding with energy, loved to talk and was an infamous flirt. Could I conjure up a look that would scare her back into her room? I didn’t own any of those looks and they wouldn’t have worked if I did. **** I unlocked the front door and we stepped inside. Libby shot over like a heat seeking missile in scrubs. “Libby, Ian. Ian, Libby,” I said flatly. Libby dimpled and fluttered and wiggled. “Damn it! I knew I should have come out with you!” “I didn’t invite you out with me. Besides you said you had to work tonight.” “Perhaps I should call in sick.” She poked an acrylic nail at Ian’s chest. “No, you shouldn’t. Aren’t you already late?” “Yeah, I’m just leaving. See you in the morning.” Libby grabbed her keys and coffee “Be good!” She winked at Ian and dashed out the door. She never failed to shock me. Ian didn’t appear to take any notice of her antics. We were alone. I fought the urge to move into Ian’s arms and felt embarrassed by the surge of physical need . “Um….coffee? Or would you like something else?To drink,” I added quickly. I clinked through some bottles “Tequila, Gin, a few different reds or there’s some Blue Moon in the fridge.” “Blue Moon? I’ll try that. Thanks.” He still had the curious look on his face. “Where’s your stereo?” he asked, holding up that disc. I hadn’t noticed him whisk it out of the car. No no no. “I have tons of other CDs. Look.” I maneuvered him towards the living room and stereo. “I want…” He easily held the disc out of my reach as I grabbed for it. “I want to see that look again. Your emotions..your .feelings are written all over your face.” Oh God. “How entertaining for you,” I mumbled to the floor. Ian tipped my face up with a finger to my chin “It’s beautiful.” I shook my head and escaped for the beers. For a special touch and to stall I poured the beer into tall glasses from the freezer and added a slice of orange. When I returned Ian was sitting in the middle of the couch, arms spread across the back, legs apart and bent at the knee. A guy pose and he looked fucking gorgeous. His head was back and his eyes were closed. Nicely dressed, casual chic – buttoned shirt, perfectly fitting jeans. He’d placed his classy lace ups neatly under the coffee table. At some point during my studies he’d opened his eyes and was smiling at me. “Here you go.” I handed him the frosty glass and moved to the end of my suddenly small couch. “Thank you.” He took a massive gulp and grimaced. “It’s very…cold.” He licked a little foam from his upper lip and rubbed his chest. I smiled, “I could nuke it… make you feel more at home.” “No, it’s perfect. I’m really not very fond of warm beer,” he chuckled I sat sideways on the couch drawing my knees up under my chin. Another disc was playing softly in the background. “So, tell me about yourself.” He did. He spoke of his parents and home outside of London, his younger brothers and sisters – I got the impression that he had a large family. He continued on, “My father is arranging for me to take over the…the family business. I never felt ready or powerful enough. I don’t know, maybe everything has changed now. And you?” He stifled my question. “Tell me everything.” I shared memories of growing up in California and moving to England. Time spent in London studying Nursing, my family’s home in Gloucestershire. “Gloucestershire. That’s a beautiful county – the commons are quite vast…peaceful. There’s a quaint castle overlooking the Wye. My brothers and I used to play there until it was converted into a prison.” Ian smiled at the memories. “St Briavel’s Castle overlooks the River Wye, it’s quite near my parents’ home. I think it was a prison up until eighteen-something. It’s a youth hostel now.” “Hmmm, we’re not speaking of the same place…obviously. Tell me, why did you move back to the States? To this town.” “I was …restless. I felt as though I’d been searching for something. I chose this town by sticking a pin in a map – literally.” Ian nodded. “Fate.” We spoke for hours, through several glasses of beer and countless shuffled songs. We grew increasingly at ease and familiar. Our conversation reached a lull, a silent moment as a disc whirled to the next random tract. That song. I could immediately feel the heat rising through my body. I felt his eyes on me, watching me struggle. The music no longer held the same association. Now it was about him and it was a hundred times worse. Ian touched my face urging me to look at him. I expected to see his smile but his face had changed, it had taken on a hungry, wild look. Not unlike my own I imagine. Ian leaned over me and touched his lips to mine, an unspoken question. I answered, opening to his tongue’s exploration, my own following eagerly. My fingers traced the contours of his face, caught on the sharp, unshaven slope of his jaw and delighted at the silky coolness of his chocolate locks. Ian twisted his fingers taut in my hair pulling a moan from my throat as his tongue plunged deeper. Ian leaned back and maneuvered my hips to straddle his. I folded my legs on either side of him and planted myself on his imprisoned cock. I shifted and he groaned, pulling me down firmly, anchoring me. Feeling him beneath me, so close to where I needed him to be caused any remaining shreds of restraint and modesty to flee and something raw and basic emerged. “Ian.” I barely recognized my voice, it sounded desperate. I tugged at his shirt and he flew through his buttons. I pushed it from his shoulders and leaned into him. I kissed the hollow of his neck and tasted him with a swirl of my tongue. I continued along his collar bone and over the muscled ridge of his shoulder savoring the slightly salty flavor and fiery heat of his skin. Ian shook his arms free of his shirt and held my head in his hands. He crushed my mouth against his and roughly plunged his tongue between my lips. I dug my fingers into his back, needing to get closer and moaned into his mouth. His hands flew to my hips as I pushed myself onto him. He slid his hands down the back of my jeans and dragged me forward. Ian’s cock bucked beneath me causing ice crystals to race up my spine and across my skin. My heart was pounding in my ears and against his hardness. Ian pulled my shirt over my head and threw to the floor. He followed the flow of my hair and pushed it from my breasts, kissing along the curves, lifting them to his mouth. His thumbs grazed my nipples drawing a moan from my throat. He nibbled and tugged through the lace sending bolts of lightning through my core. I buried my face in his hair, he smelled like exotic herbs and mysterious forests. I wanted everything he could give me. I needed him to take everything I had. I pulled away from him and looked into his dark eyes as I slid down from his lap. I unzipped his jeans as he pulled everything down and kicked his legs free. His cock sprang loose and slapped my cheek leaving a little splatter. “Sorry,” he wiped it away with his f

inger. I pulled his hand back to me and slowly licked his fingers. One tasted dark and spicy – I sucked it into my mouth. I wanted more. His legs were either side of me as I kneeled before him. He leaned back into the cushions and watched me. I sat back on my heels as I ran my fingers along his muscled calves and kissed the insides of his knees. I licked and kissed his thighs, his muscles flexed beneath my tongue. I was driven by his response and my hunger. I reached his balls and ran the tip of my tongue lightly along their underside and continued up his shaft. Ian’s long fingers dug into the soft cushions and a rumble rose from his chest. Some small part of me had been screaming warnings and was horrified by my behavior. But completely ignored, it grew silent. I cupped his balls feeling their weight and steadied his cock in my other hand. Its velvet head was glistening. I ran the tip of my tongue along the slit, the taste was intoxicating. Ian growled as I popped his head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around its rim. I slowly slid down until I couldn’t breathe, and swallowed. He pulsated against my lips and grew even larger. I held his shaft in both hands as I rose and followed my mouth to the top, my tongue exploring every detail. He was slick with saliva and as hard as granite. I moaned over his head as my tongue gathered another spicy sample. Ian’s hands twisted in my hair as I licked. “Stand.” His voice was deeper and strained. “Stand up.” I reluctantly left my post and stood before him panting with desire. He held my hips, a bruising grip and pushed his forehead into my belly. I ran my fingers through his hair and sensed his struggle. Ian looked up into my confused eyes. “If we go any further, I won’t be able to control myself. I won’t be able to stop. You’re not…ready for me”. I rocked my hips in his hands. “I feel pretty ready.” Ian breathed deep and growled, “That’s not what I mean.” “You don’t want to…? You don’t want me?” I was trying hard not to sound crushed. “What? No! Christ!” Ian pulled me to him, his breath was searing my neck. “It’s taking everything I’ve got to not rip the rest of your clothes off with my teeth and bury myself in you, deep and hard, claim you as mine alone.” Ian’s teeth grazed my neck sharply. “I want you to scream my name as you come. I want you to give yourself to me completely. And you’re not ready.” I was about to argue when tires crunched along the drive. “Bugger! It’s Libby.” I scooped up his clothes and pushed him into my room. I threw my PJ t-shirt on and went to warn Libby that Ian was still here. “So you don’t want me to strut around in my bra and thong?” Libby then strutted in demonstration. “No. Not really. Ever.” Libby laughed then noticed that I was still in my jeans. “That’s not good.” “Yeah, well. … I’m going to bed. Good night, Lib.” Libby pouted and gave me a hug patting my head. “It’s okay, honey, maybe you’ll get lucky tonight.” I heard a chuckle from my room. I brushed my teeth and washed up a little. I was exhausted. I slipped into my sweat pants and found Ian sound asleep half covered with my duvet. He’d put his boxers on. I slipped in beside him and was immediately enveloped by his heat. He rolled onto his side and slipped his arm across my tummy. “G’night, Kate,” he mumbled. That was the first time he spoke my name. * * * I woke to the sounds of Libby’s giggles and Ian’s deep laughter. Nice. She’s already working her magic, I thought. I grabbed some clothes and snuck into the bathroom. I showered and threw on a little makeup, Vicky Secrets, jeans and a light sweater. I guess I looked okay. I padded out to the kitchen worried that I might be greeted with indifference. “G’morning.” Ian smiled and his eyes sparkled and crinkled. “Good morning.” He pulled me to him and kissed me. He was wearing his jeans and his unbuttoned shirt exposed his magnificent chest and abs. I fastened two of his shirt buttons and he chuckled. Libby watched us over the rim of her lipstick blotched coffee cup. “Ian was telling me that he was a model in London.” “Really? You didn’t tell me that.” “No. I did one photo shoot. Black and white artsy work. I think the guy was bent…some of the poses were… well…” “I made him pose for me!” Libby said. God, Libby at her finest. Ian buttoned a few more buttons. “Coffee?” “She doesn’t drink coffee,” Libby said as though confirming my oddness. Ian sat me down and handed me a glass of OJ, his fingers lingered over mine. “Thank you. Where are you off to looking all glam, Lib?” I was thinking it was for Ian’s benefit. “My sister’s. In Boston. Just for the weekend.” Ian was resting his hand on my thigh – he gave it a squeeze with that news. I ignored it. “Do you need a ride to the airport?” “Thanks, no. Aiden’s going to take me.” “I asked him to bring my things over, too.” Ian gave me an apologetic look. “Your things?” Ian grimaced. “All of your things?” Ian nodded. “Geeze, I bet he’s pissed. Aren’t you supposed to be visiting him?” “You can’t make Ian spend an entire two weeks with Aiden. That would be a total waste. I told him he could stay with us. Aren’t you off for the next couple of weeks anyway? It’s perfect!” Libby smiled sweetly at Ian and got up. “I’ve got to finish packing.” She ruffled Ian’s hair as she passed. “Moving in?” I was angry with myself for sounding hopeful. “Are you angry?” Ian gathered me to him and kissed my neck before I could answer. “Mmmm, you smell like rain and lilacs… and Kate. I could eat you for breakfast.” “I’m not angry and I’m not on the menu.” Ian raised an eyebrow in an ‘oh really’ expression, “Do you mind if I shower first? I’m a little ripe.” He wasn’t. He was making my mouth water. “The towels are in that cupboard.” Ian sang while he showered, tweaking some of my out of tune heart strings. The door bell rang. Aiden had a large leather suitcase in tow and a leather back pack slung over his shoulder. “Bitch.” He pecked me on the lips. “Whore.” I guess we were still friends. Aiden gave me an accusing glare. “What?” He raised his brows. “Fine fucking mess you’ve gotten yourself into.” “Um… I seem to remember you orchestrating this and it isn’t a mess. ” “Oh?” He seemed surprised. Ian entered the room wearing a floral towel around his waist, freshly showered and god-like. “What the fuck?” Aiden indicated the towel. “Yeah I know, flowers. You’ve got my clothes.” They did the guy hug thing. “Aid, thanks man.” “Yeah. Good to see you, for what an hour?” “There’s no way you’d see any action with me around,” Ian teased. “Fuck off, Gooseberry.” They laughed. Ian grabbed his bags. “Call me. We’ll do something,” he instructed Aiden circling his finger in the air to include the three of us and left to dress. “He’s a cocky fucker.” Aiden looked at me. “You’re attracted to that?” “Yeah, Aiden. That’s what I look for in a guy.” “Bitch.” “Whore.” Libby pushed through the bedroom door with her abundant matching red luggage. “Holy fuck, Lib! I thought you were just going for the weekend!” “Shut up, Aiden and help me. We’re going to be late.” “You’re going to be late, my timing is perfect.” They left with doors slamming and abuse flying. Alone again. My tummy rumbled, nervous and hungry. I went to the kitchen and sliced some fruit into two bowls, added a dollop of organic yogurt and a perfect strawberry for each top. I sat at the table and dug in while blindly flicking through one of Libby’s magazines. Fine fucking mess I’ve gotten myself into – Aiden’s words echoed in my head. I knew, without a doubt that I didn’t have the power to resist Ian. If he wanted to hang around for a couple of weeks then that’s how it would be. I’d just have to deal with the aftermath…after. Resignation calmed my stomach and nerves somewhat. I stuffed a large chunk of apple in my mouth just as Ian walked in. Hair stylishly tousled, loose jeans hanging on his hips, a hint of boxers, bare chest, shirt flapping behind him. I started choking and spluttering. Ian smacked my back and grabbed a glass of water. “Jesus,

do you know what you look like! Are you trying to kill me??!” I took a tentative sip. “What do I look like?” he sucked his cheeks in and angled his shoulders completing the cat walk look. We laughed. “If that’s what you gave Libby, I’m surprised she didn’t jump you.” “Your friend is a nutter.” “Yes, she is,” I agreed. “Are you hungry?” I handed him his bowl of fruit. “I don’t know.” He poked the fruit with a finger “I’m not really a fruit kind of guy but you make it look so delicious with the choking and gagging.” He smiled and started munching. I sat with him while he ate. His jaw was fascinating to watch, chewing – it looked like it could crush bones. He scooped up his last mandarin segment and stretched over to me. “Open. I want to feed you.” I obeyed. My center was catching on fire. “Come here.” Ian pulled me to him as I awkwardly swallowed. He kissed my lips lightly then retreated slightly. He wanted me to come to him. I leaned into him, kissed his closed lips, my tongue begging entry. I felt him smile before he opened to me. He resumed command sliding his hands up from my hips to my waist lifting my sweater above my tummy. He licked and nibbled my exposed flesh giving rise to a mass of goose bumps and shivers. Without interruption he unzipped my jeans and let them pool around my feet. He bit my panties and yanked, they snapped and fell to the floor in tatters. ‘I want to tear your clothes off with my teeth’ his earlier words echoed. I quickly pulled my expensive sweater up and off. Once it cleared my face I found myself staring at my gawking neighbor through my French doors. I gasped and Ian turned and growled. Mr. Williams quickly left his pruning and retreated into his home. I looked into Ian’s eyes and I promptly forgot about Mr. What’s-his-name who continued to peek through his curtains. Ian cupped my neatly shaved mound and stroked my pussy . I knew I was as wet as April rains. “Ready enough for you now?” I asked timidly. Ian smiled as his fingers dipped and twirled. “That’s not what I meant.” His expression grew serious, “I’m sorry about last night. I…I just couldn’t.” I wanted to ask why but didn’t want to spoil the moment. “The moon.” “Sorry?” “You want to know why. It was because of the full moon.” Ian’s expression remained serious contradicting his silly words, leaving me confused. “Here,” Ian slipped out of his shirt and held it for me to slip into. “Your neighbor is still watching us.” I peeked over Ian’s shoulder and caught the twitch of a curtain. “Perve,” I mumbled. “I don’t know. You’re the one exposing your naked… dripping… delicious… body to anyone who should pass by.” Ian was kissing my shoulders between his words. I blushed with the realization of my behavior. He was making me act like a starving sex fiend. Ian grinned. “Sex fiend?” My blush grew deeper. “Did I say that out loud? I….” “No.” Ian studied my face and looked torn. “Come here.” He led me to my dark living room – the curtains were still drawn. “Sit.” He looked at me for a long while before speaking. “The attraction we feel for each other. It may seem a simple peculiarity to you but it’s far more…complicated than that. We have a special bond, you and I.” He was treading lightly and making me nervous. I frowned. “Kate.” Listen to me… Listen to me. I was listening to him and his lips weren’t moving. Please try not to be upset. I’ll explain everything…somehow. “Don’t be upset?! What? How are you doing that? I’m losing my fucking mind!!” No, you’re not losing your mind. It’s our connection. “Connection? What do you mean? I don’t understand!” Kate. “Stop it! Its freaking me out. Tell me what’s going on. Explain this to me…please.” “I never thought I’d have to explain this to a human, I…” “A human! What do you think you are?!” “Please, Kate! I don’t know how to do this.” “Just fucking tell me.” “I’m a werewolf.” “What? A what?? Jesus fucking Christ. You need to leave.” Look at me, Kate. Ian discarded his jeans. I moved towards the phone but was halted by a vicious growl. Wait. Ian bent over and let out a piercing yelp as his bones crackled and muscles contorted, he shook as his skin transformed into a dark chocolate glistening pelt. A huge wolf stood before me, panting, tongue lolling from the side of his mouth. Familiar green eyes were looking into mine. “Holy shit…Fuck. No, no, no. Ian? No…this can’t be fucking happening.” It padded over to me, claws clicking on the hardwood floor. I backed up into a corner and sank to the floor. It nudged my hand with its nose. Kate, it’s me. I cautiously placed my hand on the wolf’s head, “Ian?” Yes. Ian licked my palm, his tongue long and rough. “Please, change back. I think I’m going to lose it.” I closed my eyes releasing hot tears and started to shake uncontrollably. Ian returned to his human form quickly and slipped back into his clothes. He kissed my tears and held me tight. “It’s okay…its okay. Shhhh… Let me tell you our story, how we came to be, what we are today.” I nodded but kept my eyes tightly shut. Ian began his story as it was told to him as a child. He continued, and described how at one time weres protected crops in Europe and the Native Americans’ beloved caribou. He spoke of witch trials in Estonia in the 1600s that resulted in the destruction of nearly 100 weres. “We quickly sank into myth and legend for our own preservation. There are a great number of writings featuring werewolves and films of course, most of it rubbish.” Questions flooded my mind. “Do you eat….people?” “No! No. I do crave meat, but I get it from a shop just like you. And I’m not very fond of fruit.” “So, you’re not going to eat me. What are you doing with me?” Ian laughed. “I might have if your neighbor hadn’t interrupted.” “Wha….Oh. Hmmph” “We all have our other halves wandering around out there, particularly true for weres.” Ian searched my face for signs of encouragement but the confused look persisted. “Your scent, your flavor…they make my heart scream for you, make me feel alive. You are my other half…my mate.” “I am your mate?” “Yes.” “What if I don’t want to be?” “Then I’ll leave, broken hearted with my tail between my legs. But the feeling is mutual. I knew it the moment I first saw you. You felt it, too.” Ian waited patiently while I did my best to understand. “Would you have changed last night if we hadn’t stopped?” “Yes, I believe I would have. It was a full moon, my wolf was near the surface and wanted to take you.” “What do you mean?” “Make the bond permanent. I wouldn’t have been able to leave after that. I want to give you the choice.” “You can’t control your wolf during a full moon?” “Normally I can, but not around you.” “If I choose…if you make the um, bond permanent how do we live? As outcasts?” “No. I spend most of my time in my human form. We would appear as husband and wife.” Ian seemed relieved by my lack of reaction. “What about babies?” An image of myself surrounded by a litter of puppies assaulted me. “No. No puppies. Perhaps twins and we can’t change until after puberty.” “Our children would be werewolves?” I couldn’t believe I was asking these questions. I wanted to laugh hysterically but couldn’t. “Yes, but more human and more powerful than I.” “Will I change into a …a werewolf?” “No.” “If you bit me?” “No!” Ian answered abruptly putting an end to that line of questioning. “Is Aiden like you?” The question annoyed Ian, “No, he’s nothing like me. Yes, he is a were.” “Does he know about us? That you think I’m your mate?” “I know that you are and yes he does. He could tell in the bar. That’s why he had his hands all over you, to piss me off.” “Oh.” “How old are you?” I asked, vaguely recalling some werewolf stories. “You don’t want to know.” “Now I definitely want to know. 40?” Ian frowned, “Do I look 40?!” “No.” I studied his face. “Late 20s, early 30s I suppose. You’re not like vampires are you? Hundreds of years old?” I smiled. “Yes.” “I was joking. Wait. Are vampires real, too??” “Yes.” My world was changing into one of monsters and nightmares. Would I miss ‘normal’, ‘mundane’ and ‘boring’? Is this what I’d been searching for? It see

med to be. Life with a wolf, an old… “How… old…are you?” “I was born in 1615. ” ” Sixteen…fifteen. More than three hundred years older than me. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around all of this.” “I know.” “So, when I’m, say…80, you’ll still look like this?” “More or less.” “Well. That’s not going to work is it!” “I’ll still love you when you’re old and wrinkly.” “You love me?” “Yes.” “How can you possibly know that after what – not even 24 hours.” “You feel the same way.” “What I feel is confused.” “About all of this. But not about me.” “Aiden is right! You are a cocky fucker!” “You and I are made for each other and weres know, absolutely know when they meet their mate. It’s as simple as that.” “But I’m not like you. I’m not a werewolf. ” “No, but you feel it, too.” “Hmmff. But there’s no way that we can stay together. I’m going to be too old for you.” “I’ll always be 300 years older than you.” “But you don’t look old.” “You know, I learned all of this over years and years. You’re trying to compress it into hours. I want you to forget about all of these details and just answer one question for me.” “What?” “Do you want to be with me? If for some reason you don’t, I’ll have to get out of here while I still can.” “Jesus. Yes. Yes I do, today. I don’t know about tomorrow or the rest of my life!” “You’re being too cerebral. Okay. Today. We’ll figure tomorrow out when it gets here.” I smiled. Tiny steps, maybe I could deal with tiny steps. “I’m starving. Come on, no more fruit. Give me something bloody and rare!” “Eww.” “I’m joking, a little. A steak would be lovely.” “I think there may be some steak in the freezer.” I rummaged through the frozen bricks and pulled out a couple of suspects. “Libby’s. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. I think she fancies you.” “Hmphh.” “You don’t find her attractive?” Was I feeling jealous? “Kate,” he laughed at me, ” I can’t be attracted to another…woman. Not now.” I detected his hesitation. “Another…um…wolf-ess?” “Wolfess?” he chuckled. “No. It’s you. You’ve put an end to my sweet, sweet bachelor days,” Ian feigned remorse. “I’m sure that you’ve seen far more than your fair share of those. Three hundred years and change? It really is about time you settled down. You should probably be checked out by your vet, too.” I lectured. “My Rabies shots are up to date and I’m as clean as a whistle in all other areas as well.” Ian declared giving me a wink. “Hmmph.” “You know,” Ian became pensive, “I’d more or less given up on the idea of finding….you. Some time ago I began to think that my mate was an agoraphobic hiding in a remote little nowhere village in an obscure corner of the earth. I wasn’t going to meet her…ever. Then last night…” Ian smiled. “I sensed you immediately, even before you entered the bar. I wanted to howl with pure joy then I realized you were…human.” “You were disappointed.” “Disappointed?” Ian frowned. “How could I be? I’ve been waiting for you, even hunting for you at times… for centuries. I was surprised that your scent wasn’t Were, that my other half would be so soft and weak, so human.” “I am not soft and weak.” I gave him a mighty yet completely ineffective shove, proving his point rather than making my own. Ian laughed. “Exactly.” I sighed softly and weakly. “We’re ill matched on so many different levels. You’re so big and old and a wolf for God’s sake. Can’t you just ask for a retrial on this whole mate thing?” “No. I can’t. It is what it is. It doesn’t matter at all that you’re a tiny, cynophobic, fruit loving, sex crazed human child. We’re stuck with each other and…” “Sex crazed?” “…and I have never been happier. Yes. Sex crazed. I’m very happy about that part.” Ian smiled. The direction of his gaze made me realize that I’d been walking around knickerless, barely clothed in his unbuttoned shirt. I spotted my shredded wodge of lace under the table. Heat raced to my cheeks with the memory and the insides of my thighs were beginning to feel slick. I pulled Ian’s shirt tighter around my body. “I’m sorry I ruined your lingerie.” Ian seemed to be acutely aware of my excited state, his eyes darkened and closed, he lifted his nose, his nostrils flaring. God, he could probably smell my arousal. He cleared his throat and turned away from me. Ian grabbed the steaks and tapped them on the edge of the counter, “I don’t think I can wait for these to thaw. Shall we eat out?” Ian avoided eye contact and moved towards the hallway. My wild inner creature had escaped and refused to be re-caged. I hopped ahead of him and into the doorway blocking his passage. I raised my arms and rested them on either side of the door frame causing Ian’s shirt to open and expose my nearly bare body. “How long are you planning on keeping me waiting?” Before I could finish asking, Ian was crushing me against his bare chest, demanding access to my hungry mouth, bruising my lips. He straightened his back and my toes lost contact with the floor. I wrapped my legs around him as he moved us to my room and he awkwardly removed the rest of my clothes. Crashing into the door frame, I slammed against his body, we both moaned. Ian threw me on my bed and followed looming over me on hands and knees. Ian panted, “I thought you’d be too upset by everything. I didn’t think you’d want….” “I want you.” I unzipped his jeans and slid my hand along the bulge in his boxers, “Please.” Ian removed his jeans and boxers, tossing them into a corner. He stood completely naked before me, beautiful, like an angel. I sat up to touch him, to confirm his existence, prove to myself that I wasn’t dreaming. Ian brought my hand up to his lips, my eyes followed and met his deep emerald pools, dark with desire. “Lay down.” It was a gently spoken command. As I leaned back Ian lifted my knees and opened my legs. His eyes lingered on my mouth then traveled down to my exposed sex. My breathing grew ragged as I watched. Ian brought his head down and placed his tongue near my pucker and dragged it up through my glistening folds and over my hooded nub. He drank of me as a butterfly at a flower— a giant wolf butterfly. My fingers twisted in his hair as he teased and nibbled and sucked, drawing me closer to the edge. Ian replaced his tongue with his hand, his fingers and thumb finding my most sensitive points and depths. He kissed me urgently, his tongue continued to plunge and caress. I could taste myself on his lips. The sensations began to swirl and gather and collide. My hips were moving greedily against his fingers. Ian moved his lips to my ear, “Come for me, Kate.” I could do nothing else. I crashed and shattered and whimpered as he kissed me, his fingers drawing out the tremors. I was not lulled, or soothed. My body did not purr with satisfaction. The floodgates were ripped from their hinges letting loose a torrent of sharply defined desire. “Please …” words were elusive, I pleaded with my eyes. I moved his hand from my wetness and shuddered with the loss. “Please.” Ian raised himself over me and opened my legs further with his knees the sudden coolness made me shiver. He easily restrained my arms above my head and perched himself at my entrance, his head hot and threatening. I raised my hips in a desperate attempt to capture him but could not. Ian looked into my eyes, drew me into his thoughts. Not to hear his unspoken words but to feel his desire, to experience his overwhelming need. It hit me like a colossal iceberg, crowded my mind with his absolute hunger. My body began to shudder and he seized this moment to plunge into my depths. I came in great waves, exploding from my center, ripping through me. I cried out against his neck “Ian…..holy….fuck.” Ian growled into my ear, “Mine.” “Yes,” I agreed gasping. Nothing could have been more obvious at that moment. Ian raised himself, letting my arms loose and remained still within me for a time. My freed fingers danced over his muscled hills and valleys and he began a slow ascent leaving behind a feeling of emptiness. In an unjustified panic my fingers dug into his sides, pulling him back to me. Ian obliged and filled me then picked up a rhythm that my bod

y matched, thrust for thrust. My fingers found purchase in his hair and he dipped down to lick my lips. My tongue met his and the connection drove him deeper. My eyes fluttered shut and an image of Ian pounding me from behind flashed through my mind. Whether it originated in his mind or my own, I couldn’t tell. Ian swiftly withdrew, rolled me over and raised my hips. He pressed my shoulders into the bed and moved my knees further apart. I was completely exposed and pointing to the heavens. I expected the pounding to begin as in my vision but instead felt kisses on either cheek and then a rough hot tongue lapping up my juices. It didn’t feel like Ian’s, it felt like his wolf. I was seized by fear. Kate his tongue continued the tortuous licking. I’m still here. Ian’s hands ran down my back—I didn’t feel claws and relaxed. I won’t change again until it’s needed or you ask me to. I couldn’t imagine ever asking him to change. Ian positioned himself behind me and I wiggled an invitation. “Look…look in your mirror.” I lifted my head and found myself looking into my perfectly though innocently angled dresser mirror. The site of our glistening bodies made me catch my breath and set me ablaze. Ian entered me as we watched. He sheathed himself to the hilt. The sensation, the vision, it was overwhelming. I tried to rock forward, to move away but Ian held my hips firmly in place. His movements became determinedly languid, allowing my body to accept him fully. The pseudo-pain quickly transformed into utter bliss and I began to rock and sway with him. Ian unleashed the power he had been keeping tightly reined. I buried my face in the twisted bed clothes and screamed his name as he pummeled me. “No, not yet, Kate.” Ian slowed to let me recover slightly. His hands traveled over my thighs and hips and up my back, I moaned under their heat. He looped an arm under mine and pulled me upright. His large hands covered my breasts. “You’re beautiful.” I looked up into the mirror but looked away quickly. The scene was too intimate, too sexual for casual observation. It spurred my arousal even higher. I twisted and reached back, our lips and tongues reunited. I purred, revelling in his sweetness. He growled as I nibbled his bottom lip. He pressed my shoulders back down into the bed and his grinding picked up its pace. He changed his angle slightly and I would have jumped off the bed if he hadn’t had me in his iron grip. “Ian…” I whimpered. “I’m going to…come.” Ian entwined his hand in my hair and had me rise on hands and knees. He leaned over and kissed my shoulder. “Yes, come with me, Kate. Now.” Ian bit into my shoulder as our bodies shuddered and clenched. The brief sting of his bite blended with overwhelming pleasure as he poured himself into me. My body was trembling uncontrollably and my limbs turned to jelly. Ian rolled us onto our sides as we collapsed. We lay entwined and connected in the mess of bedclothes. Stripes of late afternoon sun pierced the blinds covering us in a distorted zebra pattern. Ian held me tightly against his chest and kissed my still tender shoulder. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop myself.” “Your wolf?” “Emmm…we’ve marked you as ours.” Ian buried his face in my hair “Thank God I found you…” his voice cracked, “I thought I never…” “I know.” I pressed my back against his chest and kissed his fingers, “I guess I’d been searching for you, too.” Libby grew impatient and annoyed with the incompetent airline staff, fumbling with her luggage, smacking their gum in her face. “Jesus! Where do they find you people?” “Ma’am?” “Never mind. Give me that. I’ll push it myself.” She dismissed the help with a flick of her hand. Libby spotted her twin sister standing near her car in the ten-minute parking zone having an animated conversation with the airport police. “Damn it! Don’t you have terrorists to catch. I tell you, my sister will…Here she is now!” She scowled and trotted over to Libby donning a brilliant smile. “Lib! You look absolutely gorgeous!!” She kissed her sister’s cheeks. “And so do you, Anna!” Libby returned the kisses. They were identical twins. “So tell me what all the excitement is about.” Anna stuffed Libby’s luggage into the trunk of her BMW. “The suspense has been killing me. I don’t know why you couldn’t just tell me over the phone.” They climbed into the car. Anna sped off, tires squealing, honking at a pedestrian attempting to cross her path. “Anna! Jesus! You’re going to get us killed!! Or get yourself a nice manslaughter charge.” Libby clicked her belt in place. “Never mind my driving, tell me what’s going on.” “You won’t bloody believe it!” “Libby!” “Alright, alright.” Libby grinned from ear to ear. “I had an Alpha Male in my house. Under my roof!” “What?! How? How do you know?” “Katie brought him home. Can you believe it?” “Katie? Why would…. How do you know that it was a were?” “I’ve been chasing weres all of my adult life. I know a wolf when I smell one. ” Libby crinkled her nose. “Okay. How do you know that it’s an Alpha?” “Because he’s a stuck up, over confident son-of-a-bitch.” “Well, yeah, it would be a son of a bitch.” Anna grinned. “Right.” “What was it after? Surely not Katie.” “I don’t know. I think so… maybe.” “Did it catch on to what you are?” Anna frowned, concerned for her sister. “No. I’m always careful not to smell of my work and I never work at home. Besides, I charmed his pants off,” Libby declared smugly. Anna raised her brows “Oh?” “Okay, not quite, but I could have.” “I have no doubt. Unless it is after Kate. What are you going to do? This is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.” “I know. That’s why I’m here. I need your help, Anna.” “God, Lib,” Anna groaned. “I know, I know. Pleeeese Anna, I really need your help.” “Geeze. Do you have a plan? Any ideas?” Libby looked timidly towards her sister, “When is the next blue moon?” “What?” Anna glanced at her sister in horror. “No, Lib. You’ve got to be joking. It’ll rip your throat out!!” “No, I think it’ll work.” I woke a little disoriented amidst a chaos of twisted duvet. I stretched and discovered a few unusual aches in few unusual places. It was dark and seemed late at night but I could smell and hear food cooking. Mmmm steak. Ian. Memories of the previous hours flooded my mind. I was a little shocked, and a little horrified by this new me but more than that, I was happy. Happily hooked up with a wolf-man, yeah that part was strange but I could put it away in a little box and deal with it later. The scent of perfectly seasoned steak tickled my nose again and my tummy growled demanding attention. “I can hear your stomach from over here!” I smiled and rolled out of bed, grabbing a robe from my door on my way to the kitchen. Ian had set the table simply and elegantly with a single iris as the centerpiece. “That’s my favorite flower.” I stepped into his arms. “Really? I think it’s your neighbor’s favorite as well.” He gave me a wicked smile. “What? You picked that from Mr. Williams’ garden?” “Now he’ll have something else to gawk at.” “He’ll think I’ve been stealing from his flower bed!” “No he won’t. You’re the image of innocence. No, you’re right. I’d almost forgotten your little show for him.” “Please, don’t remind me. I’ll never be able to look him in the eye again.” Ian got that wolfish ‘I’m going to eat you’ look and untied my robe. “Do you think Mr. Williams is ready for part two?” “Stop it! We have to eat something else besides each other or we’ll die. That’ll spoil all your fun.” Ian smiled and pulled my seat from beneath the table, “Mademoiselle.” I sat and was served a perfect fillet with a perfect salad. Ian’s plate had three fillets and a healthy serving of lettuce. “I thought you didn’t like to eat anything green or colorful.” “I don’t, but I want to be a regular sort of guy,” he winked and stuffed a Heimlich worthy chunk of meat in his mouth. “There’s nothing regular about you, Ian.” I sliced into the steak – medium rare, just how I like it. “Do you do dishes and laundry, too?” “No, I don’t. I have people who do that sort of thing. I enjoy cooking.” Wealthy, huh? “Are you a spoiled brat?” “No, but I always get what

I want.” He pointed at me with his fork “Eventually.” Ian stopped eating for a moment. “You could have all the money in the world and not be happy. Love is the only thing that truly matters.” “Those are rare words to come out of a man’s mouth.” “Yeah, you learn all sorts of difficult lessons given unlimited time.” We finished eating in a comfortable silence and watched the sun rise. Ian cleared the table leaving only the solitary Iris in the crystal vase. He herded me out of the kitchen. “How about a relaxing bath and then a trip into town? We have some shopping to do.” Aiden was riding his Harley out of town, speeding to nowhere in particular. He’d been partying with his vamp friends, indulging in their specialty – Bloody Mary’s. Nothing virgin about their version of the classic. Vamp blood always gave him a mad case of insomnia, perfect when he was on call but a nuisance otherwise. He rode helmetless and always too fast. He likened it to letting his wolf free but without the effort. Not that he was lazy. He was a damn good doctor, worked his ass off. He just didn’t put a lot of energy into other areas. Work, ass and getting shit-faced – his priorities, not necessarily in that order. His habits and associations were not tolerated by his family, he had in effect, been disowned by all except Ian. They had remained loyal to each other throughout. Aiden was pleased that Ian had finally found his mate and that he had been the one to introduce them. He was also delighted that it was Kate though he would like to have gotten a taste. No chance now, not that a chance existed before. Maybe now that he wouldn’t be sniffing around Kate he’d be able to stay away from Libby. She was an annoying bitch but he kept coming back for more and he could not fathom why. As he surfaced from his thoughts he recognized a house as he sped by. He braked and let the back of his bike slide, cutting a half moon in the gravel. He revved the oversized engine, a deep throaty sound he loved, and returned to the familiar house. He studied the steps, the porch and door as he sat on his idling bike. He remembered in a flash of images – Claire. A sexy redhead who was always game for a little fun, but booted him out when she thought things were getting a little too serious. One of the lights was on, that was invitation enough. Aiden silenced his beast and dismounted, its engine ‘tinked’ as it cooled and was soon joined by a volley of lofty cicadas. Aiden bound up the porch steps and gave the door a few taps with his knuckles. The door opened and a young woman appeared. Aiden blinked, she had the same red hair though it was cut short. She had the same curves though leaner and the same eyes, but it wasn’t Claire. The girl gave Aiden the same ‘once over’ and planted her hand on her hip, “Can I help you?” she asked in an unhelpful tone. “I um, I was looking for Claire.” “Claire?” The girl’s voice softened, “Claire was my grandmother, this was her house.” Her eyes clouded. “She passed away a few years ago. I live here now.” She looked up and frowned. “Who are you? How did you know Gran?” This wasn’t the first instance Aiden had been tricked by time but it was disconcerting nonetheless. “I…we, she used to watch me, when I was a child. I used to sleep over sometimes, in the blue room. Nearly everything was cornflower blue.” Aiden tried to recall little details to help support his story but glorious fucking was really all that came to mind. He shut up. The girl continued to frown. “I’m sorry, my name is Aiden.” She shook his hand briefly. “I’m Zoe.” She looked up at Aiden curiously, “my grandfather’s name was Aiden. That’s odd isn’t it? Aiden isn’t a very common name.” She studied his face. “Would you like to come in?” “You shouldn’t invite strangers into your house you know.” “I can take care of myself,” Zoe claimed in a grim, not boastful tone. Aiden sat on Claire’s now faded and tatty sofa. Zoe was digging through a desk drawer, shuffling through a mass of papers. “A-ha!” She held a photograph up and her expression grew serious. She handed it to Aiden. “You look like him.” “Who is this?” Aiden didn’t really want to know, he wanted to leave. He rose from the sofa. “He was my father, Alexander.” “Holy Fuck.” Aiden Alexander fell back into the cushions. “He was your father too, wasn’t he? That makes sense with Gran babysitting you and your name and everything.” Zoe was putting two and two together and getting an ‘F’ for a fucked up situation. No, he wasn’t my father. I am his. Aiden nodded absentmindedly. “That makes us brother and sister!” Zoe plopped down next to Aiden and held his hand. “This is totally awesome! I thought I’d lost everyone.” Aiden pulled himself out of his frantic thoughts and considerations. “What happened to your…our father?” Zoe studied her hands. “Mom shot him in the head. Then she shot herself. I was just a kid, I don’t really remember much.” “He died? What kind of bullet was it?” “What?! I don’t know. What kind a question is that?!” Zoe jumped up from the sofa. “I’m sorry, Zoe. I’m a doctor, it’s just my morbid curiosity I guess. Please forgive me.” “A doctor? You look a little too young to be a doctor.” Zoe didn’t seem at all surprised. “Yeah, just call me Doogie.” “I don’t think I will. He was a dork. You do look very young.” Zoe was probing. “What?” Aiden fidgeted and was becoming annoyed. “Thank you?” “I look young too.” Zoe persisted but Aiden refused to bite. “How old do I look?” “Fuck, I don’t know. Nineteen?'” Aiden didn’t look up. “No, Damn it! I’m forty-seven!” Zoe slammed her fist on the coffee table. “So, you should be fucking thrilled to bits!” Aiden stood and began to pace like a caged animal. “No! I’m a Goddamned freak! We’re both freaks aren’t we?!” Zoe flopped into a chair and gathered herself into a ball. “That isn’t all. I’m too strong and too fast, I can hear everything I can smell everything.” Zoe began to sob, “What’s wrong with me??!” She looked to Aiden through glassy eyes. “Do you know? Is it some sort of genetic mutation or…or cancer, a brain tumor?” Aiden pulled at bunches of his hair. “No. Goddamn it, no. Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Aiden kneeled at Zoe’s feet and held her hands away from her face. “Look at me. No, you don’t have cancer or a fucking brain tumor. I guess you could say that we’re mutants of sorts.” Aiden slipped into his ‘doctor’ voice, ” Have you experienced any um, odd physical changes?” Zoe suddenly looked frightened. “Like what?” “Like if you’re really angry or really scared…anything?” “I’m really scared right now and I haven’t fucking changed since I was fucking twenty!!! What changes are you talking about? You think I have more of this shit to look forward to?!” “No. No, I don’t think so.” Aiden patted Zoe’s leg and resumed his pacing. “You seem to have come to grips with all of this. How? How do you go out there and have a normal life?” Zoe needed to know how he’d accomplished what she failed so miserably at. “My life isn’t really very normal, honey, and I had um, guidance and the benefit of being told what I was at a very young age.” Aiden moved towards the door. Zoe pounced blocking Aiden’s exit. “You can’t just leave me.” “I know. I’m not.” He wiggled his cell phone in the air. “Just give me a minute. Okay?” “Okay.” Zoe held the door open for Aiden and closed it behind him. Aiden needed to discuss this with Ian and called Kate hoping she’d answer. “Kate! I need to speak with Ian.” “Hello to you, too. Here he is.” “Ian! Man, you won’t fucking believe this – you’ve got to help me out.” “Get yourself into another pickle?” Ian laughed. “No! Fuck you! Well, yes I did. Listen! Remember that girl I told you about?” “Which girl, there have been hundreds, thousands…” “Fucking shut up and listen to me! Claire, the redhead with the fiery temper. Remember? You thought she was good for me.” “Yeah, vaguely. That was a long time ago, she’s got to be…” “She’s dead. She died a few years ago.” “Oh. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why you’re so excited.” “Claire had a son, she named him Alexander. I saw his photo, he looks just like me.” “If he’s yours, he’s a Were.” “Was a Were. His woman shot him in the
head and killed him then killed herself.” “She knew what he was?” “Probably. She had to have used a silver bullet to have killed him. Why would you use silver unless you knew.” “Yeah, wow. So you had a son. I am sorry, that must …” “Wait. There’s more. They had a daughter, Zoe. My granddaughter. I’m at her house now and she’s freaking out. She has no fucking clue except that she isn’t aging and her sense of smell and hearing…Oh fuck!” Aiden snapped his phone shut and leapt onto the porch and through the door. Zoe was standing in the middle of the room, eyes bulging unfocused, tears running down her cheeks. She was able to hear every word Aiden had spoken. “Zoe!” Aiden snapped his fingers in her face and patted her cheeks without effect. “Zoe, come on!” He pinched her arm and was immediately punched in the chest. Aiden stumbled backwards coughing, impressed. “Okay. Okay.” Aiden raised his hands in submission. “Great to have you back.” “What did you mean ‘was a Were’? What’s a Were? A Werewolf?” “No. You must have misheard me.” Zoe threw another punch that Aiden intercepted. “Don’t lie to me!” “What the fuck am I supposed to tell you? That you’re part…I dunno, Cherokee and hey by the way, part fucking Werewolf? ” “I am?” “You see. And now you’re going to fucking freak out, go all Wild Kingdom on my ass, scratch my eyes out. I don’t have my med bag. If I was smart I’d keep some Thorazine with me at all times, you just never fucking know when…” Zoe started to giggle then broke out into a genuine laugh. “You better chill Grandpa or you’ll have a stroke.” “What?” It was Aiden’s turn to be confused. Zoe flopped back on the sofa completely spent. “This explains everything! It makes perfect sense. You have no idea what a relief this is.” Aiden watched Zoe for a long while, he thought she’d fallen asleep she lay so quietly. Her voice startled him. “I’ve never changed into anything. Not that I know of anyway. Should I be able to?” Zoe opened her eyes and was looking across the room to Aiden. “You’d definitely know if you’d ever changed. I don’t know if you should be able to. I can’t think of any other quarter Weres. I think you probably would have before you punched me in the chest and any extreme emotions will do it, too.” “Hmm. Now what?” Zoe felt like a child, ready to explore the world. “You thought that you’d lost all of your family, as it turns out you have a rather large one. Would you like to meet my cousin, your…I don’t know what he would be to you.” “Yes, I would! Thanks, Gramps!” Zoe pecked Aiden on the cheek. “Don’t! Please don’t call me that.” Aiden cringed. “Let me get cleaned up. You know the house I guess. Make yourself at home.” Zoe ran up the stairs by twos. I left Ian to potter in the kitchen and chat with Aiden. The bathroom was filling with sweet lilac scented steam as I waited for the old clawfoot to fill. I threw my robe on the chair and stepped in, almost too hot but not quite. I sank into the bubbles and gathered them around me. Perfect. Everything was perfect. Ian opened the door and stepped into the clouds like a vision. “Mmmm, dessert? You look like a meringue.” “I feel like a creamy meringue.” I tucked my knees up as he stepped into the opposite end of the bath. I turned as he settled and laid my back against his chest. Ian let his hands roam over my body under the pretense of ‘washing’ me, they lingered on my breasts and between my legs. He was poking me in the back and I did my best to distract myself. “What did Aiden want? He seemed a little upset.” ‘Yeah, remind me to tell you about that. Later. Turn around.” I did and found myself between his raised knees. He pushed his legs beneath the water and pulled me up onto his thighs wrapping my legs around his back. Ian kissed my lips, teased me with his tongue, my own teasing back. He kissed along my neck and tenderly traced his bite mark with his tongue. I moaned recalling that intense sensation. I reached between my legs, into the bubbles and found him hard and slick. My hand skimmed his length, the lightest touch and twirled around his head, gliding over the top and back down. Our close proximity meant that I couldn’t touch him without touching myself. I closed my eyes and enjoyed our mutual pleasure. Ian ensured that we remained pressed together by fondling my bottom. His fingers wandered down my crack and up as far as he could reach. Our fingers met during our activities and lingered for a moment, like a clandestine rendezvous. We smiled amidst a deep kiss. I loved the feeling of him in my hand, the restrained power. I wanted to taste him but couldn’t see a way to achieve that in our current positions. “Mmmm, yes. I think you’d drown though.” Ian had snuck into my thoughts. “Later then?” “I promise.” Ian smiled. We looked into each others’ eyes, our thoughts were one. Ian grabbed my cheeks and lifted me as I positioned him at my entrance. Neither of us could check the speed of our movement, everything was too slippery. I slid onto him like a three alarm fireman down a pole. I cried out but did not seek retreat. We could only manage slight shifts in our position. Wiggles and bumps. It was enough to raise the bath water into a stormy turmoil and enough to drive us into oblivion. We held each other as the water cooled around us. He slipped from my grasp and I shivered. “Come on out. You’re going to catch a cold.” We dried ourselves and each other between kisses and intimate caresses and were well on our way to getting started again when my phone chirped and vibrated. “Hello?” “Kate, are you home?” It was Aiden. “Yep, what’s up?” “Ian’s there?” “Yes. Do you need to speak with him?.” “No, just tell him we’re coming over.” “He hung up.” I snapped my phone shut. “Aiden said to tell you that they’re coming over. Who?” Ian rolled his eyes. “Aiden’s a grandfather. It’s a long story. Better get dressed.” Libby and Anna spent hours researching their mother’s books, pouring over their fragile parchment and fading calligraphy. Her collection of paraphernalia and odds and sods was absolutely mind boggling but thankfully well organized and cataloged. They’d gathered everything Libby would require and she was keen to begin. Anna kissed her goodnight and left her alone in the attic room. Libby stood beneath the window illuminated by the waning gibbous moon. She dropped her robe and basked in its silver glow. She smiled at the feeling of power growing within her. Everything was perfect and her pulse was racing with excitement. It was time to begin. Libby marked the four corners of the room with lit candles; their flames flickered and sway

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