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The Morning After

It’s the next morning.  I awake to find one of the most perfect mornings I’ve ever seen.  From the light in the suite I figure it’s about 6:30 – 7:00.  All of the windows are open and there is a cool breeze blowing through the lace curtains so gently that they move not more than 6″ from the sill.  It’s maybe 68 degrees outside and it makes the room feel vibrant with the possibilities of a new and wonderful day.  I stretch, yawn, and look around and think, “yeah, we’re coming back here again.”  It’s become “Our Place”.  We will cherish it forever. I get up to head for the bathroom and notice our clothes in two neat little heaps on the floor.  I smile at the memory of our love making last night and can’t help noticing that my cock feels more satisfied than I can ever remember.  After the mind blowing orgasms, we sipped champagne and talked into each others eyes for two hours, laughing alot!  It feels like I’ve known you forever and still don’t know you enough. You fascinate me .Just before I enter the bathroom, I pause and look back at our bed.  You are lying there naked on your tummy, no covers, your right leg cocked, holding onto your pillow.  The sun is streaming through the window nearest you, across the bed and on to your back.  You heave a sigh and look over your shoulder at me and smile.  I say, “Hello, Blues”.  You smile and say, “Hi”.  I head for the shower. After I shave (Of Course!) and shower I come out of the bathroom and am greeted with a kiss and, “My turn!”, as you breeze past me in the robe The Inn has provided.  I look around and find you’ve laid out the lounging pants you got me, the baggy ones with the draw string.  I pull them on and open the door to our suite and find the newspaper, as promised.  After a quick puruse of the headlines, I look out the french doors at the one end of our suite and find there is a small table for two on a little balcony.  I open the doors and find the table has been set for two with coffee and cream.  Nice, I think, wondering how it got there. Just then I hear you call, “Don?”  I head back to the bathroom.  When I open the door, your leaning out of the curtain, and with the most devilish grin I’ve ever seen on you, you say, “If you don’t get in here and fuck me, I may explode.”  I undo the knot holding up my pants.I get in the shower and our hands find each other, our mouths locked, our tounges wrestling in a desire to find each others deepest passions.  My cock responds and gets hard FAST!  The shower feels warm and makes our bodies slick as we embrace.  I pull back to look into your eyes and you look deeply into mine and say, “Fuck me now!”  I’ve never seen you need my cock so badly!  You lean back against the wall of the shower and I take your right leg and lift it up to get better access to your sweet, wet pussy.  With my other hand I guide my cock to your pussy and drive all the way in as far as I can.  We both let out a UUGGHH gasp at the incredible pleasure we’re giving each other.  Something else takes over and we start to fuck.  First slow and deliberate, and it feels like the most comfortable fuck of our lives, like this was the way it was always meant to be.  You are so responsive whenever we have sex it always blows my mind. I’m so turned on by this idea that we begin to pick up pace and quickening the rhythm.  After a while our strokes are harder and our breathing is more intense.  We kiss passionately while we fuck against the shower wall.  Suddenly I feel a wave I can’t hold back and I shove my cock as deep inside you as I can.  The orgasm is so intense it takes all I have not to have my knees collapse under me.  You begin to shudder in your own orgasm and pull me tighter to your body, your pussy convulsing on my cock.  We lean against the wall and catch our breath.  You look up at me and between heaving breaths say,”I Love You…”  I look into your eyes and shepishly grin through my own heavy breathing and say,”I Love You Too…”

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