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The Masters

I was awakened by a rough shake and then a push. I found myself on the floor, my eyes trying to focus on the person standing over me, but the room was too dark. I knew that whoever this person was, he was not my Master. I lay still, waiting. After only a moment, I saw an arm raise and a finger pointed towards a door that I had not noticed when I entered the room earlier. No words were spoken, but I understood. I rose, and began to walk toward the door only to be brought up sharply when I felt a hand slam into my back, pushing me down. I landed hard on my hands and knees. A small cry escaped my lips before I could stop it, and I received a kick in the side for it. I was knocked over and lay, stunned, pain making me shake. Again, no words were spoken and I realized that I was to crawl, not walk. I rose to my knees and began to move. The tall man was close behind me and I tried to hurry. At the door I found that it was actually a thick, black curtain and I crawled through it and found myself on a platform that ended at a long table. The man behind me followed me onto the platform and then proceeded to jump down and motioned me forward until I was kneeling on the table before him. I could see nothing around me for the room was totally black except for a small light that hung above the table and me. Still kneeling I kept my head down, eyes glued to the surface beneath my knees and waited in silence. Suddenly, lights came on…bright spotlights that pinned me to my spot like a butterfly on a board. Blinded, I could only wait. Soon, a disembodied voice ordered me to stand and spread my legs and arms. I did so, and again waited. Immediately hands grasped my ankles and I felt cuffs being fastened to them, then my arms and cuffs were fastened to my wrists. The cuffs were then attatched to chains that dropped from the ceiling and I was ordered to lie down. I did so, and I was then hoisted into the air; legs and arms spread-eagled as I hung about a foot from the tables’ surface. I could see nothing, the lights were now shining directly into my eyes forcing me to close them. I could hear breathing, but no other movement, until…scratching. Something heavy was being moved…quite close to where I hung suspended. I could only guess at what was happening now.and I wondered where my Master was and whether he was watching. The table had been moved and a group of chairs had taken its place. I was now lowered into position where the table had been, chairs all around me. I could still see nothing, but I heard more sounds as people began to move into the room, chairs began to fill up and then I heard a sound that made me think of a serving cart being wheeled in. I was right. My Master stood at my head and leaned down to kiss me. He whispered into my ear that I would enjoy what was coming and then he smiled as he too, sat down. I felt something plop onto my stomach and I lifted my head to see. I saw a large cake laying on top of me. I realized that I was going to be the table for dessert and almost laughed aloud. This was going to easy and not painful. Soon my body was covered with various desserts, from cake to pies to fruit and then I saw someone approach with a large carton and spoon and saw that he had ice-cream in his hand. I received several spoonfuls on my stomach and breast areas and immediately tongues were lashing me, licking up the swiftly melting concoction. I cried out when I felt him push some ice-cream into my vagina and the cold sent shockwaves up and down my spine. I felt hands and tongues all over me and they ate their dessert from my splayed body and I felt myself getting hot with each touch. My pussy was hotter than ever, ice-cream dripped from me as I felt a tongue begin to lick it up. Then I felt a hard cock shove into my hot/cold pussy. He was so big and hard that I didn’t think he would fit, and the men at my head grabbed hold of me to keep me in place as he plowed into me, hard and fast. It didn’t take long before he exploded inside me, and quickly pulled out. I felt more ice-cream being pushed in, and another tongue began to lick it up. Then another cock rammed home. This was repeated six or seven more times before I was flipped over. Now my backside was exposed, and my ass was given the “cold” treatment. Those who had fucked my pussy held me while the others licked and fucked my ass until all present had filled up on dessert and my pussy and ass had been licked and fucked clean. My wrists and ankles were beginning to ache and my arms and legs felt like rubberbands by now, so when I was hoisted high and the table pushed back under me, I felt only relief. This was to be short-lived however. Once down on the table, I found the chains removed, but not the cuffs. I was ordered to rise, and follow the voice into the next room. I did so, keeping my eyes down as I walked several paces behind the man. I was led into another chamber in which a large dias was the center and I was ordered to stand upon it. After several minutes passed, a sawhorse was exposed to my vision. I was ordered to lay across it, and immediately my wrists and ankles were locked in place, spreading me wide and exposing all to peering eyes. Not knowing what to expect, I waited with some trepidation. I didn’t have to wait long. Footsteps approached from behind me, and I felt a hand caress my exposed ass. Suddenly, pain exploded through my body, causing me to jerk against my bonds. He had laid a cane hard against my ass cheeks, raising a livid welt. This was quickly followed by several more blows, leaving welts across my ass and upper thighs. I was in tears, but managed to choke back the cries of pain. I knew that I would receive more blows for making noise, so I bit my lips and prayed. Soon, the caneing stopped, but not the spanking. The cane was replaced with a strap and then that was soon replaced with a paddle. Now my ass was a single vivid red splotch and my thighs burned like fire. I ached all over from trying to keep my cries to my self. Each time the tool changed, so did the person administering the spanking. Finally, I heard my Masters’ voice as he took his turn. “This will be your final test,slave. Show me that you are worthy of bearing my mark tonight.”, and I felt his hand caress my sore ass before he landed his first blow. He had chosen the flogger. He moved so that instead of landing all his blows on my ass and thighs, some landed between my legs on my hot, wet pussy. He made sure to strike each blow to receive maximum benefit and give the most pain. He succeeded. I flinched as the blows landed faster and faster, but still did not cry out. My face was streaked with tears though, and I was sure that I was going to be punished for this. After several minutes, the blows stopped. I breathed deeply, trying to quiet my pounding heart when I noticed how quiet the room had become. Then I smelled it. Something was burning…a charcoal grill or hibachi or some such thing. What on earth? I wondered silently…I could never ask! Master stood before me. He lifted my chin so that I could look into his eyes and he smiled. He reached out and ran his thumb across my lips and then leaned in, pushing my face into his crotch. I understood, and opened my willing mouth. His huge cock—he was all of 12 inches long and a good 3 inches thick—pushed past my teeth. My tongue began to lick and caress him even as my throat muscles relaxed and then constricted around him. I was soon deep-throating him and he pumped into me, hard and fast. He was usually slow and gentle, but tonight he was Master. He slammed into my mouth and dragged himself almost all the way out before ramming deep again. Each thrust forced him deeper into my throat, making me gag once or twice. I had to work on relaxing my throat he pumped so fast. Then I felt him stiffen, his hand fisted into my hair and he pushed deep. His explosion rocked my head back slightly, and I began to swallow. He always had a lot of cum, but he was really loaded tonight. I drank and swallowed for several minutes wh
e he continued to thrust into my mouth. Eventually, he finished, and with a loud plop…he withdrew. Moving quickly behind me, he lifted something in his hand. Before I knew what was happening, I felt something touch my inner leg, just below my left buttock. Heat ran through my leg, burning its path up to my brain. I screamed. The brand was held in place for several seconds and then removed. A cool ointment was applied to the burn and soon I felt the heat subside somewhat. It still hurt like hell, but most of the fire was now gone. I was still strapped to the sawhorse, but now I was not alone. Before me stood another slave. She was kneeling before me, her eyes meeting mine. She smiled. Then she leaned forward and kissed me. Slow and tantalizing, she tasted of honey. Her lips were soft and her mouth was hot. Her tongue licked at my lips and pushed for entry. I opened to her and she slid inside me. Our tongues danced and our lips pressed together while my senses swam in a cacaphony of pain, betrayal, arousal and sexual desire. Her hands began to caress and squeeze my breasts, which, until now, had been hanging uselessly over the crossbeam of the sawhorse. After several moments, her mouth moved from mine, and she took a nipple to suckle while she continued to fondle and tease the other. Not realizing what was happening behind me, I was surprised when I felt a cock push into my pussy once more. Hands were soon all over me, caressing and pinching me, cocks were moving in and out of my pussy and ass, while the girl continued to suckle and tease my breasts. She moved closer, and I found another cock ready for servicing. I was now fully occupied. All orifices were filled and my breasts were being tormented by a hot mouth. I had forgotten about the branding….

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