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Waking Up

When I wake up, I love running my hands all over my body. Up and down my sides with my fingertips, slowly raising my satin pajama top up over my breasts. It feels like someone else is touching me if I do it with a light touch. I can feel my skin tightening as my skin becomes more aware of the sensation. I stir–my eyes still closed–stretch my legs out and smile lazily. My fingertips find my nipples and circle the nubs slowly. I flick my stiffened nipples with my fingers; slowly begin to pinch them a little. They respond by getting harder and I pinch tighter. I let out a small breath and I imagine my unseen lover taking my nipples in his mouth. I pretend to look down at him, smoothing his hair with my hands as he suckles me. He looks beautiful there as he sucks my nipples and kisses my breasts. I want him to do this forever.

As I drag my hand down to my own pubic area and down the top of my panties, I pretend it is my lover’s hand. He slips his large hand down the top of my satin panties. He cups the core of me with his palm and presses firmly but gently against my moist lips. I squeeze my legs together which pushes his hand against me and his middle finger slips easily into my wet, soppy split. I raise my hips off the bed to meet his finger and he slips another one inside of me. I love feeling filled with his skilled fingers. He curls both fingers up and wiggles them deep inside me; much deeper than I could ever get with my own fingers. He massages my g-spot and I can feel my cunt respond by releasing all my juice. We both can hear his fingers sloshing around in my complete wetness. I look down at him and he is watching my face intently. Half closed, his eyes show his arousal. When he sees me gazing at him, he takes his fingers out of me and puts them to his nose. He inhales deeply and holds the scent in his lungs to savor my aroma. When his fingers part, I can see my juice lace between them. His fingers are covered with me. He then puts his fingers in his mouth and overtly licks them clean. I want to kiss him to taste myself on his lips and he knows this. He bends down to meet my hungry mouth. I slip my tongue in his mouth and slide it over his tongue, searching for any trace of my juice. He does not disappoint me. He spits some of my musky juice into my mouth and I gobble it up hungrily. I taste wonderful in the morning. And the addition of his saliva is pure heaven. He is now fully aroused as I can feel his stiffened cock against my thigh. I want that thickness in me so badly. I want him to fill me up; first with his cock, then with his cum. Instead, he tears his mouth away from mine and lowers his mouth to my panty-covered pussy. He does not bother to pull my panties aside, but instead licks and sucks me right through the silky fabric. I love the feel of the wet material against my clean-shaven pussy lips. As he sucks my clitoris through my panties, the crotch digs into my anus. The stimulation is almost enough to make me cum and fill those panties with even more of my juice. But he knows what I need and does not hesitate to give it to me. He slips my underpants off and places the crotch back on my cunt. Then he slowly pushes my panties into my soaked hole. I can almost cum this way but I hold off patiently because I love this game. After my panties have completely disappeared into my pussy, he shoves his fingers deep inside me to push them up deeper. I feel so full and beautiful and lithe and erotic. Then he enters me too; fucking me harder and harder each time pushing my panties deeper and deeper into my cunt. He pinches my nipples (hard!) and I know it won’t be long now. I don’t bother to try to cum with him. I know what I want and I am about to get it. He finally thrusts his cock in me and cums deep inside me, all over the already soaked panties, all over my still slick pussy, all over his own satisfied flesh.

I am ecstatic and so ready to cum now. He slips out of me and immediately shoves his fingers in my hole and pulls my dripping panties out slowly. They are not just matted but soaked, with my juice and his cum, some wet parts of the garment are thick white and creamy, slimy or just shiny and wet. He asks me if I want it and I nod. He places my own panties over my face and I suck the material into my mouth. At once I can taste my own familiar flavor, then the strong aroma engulfs me. I am breathing deep and hard as I suck the juice out of the panties. He lowers his mouth to my naked pussy and sucks and licks my clit again, this time working at not only exciting me, but cleaning our mixed juice and cum off my pussy. He loves the taste of our concocted cream, too. I work feverishly–sucking out my cum out until I find the patch of fabric where his cum collected. It is heaven. I meet his licks with my pussy and I cum hard as his cum fills my mouth and I drink it down like the fabulous elixir it was meant to be.
I open my eyes for the first time this morning and find myself alone (as usual) my fingers drenched and waterlogged and my panties are in my mouth. Again. The only flavor I have on my tongue is my own familiar womanly nectar. I could be disappointed that it was all just a dream. But I’m not. I just smile slyly again, raise my arms up over my head, stretch out like a cat, inhale the morning and imagine what fantasy I will dream up tomorrow.

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