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Wife gets on track

Wife Gets Naughty & Active After Years

Hi guys, I am writing this after a very long time as we had been a target of the syndrome which every couple usually are…..slow,cold and inactive (in bed). We had very less sex, very less talks, discussions, sharing of fantasies and all that matters in bed, we are now 44 & 42 years, since about past 6 months I am seeing a few changes in my wife when she comes home after work, tired, furstrated and flushed out always doing the same routine and nothing new or happening in life, at home again the same story with me, tired and flushed out to have a active and fun filled life.

One night in bed we were just discussing about our routines and how things have changed since a couple of years when she told me something shocking….. She said she met our old friend Sanju a couple of days back near her office which was by chance, he had been in the same building as her office for some official work. She was leaving for home when they accidentally met at the exit gate of the building and then they had a small chat in a coffee shop near her office, nothing happened though but bumped into each other and something sparked. They have had a few flings in the past where it did not go beyond some soft kissing and cuddling.

They again met after a day at the same coffee shop as Sanjay had to come again to the building for the meeting so they decided the time of her leaving and met , this time Sanjay had his car so he offered to drop her home after the coffee, as you must have assumed, yes they took a detour, rather it was Sanju’s idea and my wife (Sweta) didn’t object to it, obviously she was getting a change out of her routine boredom.

What happened was she told me that on a long drive they spoke about the past couple of years which happened with each others lives, he was having issues with wife, struggle with work and stress at home between his wife and mother and Sweta spoke about our busy routine and how life had suddenly changed overnight for everyone, no fun, no excitement etc etc, since they had been close in the past they did speak about bad sex and almost no sex, things and talks lead to where it had to, the next thing they knew was they were kissing, this was fine by me but what followed was never ever imagined by me even in my wildest dreams, not that i had an objection, but of what I know about Swati, she would never cross the line with anyone at the max she might just hug or kiss someone but nothing beyond that.

She told me that kissing led to a good long hug , he was kind of desperate and was trying hard, so was Swati but being a woman, that too an Indian woman she held back though she was desperate…..Sanjay started kissing her earlobes and licking them while kissing and hugging and this is 1 thing Swati gets really turned on with, she tried to resist as she was in 2 minds even though she was desperate, she let it go and was now mentall prepared as she knew it can’t go anywhere beyond kissing in a car but to her surprise Sanjay started unbuttoning her shirt buttons she resisted but couldn’t stop him as she was equally hot and the feeling of a different touch, a little mix of rough and gentle feeling put her in a fix, next her top 3 buttons were undone so fast she could hardly believe it.

seeing her cleavage Sanjay became wild, though he had parked the car in a secluded area, his car windows were not tinted tinted so if anyone passed by could easily see them, Swati told him that it’s not safe to do all this and also that she was not ok to do anything beyond this as she still loves me, Sanjay was so engrossed alternating at showering kisses on her lips, cleavage and ears that he hardly heard what Swati said, Swati too got so engrossed and lost at sudden and so much attention to her body that she just let things happen, after a while of kissing and fondling, Sanjay unbuttoned rest of her shirt and now there she was in her bra and a wife open shirt, she was in her sense and had a different look on her face which even Sanjay told her, she was now sitting there with less fear of being seen in such condition as her sexual desires and hunger had overpowered all her fears.

Sanjay was staring at her beauty, basically her face,lips, breasts and things which were yet covered, he tried putting his hands at her pant buttons but Swati stopped him there and told him not to go there. Now it was Swati who had to show her horny side, so she pulled Sanjay close holding his collars and started smooching him on the lips and darting her tongue inside Sanjay’s mouth while at times her breasts pressing against Sanjay’s chest she was getting hornier by every minute she kissed him, Sanjay was quick, he swiftly pulled up her bra as he could not unhook it in cramped up car seat, Swati was taken back a little as she never had let Sanjay see her her naked and it was her first time, earlier when they had a thing or two only ended up in kissing and hugging, this time was different.

Soon Sanjay went down on her boobs and started flicking his tongue on her nipples ,on this Swati started moaning as if she was a virgin being fucked for the first time, This aroused Sanjay a lot and her started sucking her nipples softly and at times a little rough but squeezing her boobs with his hands, Sanjay then took Swati’s hand and put it over his hard cock over his pants and made her feel his hard cock, Swati resisted but  gave in and was actually squeezing his cock and rubbing as if she was stroking it, all it took was 5 minutes of Swati’s stroking over his pants and Sanjay gave out a loud OH FUCK and started cumming in his pants, suddenlty 3 young guys on bicycle passed them and saw Swati naked from top, these boys were from nearby local colony and started staring at her boobs and were telling her “Humko bhi do na aunty” On this Sanjay got angry, but Swati told him let them enjoy a look , you had your share…poor boy can go home and wank themselves remembering me, Swati put up a little show by rubbing her own boobs for this boys, then she even started kissing Sanjay on his lips and smooching him, Sanjay started feeling her breasts, the boys went mad, one of them unzipped his fly and started wanking there itself and shot his cum instantly….Swati came back to sense, buttoned up and they left before things could go wrong.

Swati told me all this after a few weeks of when this happened.

Continued after i receive good responses, please note this is a real incident, I know a lot of you wouldn’t believe it but I care two hoots if you do or don’t

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