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A Walk In the Woods

My name is Jenny and my husband Jerry and I have been married for some time but our sexual desires haven’t diminished at the least, I call my husband Jerry my horny teenager he is always ready for a little playtime no matter when or where we are but I have to admit I am just as bad if not worse.

Our jobs keep us very busy and our time away for the fun adventures doesn’t come around as often as we would like but when they do we try making the most of them. We are very open minded when it comes to sex and just the lust of a surprise encounter has brought so much pleasure into our lives and strengthened our love for one another beyond what we could have ever dreamed.

I am a man of many talents, a big part of my life was spent working construction, I have been a truck driver heavy equipment operator business owner and my last accomplishment was a published author. My wife and I have been married 39 years and our love is stronger now than ever.
I have started writing very sexually open and very descriptive erotica.
most revolves around a husband and wife's sexual adventures I hope to excite and motivate my readers to be open to new things and the joy and excitement that a husband and wife can experience.

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