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My Online Hottie Sochee

fantasiesboobsThe sunset shone brilliantly in the clear sky, bringing a little darkness to New York City. I was riding a Citi Bike along the West Side Highway, taking in the view of the Hudson River and enjoying the cool breeze that blew my face. Riding beside me on a Citi Bike too was my date, Sochee Mala. We met online and instantly hit it off.

Sochee was a tall Latina with a small waist and a nice set of perky tits. I loved her curvy body and the big round ass. The red dress she wore, accentuated her curves precisely. Sochee’s long black hair cascaded over her shoulders and around her pretty face. I enjoyed staring at her big stunning brown eyes and full lips.

“Sochee, this was a great idea to go on bike riding.” I said. “I love every second of it. Last time I rode a bike was when I was 19. Some crook stole that piece. So I started driving cars because it’s better than the MTA.”

“Wow, somebody stole your bike too.” Sochee was shocked. “It happened to me, but I got it back three days later. Thank God! I enjoy riding bikes in the city. Once I rode a great bike, I could not imagine living without one. You took some amazing photos of me on this bike with your smartphone.”

“The pictures we took around Manhattan need to be posted on our Instagram and tumblr.” I boasted. “And baby! Our friends and followers are gonna love them.”

That moment, two Caucasian cyclists in black spandex raced past us. The way the cyclists sped up the bike path I immediately thought of disgraced former professional road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong and Eddy Merckx.

“You can always expect some cyclists in spandex pretending this bike path is the Tour de France.” I jested. “There is no gold medal waiting for them!”

Sochee laughed. “You’re right! They are crazy. That is the New York City for you. Everyone’s in a rush!”

“Absolutely,” I agreed. “I like moving at a fast pace too, and I hate slow-ass pedestrians stopping in front of me. They make me craving the FUCK out of them!”

Sochee giggled.

“I recently moved in that glass condominium building on 165 Charles Street.” I told her. “I always wanted a place with some rejuvenating view of Hudson River.”

“That is a nice building, yeah.” Sochee continued. “I loved the sleek glass and metal exterior, and I can picture you walking around naked on the top floor.”

I chuckled. “You’re right, baby girl! I am gonna invite you to my apartment soon so we can have a naked picnic.”

We both shared a big laugh.

Returning the bikes at the 59th Street & 11 Ave. bike station in front of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, we began walking up the street arm in arm. The air was thick with an erotic flare. We would do wild things like pulling each other into the shadows of a building to kiss and proceed with touch-on games. Obviously, we were really into each other.

“This eve was fun.” Sochee commented. “Our date wasn’t one dull moment.”

“Yes, we had good time.” I expressed. “Riding bikes, eating Mexican food, and watching some flick. I really enjoyed a lot!”

“Hmm … I really enjoyed the movie.”

“Yes, Gravity was a great one,” I acknowledged. “I normally don’t watch space movies, but this one got some impressive special effects. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney have a nice chemistry onscreen. Have you ever thought of going into the space?”

“Oh yes, I’d love to go.” Sochee answered smilingly. “I longed to roam in the space when I was a little girl. It would be a thrill! I’ve been on several dates, but with you, it’s special.”

“True,” I said, giving her a nod. “I was about to give up online dating but then I met someone as hot as you are.”

“Wow, that’s how I feel. I’m happy to meet you.”

We stopped in front of her Upper West Side all-limestone high-rise and shared a light kiss. Even though I longed to make it passionate but it felt pleasantly teasing. Sochee was such an amazing kisser. She had perhaps the best lips I ever kissed.

“Good night! I’ll call you.” I said as I was about to walk off.

“Wait…” She said as she grabbed my arm. “I never do this normally but I do want you to stay with me a little longer.”

“Are you sure?”


We went upstairs to her fifth floor apartment. Sochee’s charcoal colored living room was huge with an incredible view of Central Park. She also had an impressive art collection that hung on the walls. I instantly recognized her self-portrait, which was the biggest painting. One thing we did have in common was our love for art.

“Let’s take a shower together.” Sochee suggested. “I want my body to be fresh and smooth for you!”

“Cool!” I answered with a broad grin.

We walked to the bathroom and Sochee turned on the shower. I could not wait to get out of my sweaty clothes. Undressing, I stared at Sochee stripping down. She had a suggestive smile on her beautiful face. Staring at the fancied expression on my face, she laughed.

“You looked funny.” Sochee replied, removing her bra. “I had that rush to get home and finally take off my bra.”

Sochee’s tits were mouthwatering. She had her navel pierced, a tattoo just above her bikini line, a large circular tattoo on her right arm, and a spider on the top of her left foot. Her body art looked nice. After she handed me a white washrag, we got into the shower. The water felt like warm rain as it caressed our bodies. I enjoyed the feel of Sochee’s wet tits against my chest. She pulled me closer and I kissed her full lips. Pushing my tongue into her mouth, I relished the texture and softness of her tongue. Sochee’s moans aroused me instantly. She wrapped her arms around me and we began lathering each other with the soap. I was having a great time washing Sochee’s supple body. The suds were flowing down, with water taking all the dirt and sweat off.

Sochee dropped to her knees in front of me and began performing fellatio. She was pumping my dick with one hand and fondling my balls with the other. Sochee blew me in a frenzy. She looked like a wild mermaid with lust in her eyes as she attacked my dick enthusiastically with her mouth and tongue. If was as if she hungered for my dick.

“Yes, suck my dick like a bad bitch!” I said. “Suck it like it’s the greatest thing in the world!”

My encouragement made her suck my dick like never before. She sucked deeply, making a loud, sloppy erotic sound. It was awesome!

I helped her up and she turned the shower off. We got out, grinning broadly. Sochee grabbed my pulsating dick and we rushed to her luxury bedroom. She put on some R&B music that serenaded the interior. Then she got in the bed, lay on her back, and spread her legs. Her shaved pussy looked ripe in the dim light.

I knelt between her legs and went down on her, gluing my mouth on her pussy and savoring the most delicious taste ever! She closed her big brown eyes, licked her fleshy lips, and moaned ecstatically. I continued licking, fingering, and sucking her clit with fervor while watching as her stomach muscles tightened for the escalating lust. She squirted, giving forth a cool jet of her juice. I lapped on that love essence as it soaked my face and mouth.

“God!” Sochee moved back because the pleasure was too much. “Wow, you know how to eat pussy.”

I was not done with her sexy body yet. Rubbing my dick at the entrance of her pussy for several seconds, I made my first entry. As I pushed into the warm crevice, Sochee let out a shriek. She reached up and clutched me tightly to her, wrapping her toned legs around my waist. I began moving into her warmness that eagerly awaited me at a fast pace.

“You have a beautiful pussy.” I told her. “You feel so good and warm.”

“Fuck me!”

Her encouragement triggered me to fuck her faster and harder. Sochee rolled her eyes. I knew a climax was building up her vitals. So, I continued pounding her pussy. She trembled under me. The orgasm that rocked her seemed to start deep in her belly, and rippled down to her sexy manicured toes.

“You cum so beautifully,” I commented.

“I’m going to make you cum so hard.” Sochee said, after catching her breath. “Let me ride that big boy!”

I rolled on my back and held my dick upright, becoming Sochee’s sex prey as she scaled on top of me. Juices were dripping from her pussy onto the head of my shaft. She sighed blissfully, as the head wedged into her pussy. What a perfect fit!

“Ride this dick, baby!” I murmured.

Sochee’s pussy started to engulf my dick and the pleasure was exquisite. As she rode me, I moaned and groaned aloud. I loved the sight of her firm tits bouncing over me. While Sochee was grinding me, she reached behind and began massaging my balls gently. It felt good! I liked the attention she gave them. The way her well-trained pussy muscles massaged my dick was extremely pleasurable. She moved her pelvis back and forth, side to side, and in a circular motion. She enjoyed this one hot workout a lot.

Sochee got on all fours with her rear up in the air, and I inserted my dick into her asshole. Developing a nice rhythm, I began thrusting her fast and hard. My hands were foraging all over her tits. It was one of the most brilliant sights I was used to, watching my big dick that moved in and out of her rectum.

“Fuck me harder!” Sochee begged.

I obliged, and reamed her ass harder. I pulled her hair and slammed my dick deeper into her ass. She shrieked and I knew it would not take long for both of us to cum. We finally ignited together in a mixture of cum and sweat.

“Fuck, that was good,” I said after recovering. “There is nothing like fucking a girl in the ass?”

Sochee nodded. “Yes, it was great. I want more.”

“You want more?” I asked, laughing.

Sochee nodded again. “My pussy is still wet for you.”

“A man should make his woman’s pussy wet, not her eyes.” I told her.

“And a woman should make her man’s dick hard, not his life.” Sochee replied, grinning broadly.

Then she guided my dick into her pussy. As I penetrated her, she laughed and her chest heaved. The sight triggered me to proceed. Her cunt absorbed me and let me withdraw all the same. Her boobs bounced to the rhythm of Sebastian Mikael’s “Last Night” playing on the stereo. I reached up, tracing my fingers up her toned belly and touched her tits. My other hand firmly clenched on her hip and I knew I had her bewitched under a charm. Sochee’s body relaxed as she gave herself to me.

“Punish my pussy!” Sochee moaned loudly, as she closed her eyes.

“You are the one who is hot.” I quipped. “It feels so good inside you.”

The smooth sound of R&B music and the sex sounds we made, rocked us to the heat. Sochee’s mouth opened in a big O as she breathed deeper, and opened her eyes slowly. I brought my cinnamon face closer to hers, and our lips met gently. I took my right hand and fingered some astray curl off her angelic face. We kissed deeply, moaning into each other’s mouths. Sochee raised her pelvis, enticing me to fuck her harder. While keeping my eyes fixed with hers, I filled up her quivering wet pussy.

“I’m going to cum! You’re going to make me, cum!” Sochee exclaimed.

“Good girl! Cum for me, again! That’s it, Sochee! Cum on my dick … let me feel you…” I coaxed her. “Shower my dick with your juice!”

Sochee trembled all over, strained her torso, and opened her mouth. She let out a deep, soulful scream. A lustful explosion ignited my balls. I unloaded into her love canal, filling it up with my cream pie. We groaned and climaxed together as our bodies convulsed from the sexual healing.

The aroma of sex hung in the air around us. Sochee picked the remote and turned the stereo off, causing a pin drop silence. I smiled, running my hand up her tits and instantly felt her heartbeat.

She smiled back and leaned closer. We French kissed and finally drifted off to the sweet slumber.

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