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more blue chairs

God, I really needed a C in this class to pass the year and have high school fucking done with. I entered my history teachers office, my failed test in hand. I would do anything to be done with this hellish class.
“Excuse me, Mr. Bower?” I asked tentatively.
“What?” He asked, without looking up from his work.
“Well, sir, I was wondering if maybe I could retake this test or do an extra project, or anything really just so I can get a C in your class.”
“Your just going to have to well on your final.” My stomach sank. There was no way I would get close to an A on the final, this guy made tests that would’ve made Einstein cry.
“Please, Mr. Bower, is there anything I can do to raise my grade?” I was pleading now.
Finally he looked up. Something in his eyes told me that I wasn’t going to be retaking any tests or doing any extra projects. He got up and moved behind me, shutting the door. I heard the click of the lock.
“Fine, since you’re begging, there is one way you can raise your grade.” My heart fluttered, thank god- maybe my dad wouldn’t kick my ass out of the house. Mr. Bower moved back to his chair, and then I noticed the sizable bulge in his pants. This must be what he wants.
“You know what to do you little slut, don’t make me tell you anything and I might give you a C.”
My knees trembled as I got to my knees and slowly unzipped his pants. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath and his huge cock popped out, sending precum flying into my face. I stared at the monster in front of me, bright red and pulsing with sex. I opened my mouth and gripped the head of his cock with my lips, using my tongue to swirl around his slit. He tasted good, I had never sucked off an older man. His salty member grew with the attention. I withdrew and began to lick down his thick shaft, relishing the moans he gave to show his pleasure. I really was a slut, I knew what men liked.
I moved down to his nuts and had to swivel my head in order to suck them both in. They were huge- I had to struggle to get them both in my mouth. His pubic hair was everywhere, in my nose, eyes, and virtually surrounding my efforts. I finally got his large sack in my mouth and was able to give attention to each ball, licking and sucking gently on them until his groans filled the room. I moved back to his huge cock and resumed sucking. Soon my head was bobbing up and down on his fantastic penis, taking half of it in before moving back up to the head and teasing his slit. I opened my gullet and began deep-throating him, allowing his entire prick to enter my mouth. I felt his hands grip the back of my head as he started to fuck my face, thrusting his hips into my mouth and causing my to gag. Spit rolled down his cock to his nuts, and then ran onto his chair. I tried to keep pace with him but soon he was pumping down my throat so hard I just let go and let him use my head like a fuck toy.
Suddenly he pulled out. I knew what was coming and quickly got up, dropping my pants. My own hard cock popped out, but Mr. Bower ignored this. I turned around, granting him access to my rock hard ass, and he bent me over his desk. I heard a drawer open and cold gel was applied to my young asshole. A warm member was placed right at my anus, the tip of his cock barely pressing against me. He grunted and thrust into me. I was full to the brim, his thick cock filling my tight hole in a single thrust. Papers fluttered to the floor as he began fucking me. The hard slap of his pelvis against my conditioned buttocks filled the room. He was pounding into without any holding back. I squeezed my ass muscles together, coaxing him to cum. He grunted louder with each thrust until his yelling echoed in my skull. My entire body shuddered against the power of each piercing blow. “Yeah, you like that you little whore, don’t you? Your sweet young ass is just getting raw from all my meat, huh, you fucking slut?” My dick hurt it was so hard as he fucked me. I felt light as suddenly my dick exploded and cum shot out all over his desk. Then I heard him emit a long groan and he grabbed my hips, forcing his entire cock into me down to the base. Our balls rested together as he shuddered and I felt my stomach fill with hot cum. He collapsed on me, I could smell his sweat and breath as he slowly withdrew his limp cock from my aching anus.
“I think that was a B.”
I smiled and left.

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