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my beautiful daughter and her friend

***** this is a fictional story ******

hi there, my name is Rick, im 51 years old, a divorced dad to a beautiful woman named Jessica, she’s 21. i got divorced from her mother almost a decade ago, and since i dated a lot but could not find that special someone. jessica lives at her mom but she come to visit me twice a week at my small apartment. we like to go eating at good resturants, good movies and do stuff together, i love her so fucking much.

ever since she became a woman, i noticed her, she is skinny, but in a good way, she has the perfact ass, really tight and small, she had big boobs, unlike her small body. she has a long blonde hair with blue ocean eyes i knew it was wrong but sometimes i dreamt about her, but i knew nothing will happen, after all she is my daughter.

one tuesday afternoon, i get a message from her, a few hours before she was supposed to come meet me “hi dad” the message said. “hi honey” i replied, “can i bring my friend today? i know it’s our time but she needs company right now, she is going through a tough breakup” she said. i wasn’t happy about it. i loved our alone time, but i wanted to be a good father so i wrote her “off course, it’s not a problem”

after two hours the door was opened, Jessica was walking hand in hand with her friend, jessica wore tight jeans that really showed her awesome figure, and a white t shirt. her friend is named Dana, she has a black hair, she wore black sweatpants and a blue shirt “Dad” Jessica said “this is Dana, my friend” i walked up to her and shake her hand “nice to meet you” i said. after a mild conversation they both went to Jessica’s room and stayed there. after an hour i hear Jessica called me. i entered the room and fing both of them sitting on her bed “can you stay with us for a couple of minutes?” Jessica asked. “sure” i say. dana put her hand on the bed beside her and hinted me to sit down next to her. i sat down and smiled to the two beatuiful ladies. after a short conversation i feel a hand on my knee, Dana has put her hand there and every ten seconds her hand went higher and higher on my pants until she almost reached my cock. right before it i said “what is going on here?”. Jessica looked at her friend and laughed. “Dad” she said “don’t be upset but she is in a really bad place here and she needs to take her mind of it, she wants you” she said “but she’s your friend, she’s half my age” i said. “it doesn’t matter” Jessica said “she wants both of us, now”

i looked at jessica and her friend and i didn’t know what to do, at first she is my daughter, and although i have been thinking about her, it’s just wrong, but i was so horny, my last sex was almost a year ago. as i was thinking, my daughter said “let us convince you” and before i could reply they two girls kissed, a long and wet kiss with tounge. Dana’s hands were placed gentley at Jessica’s big boobs and she played with them a little. Jessica’s hands were placed on Dana’s tighs and she started to storke gentley her pussy, and i could see from her sweatpants that Dana was super horny.

as i looked at them my cock was growing, as he reached his hardest point. at this moment i though about it and decided to join them. i put my hands on dana’s thighs as well. when she felt the touch of my hand she stopped making out with my daughter and then she started making out with me, as Jessica watched with a smile on her face. her mouth was small with a small tounge, and as we kissed my tounge just toured in her mouth, she moaned during our kiss. she took her hand and placed it on my big cock started to stroke it on top of my pants. Jessica went out of the bed and she sat on the floor right in front of me. she started unbotton my pants and took them off along with my underpants, revealing my hard cock. “wow” she said “i didn’t knew you had a big cock like that” she said “thanks” i said while stopping kissing her friend. they both went to their knees and started sucking my cock. it was the best blowjob i have ever experianced, i closed my eyes for most of it, so i didn’t see who did what, but i could feel that jessica had put my whole cock inside her little mouth, while Dana sucked my balls hard. after a while i looke up and saw Jessica sits on my lap, completley naked, and she started kissing me. it was just like i pictured it, i enjoyed our kiss which lasted for minutes. during our kiss Dana helped Jessica to put my cock inside her pussy and she started to fuck me, i could feel my cock almost exploded as he toured inside Jessica’s tight pussy. after a while, Dana layed in bed with her legs wide open, as jessica ate her pussy up, as i fucked her, i fucked her hard and fast, i could hear my thighs pounding her small butt each time, and it filled me with joy. she started moaning louder and louder until she came. it was beautiful. when she came i started licking her pussy and put her woman juices inside my mouth, after she came i start fucking her friend, we fucked in doggy style as Jessica watched us and masterbate. we fucked for 15 minutes until she came also, she moaned a lot, and very loud. after they both came they kissed each other, i could sense this is not the first time that they fucked each other. they both started to suck my dick once again until i released a massive load of cum in their mouths, they started to kiss once again, this time with my sperm in their mouths as they swallow all of it.

from this day onwards, every time my daughter came to my place we fucked for hours, some times she brought Dana, and sometimes she brought other friends. i love her so much!

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