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Fraternal Love Part I

I’m Daniel 37 years old, I work for a computer firm, and I work as a web developer.
My wife and I got married at the young age of 19 and she was 18.

I have two daughters Irish who is 16 years old, and the other is Irene 15 years old.
My wife and I were divorced for 6 years ago and since then I never got the chance to get married again.
When we got divorced, my wife took my youngest Irene daughter, and left for New York.
Soon after me and my daughter Irish moved to Portland from California to work for the other branch
of the same company I’m in.

One stormy night my daughter came home dripping wet and she was crying. I asked her what was wrong
and she just didn’t answer back anwent rushing to her room. As her father I got nervous about what could have happend. So I followed her to her room. I knocked at the door for it was locked, and yet she didn’t answer. I know she’s in some kind of a trouble or problem for reasons I yet don’t know.

After a while I knocked again calling her name, and after a few moments she opened the door with tears on her face still. She walked back to her bed and embraced her favorite pillow and started to cry again. I then asked her,”What’s wrong sweety?” she didn’t reply. And so I decided to sit next to her and ask her again, “What’s wrong sweety daddy’s here to help you.” She then answered back this time, “Daddy my boyfriend dumped me for another girl!” as she cried. “What?” I replied in surprise, “How could he do that to you?” I added.

“He said I’m just too far from him and he want’s out of our relationship, and he also told me she’s dating another girl!” she told me while crying. “Oh daddy, where do you think I can find a man like you who’s so
sweet, kind and very loving? You never cheated on mom, and I know what you did was right on divorcing
her.” as more tears came down from her eyes. She knew what happened to me and her mom, and if not for the court’s decision the siblings wouldn’t have been separated. And so i just told her, “There are given
circumstances in our life that we couldn’t just control sweety. Sometimes we get hurt and we hurt people.”
, and I added “And once you enter a relationship, you should be prepared to get hurt, and maybe in
some instances, you’d be left by the ones you really love.” “Like what mom did to you?” she asked. “Yes dear, life’s like that, life is unfair!” I answered back. “Oh daddy I love you so much!” as she embraced me tightly. I told her just that, based upon my experience.

“Daddy?” she asked, “Yes sweety?”. “Will you sleep with me tonight? I need someone to be with tonight, it’s raining and I’m feeling so lonely.” “Of course sweety, daddy would do anything for you tonight to make you feel more comfortable.” as I answered back without any hesitation, and as I wiped the tears off her beautiful and radiant face. We embraced each other tightly and I can feel her affection towards me. Moments after, she stopped crying and we laid down on her bed still embracing each other, and tried to go to sleep.

Morning came and it was still raining outside. I tried to reach for her and embrace, but she was not on the bed. I looked at the clock and thought that I was already late for work, it was already 9 am. The cold weather and the rain must have made me sleep longer, a kind of sleep I never had for years. There was no sign of my daughter anywhere in the room, so I stood up and decided to look for her around the house. As I went down the stairs I finally got to see her watching the television. She looked up to me with a smile and said, “Godd morning daddy!” “Good morning sweety!” I replied to her with a smile. “Mmmmm, what’s that smell?” I asked her, “I prepared breakfast for us! I cooked some pancakes and eggs, and the coffee’s prepared too!” as she ran towards me and jumped to me. So I catched and carried her towards the kitchen. She always used to do that when she was still a little girl.

We had breakfast, and she does pancakes really well, it was my favorite! While we were eating, her fork fell under the table. She immediately bent down and reached for the fork. I didn’t looked at her, till she banged her head on the table. I went under the table and asked her if she was hurt. All she did was smile at me and looked at my boxers. I knew then that she saw my dick for she was blushing and tried to laugh. “You bad little girl!” I told her as I laugh. I banged my head too under the table really hard and she began to laugh. I laid down the floor for it hurts really bad, I hit the edge of the bottom of the table. I was a little dizzy, but was laughing at the same time. I felt her crawl towards me, and when she was over me, she kissed me and told me, “I love you daddy!” “I love you too sweety!” I replied. She kissed me after on the lips, and she began to rub my masculine body. “What are you doing sweety?” I asked, “I’m just trying to make you feel better daddy!” she answered with a naughty smile at her face. “You’ve been so good with your daughter all her life, and it’s about time to repay that kindness.” she added. “What do you mean?” as my eyes grew large and looked at her. “Oh daddy, I love you so much, and I would love doing it with you!” she said while she reached for my semi-hard dick. Damn did it felt so good, I haven’t had sex for years and I’m craving for one for the longest time. “You know this is wrong sweety, fucking your daddy would not be right!” I exclaimed. “Yes I know that daddy, but no matter what the consequences would be I don’t care, as long as I make you feel that I love you so much!” then she smiled at me.

Right after then and there I began to kiss her, put my tongue in her and caress her back, as she began to rub my ever growing dick to full size. That moment was intimate and full of love. I haven’t imagine doing it with my favorite daughter. She’s so sexy and very beautiful, but I never Imagined doing it with her. Not even once.

“Oh daddy I have always wanted for this to happen, seeing you always in your muscle shirt and boxer shorts always turns me on. I’ve always Imagine how big your cock is and imagine it inside me. This is a dream come true daddy, make love to your little daughter!” she confessed all her thoughts about me. “Oh daddy your cock is so big and I want it really bad!” she added. “Let’s go slow sweety, let daddy take extra care on you, ok sweety!” I replied. “Oh yes daddy, I love you so much!” We continued kissing, while she rubbed my hard, fat and long 12″ dick.

We rolled out under the table, and I was on top of her after. My shirt and boxer are still on while the other half of my dick was exposed. I sat on her tummy and was on my knees. She reached out for my muscled chest and caressed it. I looked at her navy blue eyes, and saw her nipples erect on her silk red pajamas. I felt guilty at first because I’m about to fuck my daughter, I don’t want to upset her or anything so I continued with care and love. I slowly unbuttoned her top, and saw her face staring at me in anticipation of what would I do next. Whe all was finally unbuttoned, I saw her well rounded beast matched with light brown nipples fully erect. I slowly carresed her breasts in a circular motion, while I slowly bent to kiss her. I was kissing her while my hands was on her breasts caressing it and playing with her lovely nipples. She then reached for my dick and began to play with the head. I kissed her and when I knew she’s wanting more from daddy, I kissed her on the and licked her left ear. I slowly slid my tounge from her ear to her neck down to her breasts. I started to suck and lick her left breast and nipple, while my other hand plays with the other side and vice-versa. She was in total extacy, I can feel it from her shiverring body and head movement. I stopped playing with her breats and licked her cleavage and licked up to her neck to her mouth and started to kiss her again. She digged her nails deep into my back, and I knew then she was so extatic and feeling so great. I stopped for a while playing with her breasts, and knelt. I took my shirt off and stood up. I grabbed her and carried her to the table, she sat in anticipation. I kissed her again and played a little with her breasts. I sucked her nipples and bit them gently, she’s moaning in pleasure. “Oh daddy, I’m so wet aren’t you going to get me totally naked?” she asked. I paused for a while and told her “Not yet sweety, let’s take our time, we have the whole day, I won’t be going to work today.” “Oh daddy! Make love to me the whole day.” she told me gladly and added, “I love you daddy, I love you so…” I didn’t let her finish what she’s about to say and kissed her. The heat is really turned up right now and I can feel it because her hand gripped my ever hard cock tight, and started stroking it. I was in full control like a dad should be. After moments of torrid kissing and hands moving on each other’s body, I decided to stop and go beyond what we were doing. I kissed her on the lips slid my tongue up to her right ear, and slid it down to her neck slowly, slid a little more down to her cleavage and began to suck on her right nipple. I held her on the hips and went down to her stomach. I let her lay down on the table, and removed her wet pants and threw it away. She’s now totally naked, I have a great view of her great body. Her legs are well toned matched with a great soft ass. She automatically spreads her legs wide open and begged for me to do her now. “Daddy please fuck me now, please I’m begging you, fuck me now, I want you in me, daddy please!” she begged as if there would be no tomorrow. “Ok sweety but let daddy enjoy your whole body first.” I was really into fucking her now, but not yet, I want her to feel how much I really love her first. I held her legs and spread it wider. I kissed her stomach and down her trimmed pubies. Yes she’s dripping wet, her vagina was so lucious and I can see that she’s tight for me. I began with small kisses around her mons and pussy. I licked her wet pussy at first, and stopped. I made a rythm by licking and stopping to tease her more. “Oh daddy stop teasing me and eat me!” she moaned. And so I used my fingers to have a better view of her flower. I had two finger on both her mons and I can see her clit begging to be sucked. I first moved my tongue around and to her opening. I moved my tongue around, up and down slowly. I started then to suck her clits while my right hand’s index and middle finger went in her vagina and slowly played around in her looking for her spot. The more I see her getting wilder the more I sucked hard on her clits. I knew I got her spot went she shouted, “OOOHHH shit, I feel like peeing!” I didn’t stop, instead I sucked her harder and pressed on the spot with a little more pressure. She was moaning like hell, and began to act like she was being possesed. She grabbed my hairs with both her hands and screamed “OOOOHHH GOD I’M CUMMING!” I went sucked and pressed harder untile she came she came, I felt a little squirt and began to suck on her juices. I sucked also the clear white juices that came off her, while I began t rub her clits. She never stopped moaning and I knew she had that kind of an orgasm for the first time, because of her expressions. I licked and sucked her around her pussy and clits. A few seconds after I stopped and looked at her her. She was red all-over and eyes in little tears of joy. “Oh daddy, that was the best I ever had! I never came like that before.” she said in a soft tone as if she was tired catching her breath. I then kissed her on the lips and our tongues began to play again, and her hands this time playing with my big dick and my hands on her breasts and the other playing around down below. I stopped for a moment and removed my boxers. I’m now naked too. I moved back a little and looked at my big gun and looked at her again. She knodded as if saying a yes inside her mind. She went off the table and kneeled. I rested my hands on the table while she began to suck and lick my dick. Oh yes she knows how to do a good job on my dick, she’s better than mom. She only had a small mouth and the whole of my penis can’t go in. I love her and I respect her so I never pushed or forced it all in, she can swallow all that she only can. I can feel her other hand stroking my dick and the other playing with my balls, she’s good at it. I shivered a little when she softly glided her teeth on my dick’s head. Oh that was great! she was looking all the while at me while she was sucking on me. My eyes were closed and felt mouth and hands play with my manhood and it’s balls. I can feel now that I was about to come, well because se was just so good on doing it. I held her head and caressed her hair and i told her “Sweety daddy’s about to come!” And just as I told her that she went faster by the moment. I never had to release my juice for quite some time so I know I was fully loaded. I came with full force filling her mouth with my sperm and load after load after load I catchde my breath. She sucked harder till nothing came out already. She swallowed all of my sperm up, and sucked me dry. That was the most explosive moment in my life. “I love you so much sweety!” I said with a smile while she was kneeling on the floor. “I love you more daddy! I love you more.” she replied while licking her lips around checking if there was any trace of sperm.

To be continued………………

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