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Mum's Sweet Silky Scent

My name is David, I’m twenty-five years old and recently moved back into my Mum’s home. It has been a rough year for her, and she needed to have someone there to protect her since my father passed on.

I had first moved out when I was eighteen to start a life of my own, and doing rather well until I received my Mum’s call that she was not doing so well herself. A beautiful woman at forty-five still looking as if she were thirty, which worried me immensely , Mum has never complained. Feeling like the gallant son I run home to save her, or so I would like all to believe, but truth be known if it were not for the fact she was my Mum I would have bedded her.

It started right before I left home, my father was not attentive to my mothers needs as a woman, so she took matters into her own hands. Several times I could hear her after he would leave for work, masturbating frequently, the tale tell sound of her vibrator humming through the air. Her moans were light and erotic , much like she is. I closed my eyes hearing the sound become muffled, knowing it was being buried deep inside her wet box.

As the sound increased and decreased with her exquisite moans of pleasure I knew she had to be furiously sliding the make shift cock in and out, again imagining her hips rise and fall at the thrill. Soon after she would walk out of her room and into the bathroom.

It wasn’t until several weeks later when I was in the laundry room did I realize she went to the bathroom to drop her soaked silk panties down the laundry shoot. There I stood, not sure what took over me, but I picked up the silk panties and pressed them to my nose inhaling her intoxicating scent.

I felt my cock become hard with excitement, the more I sniffed the harder I became. Unzipping my pants, freeing my throbbing manhood from its confines, slowly I wrapped her panties around my shaft and began pumping. Her scent still fresh against my nose, yes the sweet scent of a mothers love. The wet silk drench in her desirable juice sent my mind crazy with lust. It didn’t take long before I exploded the largest load my sack could hold.

That had been nearly seven years ago, but my longing has never waned for the sweet scent of my mothers pussy juice against silk panties, the epitome of pussy perfection. My excitement in seeing my mother was not as hot as the prospect of hearing her masturbate and sending me down her sweet loving scent. No woman has ever given me the satisfaction as the smell of my mother.

This is not the kind of thing you can share with your mates, telling them you like smelling your mothers silk undies soaked with the fresh dew of her milked core. Yet the mere thought made me touch my aching throb nestled between my thighs , a smile crossed my face knowing soon, soon I will feel that satisfaction once again.

Thursday evening after my arrival I took my mother out for dinner , she was very quiet yet I understood her feeling of loss. I hugged her close allowing our tears to flow. I had a love for my mother like no other, a sons love is immeasurable.

That evening I went to bed when my mother did, but sleep evaded me. Thoughts of her silk panties had become my undoing, my fetish, a need that is unexplainable. Tonight I was to get an added surprise.

I heard the slight moans coming from her room, walking softly to her door in hope of hearing the final satisfying moan. I then would walk down to the laundry and wait for my sweet release. Her door was ajar, as I watch my mother sliding the thin vibrator up and down her pink silk panties. The large spot of wetness as she concentrated on her pleasure spot, how I wanted to see the engorged clit I knew lay hidden beneath the undies.

My hand had a mind of its own, as my raging hardon was released while watching her, knowing those delicious pink panties would be in my hands in no time. As I watched her pull them to the side and slide the little cock in and out of her hole, I could hear her wetness. The sucking sound made me heady, hoping she did not lose any of those sweet juices but allowed them to soak through the panties that were to be mine.

I was startled as I heard her say, “Don’t stand there, come in and watch,” her voice deep and lusty.

I quietly walked over to the most beautiful picture of feminine lust, how I longed to bury my face in her soaked panties. Smell her sweetness, gently suckle the juices into my mouth. She motioned for me to move closer as she worked the vibe in and out of her hot honey hole.

I crawled between her open legs, her face flushed with urgency to let her passion explode. I touched her silk panties as she removed the humming machine from her dripping twat, letting them settle back against the moistness. She had cum so much they were drench, sliding my hand up and down the wetness made my cock visably bounce in anticipation.

“I know you love my panties, I sent them to you years ago knowing how they excited you.” She smiled at me with love and tenderness.

“How did you know Mum?” I asked unaware that anyone had known of my fetish.

“I walked in on you, stroking your hard manhood before you left home. One hand stroking that beautiful hard meat in one hand and smelling my cum soaked panties with the other. Little did you know I stood there fingering myself at the sight of your pleasure when you released with such force.” She started to slide her panties slowly off, then handed them to me.

“Show your Mum how much you enjoy her scent,” she barley whispered.

Taking her panties in my hand I was heady with all she had just told me. Inhaling deeply , then suckling the sweetness as my hand stroked my purple headed rod. My sack tight with lust, needing to release , longing for this day in my mind a million times over.

“Oh yes son, show me, show me how much it excites you,” she nearly shouted as her legs were spread wide feverishly fingering her dripping box. Her clit stood out like a small cock , excited , needing stroked. As I watched her, smelling her silken panties my cock was about to burst. “Son, cum in Mum’s panties please,” she panted before she yelled out in orgasm.

It was my undoing as my balls began to empty , shooting thick hot jism into her pretty pink panties. She had crawled to the edge of the bed so her face was mere inches from my cock as the jism hit her panties. When I was finally done milking my cock for my mother she snatched her panties back, licking my hot cum and groaning as she swallowed every drop.

It has been only a couple days, and I ponder if maybe next time she would keep her panties on while I suckled her clit? It would be grand even if Mum would allow me to slide the silk wonders that have brought me so much pleasure to the side while my thick cock entered her tightness? I suppose this is something I will have to ask.

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