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Sleepaway Camp Part 8

[In compliance with this website the author affirmatively states that all characters depicted in this story are at least 18 years of age.]

Soon enough Tiffany was up to her old tricks. She’d set up something called, “glory holes” in one of the cabins. She insisted they were necessary to help out the guys due to Sergeant Dick’s no masturbation rule.

“Like dah Chris. These guys have male needs which they’re not fulfilling on their own. If they don’t get some sexual release they’re gonna start freaking out with each other like guys do in prison or in the military.” she said.

I found out later what “glory holes” really were. Gross! But I knew by now I couldn’t fight some of the things that went on at Camp Spirit Thunder.

I did put up a fight when I saw my own brother get up to leave our cabin that night. He couldn’t even look me in the face. “Look it’s no big deal sis. I’m just going for a walk alone around the lake.”

“Steven? You’re my big brother and I know when you’re lying. I’ve never lied to you ever because I love you. I thought you loved me too. Please don’t lie to your sister. You’re going to the glory hole cabin aren’t you?”

He looked down ashamed. “Yes I am. I love you too Chris I really do but I am a male and I do have male needs. I need you to be a loving sister and accept that and not judge me a pervert.”

I stepped outside with him and we sat together on the cabin steps looking out at the beautiful night view of the lake. “I know you’re not a pervert big brother. I won’t judge you. Just help me understand about your male needs. I know you’ll say a nice girl like me shouldn’t hear such things but as your sister I need to know.”

“Well OK.” He still refused to look me in the eye which was unlike my brother. He held his head down in same. “We’re close and we’ve gotten a lot closer this summer but we’re never really talked sexually. Ya see Chris, males have a male need to sexually release on a regular basis. Since I don’t have a girlfriend that means I need to gratify myself. Please don’t think I’m dirty for wanting to visit the glory holes. But if male needs are not met its very very unhealthy. What Tiffany said was right. It can cause guys to freak out with other guys. These past weeks here at camp I haven’t had any privacy. And that means my needs have just been building and building. So that’s why I’m going to the glory holes. Please understand. It isn’t wrong.”

I put my arm around me understandingly. “I’m sorry I didn’t know. I do believe you big brother. And I do understand. I don’t think you’re a pervert. Since I’d know if you were lying I know you’re being honest about this male needs no one ever explained to me before. All I’m asking you is to please not visit those glory holes with those dirty girls. They don’t love you. You can milk yourself in our cabin from now on whenever you want. Don’t be ashamed at all. I’ll give you privacy whenever you want it.”

My brother kissed me on the lips. “Thank you sis. I knew if anyone would understand it would be you.”

Steven went inside and came out to get me about ten minutes later. He had the biggest brightest smile I’d ever seen on his face ear to ear. We snuggled extra close in bed that night and our goodnight kiss held for a little bit longer.

Even I was surprised by how often my brother would need to milk himself. First thing in the morning. After lunch. Before dinner. And then once before bed. He even admitted he would normally wake up in the middle of the night to do it as well but he didn’t want to wake me and could hold it, or rather not hold it, until morning.

As his loving sister I’d diligently stand guard outside our cabin to assure his privacy.

We both felt so silly about him having to be embarrassed about something so normal and healthy. His whole personality changed. He became much for relaxed and happy all the time.

Thus my curiosity grew. What exactly was my brother doing in the cabin to make himself so happy? I knew he was touching his penis in some way but I didn’t know the details and was embarrassed to ask him.

The next time I saw couple in the woods together I didn’t break them up. Instead I watched from a distance in wonder. The boy remained standing with his shorts pulled down while his girlfriend was on her knees which her head over his crotch bobbing back and forth rhythmically. Her boyfriend stroked her hair lovingly with his hands.

Then the boy’s chest began to heave and a cried out. Then he breathed a sigh of relief and big smile took control of his face. The same Christmas morning smile I’d seen on my brother.

The girlfriend go off her knees and as she turning around I saw a white sticky cream was dripping from her smiling lips. It must have tasted very good because she lapped up all of it. Then she held her mouth open as proof to her boyfriend that she’d swallowed it all. Holding hands they marched back to camp.

Later in the cafeteria I found myself in line behind the same girl. I saw some of the delicious cream was still stuck in her long black hair. I was dying to know what is tasted like.

Was this what boyfriends and girlfriends did together? Did on dates? How I wanted to know. My brother didn’t have a girlfriend and although he was in good shape I was sure even he couldn’t suck his own penis. How did he milk himself? I so wanted to know.

My only clue to my brother’s masturbatory habits was a secret stash of pictures printed from the internet. They were hidden under a board he thought I didn’t know about. The young women were all exceedingly beautiful. They had long golden hair just like me. Not a single brunette or redhead. They all had very full breast, most fake like Tiffany’s. I squeezed my own breasts to see how I compared. Was this what guys really liked. Teenage girls with long golden hair and large breasts like my own?

Some of the girls’ poses were tame. Other’s showed them offering themselves on pink satin beds holding open their vaginal lips or sticking their bottoms high up in the air invitingly.

All little girls fanaticize about being a Disney princess like Belle or Cinderella. Alice was always my favorite because she had long golden hair just like me. Now that I was older I dreamed about being one of these beautiful girls online spread naked on a bed that men would fall in love with.

As I was trying to build up the courage to ask my brother how he milked himself and if I could watch, my curiosity was eclipsed by something new. While I was in the shower I saw my brother secretly peeking at me through the curtain. We usually stepped outside while the other showered. But there he was. A wave of excitement came over me. Was I really pretty enough that my brother liked looking at me naked just as much as he like looking at those naked girls online? Was I really that pretty?

Vainly I washed myself slower than usual that morning. I filled the sponge with soap and let the lather slide down my breasts. I massaged my breasts and washed underneath them. Then I bent at the waist sticking my bottom high into the hair making sure my brother got a good look.

Before I finished he’d left the cabin. That day I felt bold enough to dress in the navy cheerleading uniform with required white cotton panties. When I came outside to get my brother he was waiting with a his towel held over his shorts.

“How do you like my outfit big brother? Do I look pretty?” I giggled.

Steven’s face lit up. “Oh yes! You look beautiful! You’re the most beautiful sister in the world!”

“Thanks.” I blushed. “But you’re just saying that because you’re my big brother.”

Now it was my turn to peek on my brother while he showered. I peek through the curtain and found out why he’d been covering his crotch with the towel. His organ was in full arousal. It reached straight for the heavens and pressed firmly against his belly. Was he erect because he’d peeped on me. I marveled at the beautiful sight of my naked brother. Sure his micro counselor’s uniform hadn’t left much to the imagination but the sight of him all natural was so sensuous I massaged my own breasts with desire.

I couldn’t tear my hungry eyes away from my brother’s beautiful penis. Tiffany and Hayden were such sluts the could actually differentiate a man’s size. As for me I knew there was only one penis I loved.

As my brother’s shower went on his organ softened as the memories of my naked body faded for him. That was when he caught me! He saw me peeking at him behind the shower curtain! I know for sure he saw me! He didn’t say a word or look back in my direction. Instead just like me he pretended not to notice and went on showering. But I know he saw me because his organ shot straight up in a single second, aroused at the knowledge of me peeping on him.

Now there was no reason to hold back. We never talked about the peeking. Throughout the day I bent at the waist right in front of him to a good look at my white cotton panties. That day when we went swimming and my brother massaged sun lotion into me I opened my legs and held up my bottom welcomingly to him just like I’d seen in those pictures.

Just before dinner he asked for his usual private milking time. The words, “Can I watch big brother?” came out of my curious mouth.
He smiled, “I you want to?”

Oh how I wanted to watch my brother pleasure himself more than anything on this green earth. Wild horses couldn’t drag us from our cabin.

Steven got out his photos and sat down on our bed letting his micro swimsuit hit the floor. Again I was overwhelmed with passion for my brother’s big thick penis. I put a pillow on the floor and kneeled by his crotch so his hot throbbing manhood was only a few inches away from my virgin face.

“It’s so big, big brother.” I said with my curious jaw agape.

“Really?” he beamed. “Wait a minute sis. How many have you seen?”

“Only yours big brother. But I don’t need to see any other to know you’re big.”

I kneeled in amazement as my brother began massaging his foreskin back and forth while looking at a picture.

“Oh hell.” he threw the photos to the ground. “I can’t do this with someone watching me.”

“Then let me help big brother. Let me help.” Before he had a chance to say no I took hold of his penis with my virgin hand. I held it in amazement only inches away from my curious face. My brother winced at my touch as penises are very sensitive. It was burning hot and the big finely veined flanks pulsated with energy. The tip was very soft and sensitive.

After marveling at my brother’s penis for several minutes I started to massage the foreskin like I’d seen him do. But some type of primal instinct took over me, like the way a mother knows to breastfeed her child, and I wrapped my mouth around it and started to suck as hard as I could.

The swollen organ felt even better in my mouth. It throbbed by its own power against my mouth virgin cheeks and tongue. I didn’t have to wonder if my brother was pleased with my oral skills because he was already moaning in ways I’d never heard a man moan before. His breaths quickened he my mouth overflowed with his warm white seed.

Just like the couple I’d seen in the woods the sperm was so massive it spilled out of my lips and slid down my cheeks not matter how much I tried to swallow.

I licked my lips, savoring every last delicious drop.

My brother had collapsed back on the bed and was writhing in ecstasy desperately trying to catch his breath.

His ejaculation had done NOTHING to diminish his arousal. His organ was as hard as ever reaching towards the heavens dripping it’s white nectar. I licked it clean.

I lay on the bed next to him. “Is this what happens when you milk yourself big brother?”

“No.” he panted. “Not like this. This is my first… well I’ve never been… with a girl like this before. Or in anyway.”

“Oh big brother. You don’t have to be embarrassed about being a virgin. I’m glad we’re both virgins. We’ll get to experience everything together for the first time.”

“Thanks sis. I’ve truthfully never fallen in love with girl until now.”

“Until now?”

“Oh Chris, you’re so beautiful. I’ve thought you’re beautiful for a long long time. I remember you were a flat little girl and overnight you blossomed into a fun DD. You were embarrassed and always wore baggy clothing and didn’t put on bathing suit for years. But I was excited. I was so happy to have a busty sister. I wanted to share the experience with you and reassure you that your big breasts were beautiful. But I was scared and ashamed. I felt dirty for having such a beautiful sister.”

“Remember the time we went to a museum together? People didn’t know we were brother and sister. Hundreds and hundreds of guys looked at you longingly. And I could tell by the way they looked that me that they were green with envy. That was the best day of my whole life. I remember every detail of it.”

I drowned in his eyes. “Really? All these years you’ve admired my body from afar? Oh big brother. You’re not a pervert. I want to be beautiful for the man I love. I’m so happy that your big organ gets hard when I’m around. Here at Camp Spirit Thunder I’m come to know what a wonderful person you are, and that you will always love and protect me like big brother should.”

“Remember the time we went to a museum together? People didn’t know we were brother and sister. Hundreds and hundreds of guys looked at you longingly. And I could tell by the way they looked that me that they were green with envy. That was the best day of my whole life. I remember every detail of it.”

“The best day of your life? I’ll beat that record.” I slipped off my cheerleading uniform and my brother sniffed my white cotton panties savoring the feminine smell of his sister.

We eagerly explored our bodies thoroughly. Focusing mainly on the parts we’d never really touched before. I held onto his throbbing organ and he massaged my breasts and kissed them lovingly.

“This is called, ‘playing doctor.'” he said. It’s a game brothers and sisters and cousins play together. I always dreamt it would be fun. But I was ashamed of ever asking you to play it with me.”

“Don’t be ashamed big brother. It’s important for you to know that my body will always be available to you in any way. Any way. Forever and always.”

He mounted me in the missionary position and I wrapped my hungry legs around him tight and shrieked in passion as my brother’s tender thrusts drove me to climax over and over again until I finally blacked in and out of consciousness.

As my brother kneeled over my face to release his seed I quickly wrapped my mouth around him. I didn’t want a single drop of his delicious cream to go to waste.

Spent, we collapsed in each other’s arms just like we did every night. Except this time we slept naked and unashamed on top of the blanket with only our bare bodies to cling to for heat.

I nuzzled up to my brother big warm chest. Before sleep would take me I whispered, “Big brother? We can’t sleep like this. Sergeant Dick will catch us when he comes in for his morning sock inspection.”

“Here at Camp Spirit Thunder they can all go to hell. Let them think what they like. Your love has given me the courage to never again feel ashamed about how beautiful my sister is. I want everyone green with envy knowing we’re lovers.”

In my big brother I trusted. He would never lead me wrong.

To be extended:

Waiting’s the hardest part. Part 9 is coming quickly.

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