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Sleepaway Camp Part 9

[In compliance with this website the author affirmatively states that all characters depicted in this story are at least 18 years of age.]

Sure enough in the morning we were both so exhausted we never heard Sergeant Dick’s rapping at our cabin door. He burst in. “Sock inspection!”

He stopped at the sight of my brother and I cuddling there in naked afterglow on top of the blanket. “Oh… ahhhh… never mind.”

“Is there a problem Sergeant Dick?” asked Steven boldly.

“Ahh… no.” he answered.

“Good morning Sergeant Dick.” I giggled.

“Good morning to you to goldie locks. Glad to see you city folk is getting ah-long so well by tak’in after the way us country folk do things.”

That was our last sock inspection.

Just as my brother had promised we were no longer ashamed of our love. We always held hands and French kissed openly. We swam together naked like everyone else and took a blanket for trysts into the romantic country woods.

Here at Camp Spirit Thunder love was in the air and no one held back.

Believe it or not I even became friends with Tiffany and Hayden. They were really glad Steven and I had fallen in love. It turned out they were never teasing me at all. They wanted my brother and I to join in on fun everyone else was having. They wondered why I was shy about sexual talk.

The big event of the summer at Camp Spirit Thunder was always the arrival of Mr. Williams the owner. Tiffany told me he actually ran the camp at a loss as a charity. If he wasn’t pleased with what he saw he could shut down Camp Spirit Thunder forever.

“Mr. Williams has chosen you Chris as his special tour guide. He wants you to escort him around the lake.” said Tiffany.

“No way dude. Steven, I should warn you what Mr. Williams is really going to do is take your sister up to the big mansion that overlooks the lake and claim what he thinks will be her virginity. Not that I can blame him for wanting her. I would’ve done it with my sister too if she were hot.” said Colin.

Steven answered the challenge boldly. “Well that’s too bad. Chris is staying right here with me. Mr. Williams will just have to choose another girl as his tour guide. Or walk around the lake with himself.”

Tiffany protested. “No don’t you see? He’s chosen Chris. If he doesn’t get his way he could shut down the whole camp.”

“That’s a risk we’ll all have to take. I’m sure you can come up with some plan Tiffany.” Big brother was always there to protect me.

When Mr. Williams’ big Mercedes Benz limousine pulled down the long dirt road all the counselors were there to greet him together. Steven held his arm around me.

“Good morning Mr. Williams.” we said in unison.

“Good morning to you too.” he answered, rubbing his hands together excitingly. “I can’t wait to meet our new head counselor Chris. I’ve heard so much about her.” He was literally drooling.

Steven stepped forward and shook Mr. Williams’ hand. “High Mr. Williams. I’m Steven, Chris’ older brother. She’s going to stay here with me.” And with that my brother gave me a longer passionate French kiss and put his arm back around me.

“Is that so?” asked Mr. Williams a bit annoyed.

“That’s why we’ll take a walk around the lake with you master!” shouted Hayden. She and Tiffany jumped into his horny arms and started kissing and hugging him.

“Yes master! Together Hayden and I will make this your best visit to Camp Spirit Thunder! You’ll see! We’ve got a lot of new things to show you that we’ve been practicing all summer! If you’d like any of the campers to come join in just let us know!”

Mr. Williams wasn’t going to have to take a walk around the lake with himself after all. He put his arms around their waists and hurried down the trail with the two of them already ripping off his clothing eagerly.

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