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My parents are very rich people and always on the move.They do not stay at a place for a long time.They have wide circle of friends and go and meet them and have fun.So,it can be said,that i being their only son is neglected.They have appointed a caretaker for me.I am a boy of 16 years old.This is a fantasy based on my fun time with my caretaker.Now to tell you something about my caretaker.She is a very foxy lady of 36 years and well endowed in important departments.She is a divorced woman.She is a tall lady with gorgeous figure with 38CC tits and broad ass.Now the fantasy begins.

I have got a sexy magazine from one of my friends and seeing it in my room.After seeing some sexy pictures,i start masturbating.My boner is totally erect and i am pumping.At that moment my room door opens and there stands the lady.She is shocked to see me in that state of undress and her eyes are on my boner.I see a twinkle in her eyes and i feel that she must not have had sex for a long time as she has been divorced for sometime.She shuts the door and comes near the bed with her eyes still gawking at my boner.I stop my pumping and start looking at her for some expression.As there is no response from her side,i say to her that i always had an eye for her and wanted to fuck her.She comes nearer to the bed.I get up from the bed and go near her and start to kiss her on the lips.She opens her mouth and starts responding to my kisses.We both start kissing passionately and my hands start feeling her body over her clothes.She starts unbuttoning my shirt as my hands feel her sexy ass.She is panting now.I unhook her skirt to feel her ass more properly.She is wearing white panties which do little to hide her hairy snatch.She kneels down and starts feeling my boner and then she starts to suck my boner.I hold to her head and start to pump my boner in and out of her mouth.After 2-3 minutes of sucking i shoot my load in her mouth and she gulps it down.I make her stand up and starts to take off her top.Now she is standing only in bra and panties and does she look mindblowing,she does.Her boobs are straining to get out of her white bra.I go behind her and unclasp her bra and she takes off her panties.When she stands up again,i start feeling her magnificient boobs,weighing them and starts to pinch her big nipples.She starts to moan now.I turn her around and kiss her on the lips as my hands are still massaging her engorged nips.Then i bend down and start to kiss her nips.I go from one nip to the other.She is still moaning.Then i make her lie down and spread her legs and starts to kiss her legs and thighs and slowly reach her hairy pussy.Then i plant my lips on her hairy pussy and starts to kiss her there.I kiss her pussy for 10-15 minutes and bring her to 4-5 mindblowing orgasms.Now my boner is fully erect once again and ready to plough her pussy and she is also asking me to fuck her quickly.I get between her spread legs and bring my boner to the entrance of her pussy and push hard.It slides in easily as her pussy is already well lubricated.She cries out loudly as my boner is fully embedded inside her pussy.I slowly start the pumping motion and she responds to my thrusts by rotating her hips.I arch my back and starts to kiss her hard nipples while my hands are massaging the beautiful boobs.She is moaning loudly now.I slowly increase my tempo and start to pump my boner in and out of her pussy faster.After 20 minutes of intense fucking,i shoot my load inside her pussy and she must have had another 4-5 orgasms by then.We are drained fully and rest with my boner still inside her pussy.After sometime we get up and have dinner and return to another round of hardcore fucking which she really enjoys.

Now,i don’t have to worry about my sex life as i am kept fully satisfied.

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