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An Afternoon Surprise

This started out innocently enough. I was home sleeping off a night shift, when I was woken up mid-afternoon by a gentle, intermittent clicking noise. I climbed out of bed and made my way down the landing towards my step-daughters bedroom and pushed the door open.

There in front of me was my 14 year old stepdaughter, Lisa, and her best friend Sophie, also 14 years old, playing a computer game. She started to look really worried that she had woken me early, but I assured them both that it didn’t matter as the alarm was about to wake me anyway.

I had been Lisa’s stepfather for four years and had seen her grow in to a beautiful young woman. Her Mum had told me that she had recently grown in to a 34B bra and was now as tall as her, about 5 foot 6 inches. She had long, flowing mousy brown hair and a cheeky grin. Her friend Sophie was smaller, only about 5 foot 4 inches, with slightly smaller breasts and long, straight auburn hair, which reached just below shoulder height.

As I’d just got out of bed, I was only wearing my pajama bottoms and hadn’t realised the fly had opened slightly giving the girls a hint of what lay beneath. As I asked the girls about the new computer game they were playing, I noticed that they exchanging glances and little nods encouraging each other to look at my partially open fly.

Realising what they were doing soon had me excited and I could feel my cock beginning to stiffen. Enjoyable though the attention was, I was only too well aware that they were only 14 years old and tried hard to think of something else. All to no avail as my cock stiffened even more and the head began to gently expose itself. At this point it was becoming too obvious and I couldn’t pretend that I didn’t have an erection any longer as, by now, the girls had noticed and Sophie had begun to blush whilst almost staring at my cock, now gently twitching in my pajamas.

I made an excuse about being thirsty and quickly left the room and went downstairs to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water. I quickly gulped it down and realised that my cock hadn’t softened at all – in fact it was now a raging hard-on, gently pulsing inside my pajamas.

I went back upstairs to my bedroom , shut the door and lay on my bed. My hard, throbbing cock was begging to be stroked and, looking to see that the door was closed, I slipped my hand inside my pajamas, pulled out my cock and began to stroke it.

I then wanked off, slowly at first and then beginning to pick up speed, my thoughts turned to the girls in the next room and the pleasure intensified as I wrapped my hand around my cock and brought myself closer and closer to orgasm. As I closed my eyes, deep in thought I didn’t hear the door handle move and see the door swing gently open.

I then heard a noise and upon opening my eyes, was horrified to see both girls standing in the doorway watching me. I immediately stopped and covered myself up desperately trying to think of something to say, when Lisa said “Don’t worry Dad, we know men wank off. We do as well you know. Can we watch, as we’ve never seen a guy come yet?”

I said “No, darling, that should be something for you and your boyfriends to do, when you get much older.”

Lisa then said “No Dad, we both want to watch you now. Oh, please?” She then moved forward and sat on the edge of the bed. Sophie then did the same.

I couldn’t believe that here I was, lying on my bed in my pajamas, with two attractive, smiling 14 year old girls and a raging, throbbing cock, bursting to get out. I said “Ok, but only if you two strip off and do the same.” I honestly believed this would end it, by calling their bluff.

Sophie looked at Lisa and stood up. She then looked at me and, smiling sweetly, began to undo her jeans. I looked mortified as Lisa quickly did the same. Within seconds both girls had removed their jeans and had began to remove their T-shirts.

By now my rock hard cock was beginning to poke through my pajama fly as I looked at both girls now standing in front of me wearing only panties and bras. Lisa then said “Go on Dad, get your cock out.”

By now my cock was doing all the thinking and I just blurted out “I said only if you two strip off.” So a smiling Lisa unclipped her bra and let her 34B pert breasts come in to view. My mouth dropped open and I could feel it getting drier by the second as Sophie then took off her bra, exposing herself to a man for what appeared to be the first time.

“Come on Dad, get it out then” said Lisa. “Not until you’re completely stripped off” I replied.

Without hesitation, Lisa then pulled her navy panties down and stepped out of them, exposing her soft, brown thick bush to me. I then looked at Sophie who quickly pulled down her white panties, which by now had a small damp patch in them. She had a sparse, dark bush, with her pussy lips clearly visible.

Having called the girl’s bluff, it was now my turn to do something. Again with my cock in charge, rather than my brain, I pulled my pajama bottoms down exposing my six inch cock to the girls and began to stroke it. As I did so, both girls kneeled on the bed, either side of me watching intently as I touched my cock and balls.

I said “I only promised to do this if you two did the same.” So Lisa gave a little shrug, knelt up and slipped her right hand in to her bush and began to wank off, clearly slipping two fingers in to her obviously wet cunt. Without being asked, I watched as Sophie started to wank off, kneading her breasts with one hand and her sopping wet cunt with the other.

The looks on their faces was like a dream come true. Both began to moan. Gently at first, but then louder and louder. I continued to wank off, feeling my orgasm began to rise up inside my pulsating cock.

I moved slightly down the bed, to within touching distance of both girls and rested a hand on each girls thigh. Neither complained as my hand moved higher until I brushed their own hands away and ran my own fingers through their bushes. Gently stroking them, I then pushed a finger inside each girls sopping wet cunt. Both moaned, almost in unison as I explored their virginal, tight cunts with one, then two fingers.

I found Sophie’s clitty first, and she gasped and sank down on to my hand. A few seconds later I found Lisa’s and she begged me not to stop touching it. I gently probed with my fingers and she began to pant.

I quickly sat up and pushed Lisa down on the bed, spreading her legs open, before burying my tongue in her cunt. She cried out in pleasure as my tongue became the first, of many I’m sure, to explore her pussy lips and clitty. Darting my tongue in and out of her opening had her screaming out loud as she exploded in to her first real orgasm. Her wetness covered my face as I pulled away to see her gasping in pleasure.

I then turned to Sophie who just looked at me with wide eyes and a beautiful smile. I motioned to her and she quickly lay beside Lisa. As I went down on Sophie, I noticed that she had taken hold of Lisa’s hand. My tongue quickly found Sophie’s slit and I probed gently at first, then harder until I found her small, but erect love bud.

She screamed in delight as I flicked at her soaking pussy lips and clitty. I probed her cunt with two fingers as I licked her clitty until, arching her back and holding the back of my head, she screamed “Yes, yes, yes” and suddenly collapsed on the bed , panting heavily.

I then fell on to my back and lay quietly, listening to both girls as they came down from their first ever, man induced orgasms. Then I noticed Lisa’s hand stroking my slightly soft cock back to full hardness. She looked at me and said “Does this feel good?”

“You bet” I replied and watched as she leant over and flicked at the head with her moist tongue. Although obviously inexperienced, she began to suck my cock although she only managed to swallow the first two inches.

This was simply too much for me and I shouted that I was cumming. She pulled her mouth away and I shot my load over my chest and stomach, in four large spurts, as she stroked my cock.

“Go on Sophie” said Lisa, “Lick it off my Dad. You said you wanted to.” Not needing to be asked twice, Sophie then leant over me and with her firm breasts and nipples pushing in to my side, she flicked at my spunk with her tongue.

She then picked up a little on the end of her tongue and French kissed Lisa.

As my orgasm waned, we snuggled down on the bed until I realised that my wife would be home soon and asked the girls to get dressed quickly. They both promised to keep what happened a secret, but only if they could do something similar the following day.

But that’s a story for another day…

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