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I had sex with my girlfriend and her mother

It was the end of fourth period and the bell had just rung. The halls were filled and it was hard to make it to my locker. When I had all of my things and thought to myself where my girlfriend was I saw her standing by the door waiting for me.
She was one year older than me. she was 16, beautiful green eyes, perfictly tan and the body of a godess. Sometimes I wondered how I got so lucky. I saw her swingign her car keys around her finger which ment she had brought the convertable. You could tell by the expression on her face that she had, had a bad day. When I got beside her we just gave each other a quick kiss and walked out the door. In her car all we talked about was how bad her day had gone and how she wishes that something great could happen to make her day better. When we got to her house I sat down on the couch and she went to the bathroom. When she came out all she was wearing was a neon green laced bra with a neon green see through thong. I think my mouth hit the floor. She had never even talked about sex with me before. I think it was because she was still a virgin and she was afraid to do it but this did not look anything like that at all. She slowly walked over to the couch and strattled over me. Her beautiful breasts were pressed up against me and we began kissing with each others tounges driven deep in the other one’s mouth. “Are you sure you want to do this” I asked her. With a very light voice she said ” Oh, YES”. So I picked her up and walked into her bed room slowly lying her on her back on the bed. I pulled off my pants and kneeled down on top of her. We continued kissing for quite some time. Then she told me to lay on my back. I did as she told me because I knew this was going to be great. She slowly pulled down my boxers and grabbed my now fulley erect dick. She very easily started moving her hand up and down. Oh this felt so good. She then took the tip of my 7 inch dick into her mouth. Licking it and swirling her tounge around it. then she took the whole thing in. sucking like she had done this a million times. Now I layed her out on the bed and spread her legs. I began to lick the lips of her pussy driving her insane. I spread her pussy apart and inserted my tounge.She let out a low sweet moan.
As I licked her I could tell she wanted my dick in her because she started to buck her hips. So I took my tounge out and grapped my dick. I very slowly started to insert the head into her warm hole. As I got the whole head in she let out a scream. I asked her if she wanted me to stop but she just shook her head no. I continued to slide my dick into her.At about the half way point she was moaning uncontrolably. I kept going. As I was about 3 quarters of the way in she told me I was deep enough so I slid it out and began to push it back in. I continued the process for about two minutes then I heard the most terrifyign sound in the world. The door in her bedroom began to open. All of a sudden Cassey’s mother has poked her head in to see what Cassey was doing. She gasped. Cassey just looked over and said “Hi mom”. Her mom opened the door completly. I still had my dick drove in Cassey’s pretty pink pussy. Cassey’s mom walked in, shut the door, and started to take off her clothes. “Cassey” her mother said.”Let me join in, your father hasn’t been putting out lately. Cassey moaned and said “OK Just dont stop fucking me Kris”. I continued to slide in and out of Cassey listening to her moan. Cassey’s mother fulley naked now came over and cratled over Casseys mouth and said “Lick me Cassey”. Cassey did as she was told. She grabbed her mothers legs and began lickig her mother tounge fucking her. about five minutes had passed and Cassey started letting out bigger and bigger moans. Then she put her hips in the air and started screaming “I’m CUMMING”. I pulled my dick out and her mother told me to do her doggy style over the bed. so I stood up and Cassey’s mother leaned over the bed. I rubbed my dick up and down her pussy lips. She spread her pussy for me and I slid my cock in her with a little pressure. She moaned really loud. “Hard” she said. “Give it to me hard”. I slid my cock in and out of her harder and harder for 7 minutes. There was this squishing sound that happend every time I stuck it in her. I kept feeling it get closer and closer until I couldnt take it any more. I whipped my dick out and Cassey’s mother got on her knees and sucked the cum out of me lettig it slide down her throat. The next thing I hear is the horn of my mohter’s car in the drive way. I grab my cloths and put them on the fastest I have ever put them on. I kissed Cassey tasing her mothers pussy on her tounge and said ” see you tomorrow”. She giggled and said bye.I kissed Cassey’s mother on the cheek and went to walk out the door. Cassey’s mom said be sure to come over tomorrow. I smiled and ran out the door. When I got in the car my mom asked me how my day was and I said ” It was pretty good and Cassey wants me to come over again tomorrow”. My mother agreed and We went home.

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