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Sex With My Mother-in-Law

My wife and I have been married for six years now. We try to go on a cruise on our anniversary every year. Our sixth anniversary was no different in that respect. However, this year, we took another couple, her mother and step-father.
Her mother is a petite sexy little thing. She barely makes it to 5 feet tall. She’s thin, and has large round breasts. Someone ones said “when you choose a wife, look at her mother, ’cause that’s how she’s going to look when she get’s older”. Well I sure hope so. Skipping ahead to the cruise…
We were having a great time. I had no idea what was going to happen on the third night in. We had late seating. Our dinner was about 8:15, and every night after dinner, we would all go together to the show, or to the casino. This night, we chose the casino.
“Mom” was a little self concious about her sun burn. She was wearing a little sexy dress, and she had lines showing around her shoulders where her bathing suit had been earlier. She wanted to go back to the cabin to change into something a little more comfortable. I told her I’d walk to the cabin with her.
We got to their room and went inside. I went out to the deck to check out the view of the sea. She went into the restroom to change. I came back into the room and had a seat on the couch. She came out of the bathroom with nothing on but her panties. She walked by to the closet as if I wasn’t even there. Maybe she forgot I came down with her. maybe she didn’t realize I came back in from the deck. Maybe I should just sit very still, and maybe she’ll go back in the bathroom without realizing the mistake she’d made. Oh man, I was as hard as a rock. This was really a dream come true. Now I couldn’t even stand without embarrasment.
Well, she took a glance in the mirror and noticed me starring at her ass. Busted. There was no “gentlemen” way out of this. She turned around and appologized for causing me an embarasment. She said how she might never be able to look at me straight again. Without even thinking, I blurted out ” well I’ll take my closes off if it will make you feel any better”. She paused. I stood up. She looked at the bulge in my crotch. She said “OK”. OK? I wasn’t expecting that. What next? What the heck, joking or not, I started unbuttoning my shirt. She just starred at my crotch. Off with my shirt, I started off with my pants. I’m not sure how long this was going to go on, so I stopped when I got down to nothing but my underwear. I said, “now we’re even, now it’s your move”. Can you belive it, she started off with her panties.
I said “wait”. I wanted her to turn around first. She did so, bent over, and showed me her bare ass slowly. I nearly came right then. She pulled her panties down slowly. She turned around looking at my crotch and said, “will they come off over that thing”. I said “I hope so”. She bent down and slid my underwear off slowing. Before she came back up, she slid my dick into her mouth. Ohhhhh. She said, this will be our only time like this, and we’re expected upstairs. So, no more of this cute talk, lets get to it.
I led her over to the bed. She layed down face down. I rubbed her shouders, down her back, went past her ass, and massaged all the way down her legs. On way back up, I slid her to the edge of the bed where she could comfortabley bend at the waiste. I massaged her ass. First the cheeks, and then into the crack. I rubbed my little finger around her anus. I think it tickled her a little bit. I rubbed more and she opened her cheeks more. I ran my tongue through her crack gently toughing her anus with the tip of my tongue. Wow, she really seemed to like it. She turned over. I rubbed my hand over her clit. She started to moan. Finally, I got to those tits. Oh how I’ve always wanted them. I put them in my mouth. I sucked them hard then soft then hard again. I continued to rub her clit. I moved my other hand around and placed my thumb into her pussy hole, and my middle finger massaged her anus. She pushed me over. We were both laying on our sides facing each other, I continued fondling her, and she started sucking on my dick. I was just about to explode. I tryed to pull out so that I didn’t gag her, but she grabbed my ass and pulled me farther in. I exploded in her mouth. She kept sucking. I was rolling all around. I could handle it. But she held on. Finally, I settled a little bit. I stood up. I’m normally just a one orgasm person. Se said “No way we’re stopping now”. She leaned me over the bed and gave me a swift smack in the ass. She said that was for trying to stop early. She rolled me over and road me like I’d never been road before. I came again. And again. We looked at the clock, and realized we’d better hurry back. But we needed to get cleaned up. So we jumped in the shower. Well, that’s another story.

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