My Twin Connection

When most people hear that you are blessed to have a twin sibling, they naturally assume that the two of you are identical. Most sets of twins are identical, but not all. My twin and I are not. I am a male whereas my sibling is a female. I have brown hair and Bella is a blond.

From my earliest memories, Bella and I have been always been best friends and confidants. We shared everything with each other and always had each other’s back. As the years passed, Bella developed into a very hot young woman. I also matured physically. I lettered in four varsity sports and became very popular with many girls in high school. One day, shortly after our eighteenth birthday, Bella entered my room and caught me masturbating. I was mortified. She apologized for not knocking on the door before entering. I was basically frozen with embarrassment while my sister looked at my naked body and my seven inch cock pointing at the ceiling.

“Don’t be embarrassed Paul. It is healthy and natural to masturbate. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I do often.” Bella then told me that I looked fantastic naked. I was still in shock, but my cock didn’t yet realize it yet. “Would it make you feel better if you saw me do it?” she asked.

Before I could answer, Bella removed her shirt and jeans. My sister sat on my bed facing me and spread her legs. I stared at her pussy for about thirty seconds, speechlessly admiring her shaven cunt. My cock was throbbing so much it hurt. She slowly traced her pussy lips with her index finger and massaged her nipples with her other hand. She looked at me as she inserted first one, then two fingers inside her beautiful cunt. She removed her fingers from her pussy and told me to taste them. I opened my mouth and began to suck her fingers. They tasted so good.

She put her head on my shoulder while she massaged her clitoris. Bella asked me to hold her tightly when her body began to shake and her breath became short. I hugged my beautiful sister as she had her orgasm. She collapsed in my arms and I held her body against mine. The bond between twins could never be stronger than what we shared. She let me suck on her perfect little tits while I stroked my cock. My cum shot out like a fire hose, spraying my warm seed on her belly and upper thighs. We have since had oral sex and after a month or so we took it further and we had vaginal intercourse. It was worth the wait.

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