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I had just finished a partnership meeting when Jeff came up to me. “Mike, you are a hypnotist, right?” He was towering over me as he said that. I am tall, but Jeff is gigantic. He is a six foot eight, former basketball player. He was also a terrific salesman. Jeff has been with my company fifteen years.

“Yes, I am. Why do you ask?” Mike, I have this problem sleeping and it’s tearing me apart. Not doing much for my married life, either.”

Jeff married Abigail about five years ago. She was 15 years younger than him and gorgeous. They did not have children.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?”

Jeff stood still for a moment. He was still built like a professional basketball player. Very defined muscles. He had a handsome face with a jutting jaw. Mike, I’m embarrassed. I have never discussed such things with anyone. I go to bed at night thinking about sex and I toss and turn. It takes me forever to fall asleep and then I’ll wake up two hours later and won’t be able to fall asleep.”

“I don’t understand. Why don’t you make love with Abigail and go to sleep?”

“Abagail tells me that all I think about is fucking her. That is her word. She says I don’t respect her for her mind. She said I have to show her respect for her thoughts before she will submit to me again. ”

“Submit to You?”

“That’s what she said.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Make me stop thinking about sex.”

“What if I could solve your bigger problem?”

“How would you do that?”

“If I told you, it might not work. Invite me to your house for dinner. You can invite Sally with me.” Sally was my wife and my best hypnosis subject.

“I’ll talk to Abigail and try to get her to do that. She really likes Sally so it will probably work.”

“Have Abigail work it out with Sally. For goodness sakes don’t suggest the reason to anyone. Wait; before we do all of this I should make sure that you are a good hypnosis subject. Sit in that chair and watch my finger.”

I walked over, closed and locked the door and held my finger in front of his face. I had him stare at it until I touched his nose. His eyes didn’t waiver and with a few more suggestions he was in a deep trance.” I woke him up and said: “That’s fine, it will work.”

“What happened, was I hypnotized?”

“Yes and yes.”

Dinner was set up for the following Wednesday evening. Sally was pleased because she liked Abigail as much as Abagail, apparently, liked Sally. To hypnotize Sally all I had to do was say: “sleep.” I did it often to improve sex, help Sally sleep and to make myself feel powerful. It was a trip. This evening was going to be interesting. The challenge was going to be hypnotizing Abagail. Abagail was truly brilliant. She had a PhD from Stanford in economics. Jeff didn’t want her to work and, so far, she had put up with it. She did a great deal of volunteer work and was on several boards and was President of a Homeless Shelter. Smart people were usually excellent subjects unless they rejected the idea of hypnosis.

The plan was to arrive at Jeff’s house at six and have cocktails and conversation. Dinner would be at about eight. Jeff had a large home in the hills in the west side of town. He lived about three miles from me. When we arrived, Sally and I walked up hand in hand. I rang the bell and Abigail opened the door. She looked terrific, as usual. She was wearing a silk suit with a white blouse. It looked almost like a dressy lounging outfit. Her figure was well defined with her breasts slightly larger than her perfect hips. Abigail’s outfit showed no cleavage or leg. She was a very modest woman.

“Hi, Sally. Hello Mike. Won’t you both come in. It is really super that you could come over.”

Jeff came out and we went into their entertainment room. It was a very comfortable room with two over stuffed couches that looked like they would pull down into beds. Abigail served drinks and we settled down for conversation. I toyed with my drink. I made sure everyone else finished his or hers. I knew that Jeff was waiting to see what I was going to do.

“Abigail, Jeff told me that he has trouble sleeping and he wants me to try to help. ” I looked at Jeff.

Jeff sat there looking startled and, maybe, a little embarrassed. “I am a hypnotist and I will give him suggestions that will help him sleep.” I knew that would interest Abigail and ought to start a conversation.

Abigail asked me a lot of the usual questions about how long I had been doing it, how did I learn and how did I find my subjects? I patiently waited for the buying question. Finally I got one. “How do people feel when they are hypnotized?”

I looked into her eyes and told her that people who have been hypnotized report to me that they feel more relaxed then they have ever felt in their lives and that it definitely is even more refreshing than real sleep. I told her that it was great for improving concentration and controlling bad habits. “Do you want to try it?”

This was the reason I brought Sally with me. Having Sally here would reduce any fears about giving in to a man. Abagail quickly replied: “Can you make me a speed reader?”

“I can’t make you a speed reader. What I can do is make you read much faster. In your case, unless you are dyslexic, that will probably is speed reading.”

“I’d like to try that.” Yes!

“Why don’t we try to hypnotize Jeff first?” I knew that watching someone hypnotized successfully makes the next subjects much easier.

I easily hypnotized Jeff and told him that when he went to bed at night he would tell himself to fall asleep and he would sleep the night through. I told him he could do that anytime he wanted. That wouldn’t solve his real problem, but it would impress Abigail and Sally and it would work. I also told him that when I told him “sleep Jeff” he would go into a very deep trance. I then woke him up.

He woke up and looked around. “Was I hypnotized?”

“Yes, and tonight or any night tell yourself sleep and you will sleep the night. Do you understand?” He nodded and I said, “Sleep Jeff.” He collapsed in a heap.

Abigail said: “Is he hypnotized?”

“Oh, yes. He will stay that way until I tell him to do something.”

Abigail started to giggle. “What can you get him to do?”

I was treading on thin ice here. If I told her “anything” I would not be able to hypnotize her very well. I gave her the standard answer. “Nothing he wouldn’t do if he wasn’t hypnotized.”

I didn’t want to give Abigail too much time to think about it. I walked over to her and pointed a little flashlight I carried at her left eye and told her to stare at it. She did. As she was staring I gave her various commands. I tested her depth by having her do things. The tasks kept getting increasingly unusual and she kept doing them. When I was certain that she was very deep I told her she would waken from a very deep sleep and tell me everything she remembered, if she remembered anything. I wanted to carefully test her waking memory. She woke up and said the usual question.

“Was I hypnotized?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t think so. I don’t remember anything happening, ”

“That was a test. Now I am going to work on your speed reading.” Without waiting for an answer I put her in a deep trance. I turned to Sally who had been watching without saying anything.

“What do you think?”

“What are you going to do now?”

“Sleep, Sally” She put her head back and went into a deep trance. Sally is a complete prude when she is not hypnotized. When she is hypnotized she will do almost anything and have smashing orgasms.

I spoke to Abigail. “Abigail, are you gay?”


“Do you enjoy sex?”

“Sometimes.” She was speaking in a monotone, without inflection.

“Why only sometimes?”

“I don’t think Jeff respects me and when I think about it I turn off.”

“Abigail you are very smart. In fact you are so smart that when you read you will see the whole page at the same time. You will look at it long enough to understand it and go to the next page. Do you understand?”


“If you want to read slower you will be able to do so but you will always realize that you could be going faster. Do you understand?”


“When you talk to Jeff you will realize you are much smarter than he is and you will control him with words. You will tell him what you want him to do to you sexually and he will do it. When he does what you instruct that will reinforce your feelings of being intelligent and your love for Jeff. Do you understand?”


“Jeff, when Abigail asks you to do something for her that is sexual you will automatically do it. Do you understand?”


“When ever Abigail talks to you about sex that will reinforce your feelings that she is intelligent and you must do what she asked. Do you understand?”

We were now ready for the entertainment and the fulfillment of Jeff’s wishes.

“Abigail, I am going to wake you. When you wake you will be very horny. You will quickly serve us dinner and tell us that you are tired. You will then walk Sally and I to the door. You will believe that we left and you will no longer be able to see us. Do you understand?”


“After that you will do everything I tell you, but you will not see me or Sally. Do you understand?”

We had a very uneventful dinner. I woke Sally for dinner. There was very little conversation. Sally tried to strike up conversation with Abigail, but she seemed preoccupied.

After dinner Abigail said that she was very tired and would we mind if we called it an early evening? Sally and I said “Of course not.”

Abigail led us to the front door and opened it. She closed the door after a few seconds and Sally and I stood there. Sally looked confused. “Sally, sleep!” I picked her up as she started to collapse and put her in a chair in the living room.

Abigail was starting to walk toward the dining room where Jeff was still sitting. I had instructed him that after dinner he would not move from his seat. I decided to watch at first without saying anything. Abigail took off her silk jacket and her blouse. She had a bra that hooked in the front. She walked up to Jeff. “Jeff, take my bra off.” She was standing in front of him. Jeff was so tall that sitting; his head was as high as Abigail’s breasts. Jeff reached behind Abigail and unsnapped her bra. His mouth was in front of her delightful mounds. They were very firm and stood out with erect nipples.

In a low voice Abigail said: “Jeff put it in your mouth.” He did and she softly moaned.

“Jeff, take off my pants.” He pulled her pants down and she stepped out of them as he pulled the silk material down her muscular legs. “Now my panties” she said in a husky voice. I was getting quite aroused watching. He pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them. She was now naked. I had never even seen her shoulders before.

“Jeff, lick my cunt.” He went down on his knees and started to lick. His tongue was pushing into her now parted pussy lips and Abigail’s moans become louder. She had a noisy orgasm with juice getting all over Jeff’s face.

I walked over to Abigail who was standing and shaking. Jeff was still sitting in the chair waiting for instructions. “Abigail, don’t you want to satisfy Jeff?”

“Yes, but this is the first time I have been able to cum before him.”

“Tell Jeff to take his clothes off.”

She walked up to Jeff and whispered in his ear. He stood up and began undressing. I had never seen Jeff without clothes. I was large, but Jeff was immense. His penis was twice as wide as mine and about two inches longer when erect. It was erect. Very erect. It stood straight out which is pretty good for a man pushing 50. Without prompting, Abigail put his penis in her mouth. She was kneeling in front of him and she pulled his buttocks toward her and took his entire shaft in her mouth and throat. She moved back and forth on his penis. I stopped her before Jeff erupted. He was making noises like he was close.

“Abigail lay on the floor and spread your legs. Tell Jeff to put his penis in you. Tell him not to cum until you tell him.” She did it and Jeff got on top of her and started to pump. Abigail pushed against him in unison with his pumping.

“Abigail tell Jeff to stop. Then get on your hands and feet and tell him to slowly push his cock into your ass. Keep your sphincter relaxed.”

“Jeff, push it in my ass.”

Jeff was still rigid and his penis was dripping. Abigail went down on her hands and feet. This caused her ass to rise in the air. Jeff kneeled behind her and put his rigid penis to her small hole and pushed. His penis seemed to be sucked into Abigail’s bowels.

“Abigail, when Jeff comes you will have a monstrous orgasm.”

At that moment Jeff came with a loud grunt and Abigail screamed and collapsed to the floor. Jeff fell on top of her. During all the commotion Sally was in a trance in the chair. I went to Sally. “Sally, open your mouth.”

When she opened her mouth, I put my now erect penis into it. “Sally you have a special sucker in your mouth. It tastes like root beer. Suck on it until it is empty.” It was a glorious feeling and Sally sucked it dry.

As I said, Sally was a prude. She was very erotic as long as she didn’t have to know about it. Jeff and Abigail were still collapsed naked on the floor. “Sally, go give Jeff a blow job. Jeff, you will get erect, nut you will not come until I let you.”

I rolled Jeff off of Abigail. He was now laying on his back with his legs spread. His penis was semi flaccid. Sally leaned over him and took his penis in her mouth. I knew that she did not like the taste of semen. Sally his penis will taste like a chocolate banana. Her favorite. She started to slurp and suck on the steadily growing penis. When she had the penis fully erect and sticking in the air like a flagpole, I had her stop.

“Sally, sit on top of Jeff and shove his prick inside of you.”

She positioned herself on top of his pole in the air and slowly lowered herself. “Sally and Jeff you both will now orgasm.”

Sally started to move rapidly up and down and Jeff loudly grunted. Sally grabbed her breasts and screamed. I got very erect. I quickly took my clothes off.

“Abigail let me fuck you.” Abagail rolled on her back and spread her legs. I quickly entered her. As I was pumping I said (in a panting voice) “When I cum so will you.” I then began to cum into Abigail. I felt her contracting around my penis. She moaned and shuddered. I lay there a moment and pulled my limp penis out of her.

I had everybody get cleaned up and dressed. Sally and I left. On the way home Sally commented to me how it was a good meal and she especially enjoyed the special root beer after dinner. I told her I did too.

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