Jayden Coleville De San Bernadino Goebbels Von

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The giant turned and we were treated to a view of his generous endowment. The penis was the size of the Dildo and the balls looked big and hard enough to smash down walls. From a distance, from where we were sitting, recovering from our journey though his guts, his movements appeared comparatively slow, but the twenty foot high stilettos rushed over the rocky ground at an amazing speed. They could have impaled us with little effort. His head, though slightly obscured by the smoke rising from the mountain behind us, was the size of a large house. His black hair was long, similar to Beau’s, but his unshaven face was very masculine. To our horror, we saw that he was looking down at us. We must have stood out from the rubble of the landscape that was barren save the rivers of shit and spunk.

We tried again to tap ourselves out, but our noses remained frustratingly non existent. As we watched the giant with trepidation he seemed to get closer without taking a step. His size in relation to the landscape diminished rapidly, yet his size in relation to us remained the same. One moment his head was scraping the sky, the next we were confronted by a man of about six foot, standing just before where we were sitting, and he seemed not to have moved an inch.

“Guten tag,” said the dark man, still clothed in nothing but the tight, dominatrix boots.

I was relieved by his dramatic loss of height and also by the fact that I now recognised him as one of the dancers at Royce’s. Obviously he had yet to recover his winged jock strap from his Japanese fan. Considering the nature of our surroundings I considered the boots to be fairly sensible. They had kept him above the filth on the ground and his skin was free from the crap and cum that was still caked to our feet and legs. Obviously he had not recently travelled through someone’s alimentary canal.

We each stammered a, “Guten tag,” in reply, unsure what his intentions towards us could be.

“Wie bist du hierher gekommen?” In response to our blank looks he repeated in English, “How did you come here?”

Beau, Mary and I exchanged knowing, tired glances. The man stared for a long moment at Beau, eyeing my friend’s elfin form and the milky skin between the dirt patches.

“Nos viator per vestri venter,” said Mary.

He was puzzled by this answer, but I wondered if it were wise to explain. We had intimate knowledge of his innards that even he was not privy to. I also had to wonder what kind of sick architect could have found it necessary to recreate the human anatomy in such nauseating detail.

“You swallowed us when we came out of the sperm bath,” said Beau matter of factly.
“We were nearly digested by your stomach, but we managed to escape when you had a shit.”

Nice one, Beau, I thought. Typically tactful Beau!

The ex giant looked horrified.

“Mein gott!” he exclaimed in a whisper. “I did not see you. Are you alright? I’d never haff svallowed you if I’d known. I chust vanted to drink ze cum ass I alvays do after ze pool iss emptied.”

He looked us up and down and laughed. I nodded and shrugged, unable to smile, but trying to appear casual. Mary smiled, but Beau looked uncomfortable

The dark man introduced himself to us as, “Chayden Coleville de San Bernadino Goebbels von Ecce Ecce Ptang Bukakke Uggsjvjgdvgvksdgghfxhfcdjmoi Jniojiuhubhuygvyftyfcdxreses O’Pederasty,” but that we could call him, “Chay,” which I took to mean, “Jay.”

We introduced ourselves and explained our inability to tap ourselves out. He seemed sympathetic about this problem and blasé about our lacking in the nasal department. After the sights we had seen at Royce’s and its environs I guess we looked comparatively normal.

“But do you know how we can get our noses back?” I asked him.

“Perhaps,” he said noncommittally.

Apart from Beau’s and Jay’s high heeled boots and my leather pants we were naked, but there seemed to be no one else around on this dead moon. However, we were soon to find this was not the case. Jay welcomed us to Cordelia, which apparently was the name of this moon, and led us to a place he said we might be able to make ourselves a little more comfortable. We followed him over the harsh terrain, placing our feet exactly where he did. He obviously knew this place well and had found a route across rocks and small ridges that helped one avoid treading in the streams of spunk and shit. Eventually we left the noxious substances behind and came upon a flat, open and reasonably pleasant smelling space.

A large house, resembling many built in the southern States during the colonial era, stood in the near distance. The flickering yellow light from the house’s interior made the windows stand out like beacons while the white walls reflected the dim, ghostly, crepuscular light from Uranus. As we approached I heard the faint hint of music and children’s laughter, yet as we climbed the steps to the wooden floorboards of the front porch and entered, the sounds remained elusive, their source a mystery. Apart from the four of us the house appeared to be empty.

The heat had increased considerably and we were now beset by insects with an interest in the odours we were producing. Jay laughed at the state of us, though not unkindly, and took us up a beautifully carpeted staircase to the first floor. He very graciously found a room for each of us. Mine had every candle in its candelabra lit and fresh white linen on the four poster bed. When I looked down at the state of myself Jay waved his hand and a large free standing bath appeared in the centre of the room, filled with steaming water. My heart filled with gratitude for this angel of mercy we had been so lucky to find. He left me to strip and I eased myself into the water, loving the ablutionary sensation of immersion in a totally clean substance. I said a prayer to the crazy fuck responsible for this site, in spite of all its unpleasantness. After the vile experience of nearly being drowned in effluent, bathing was a pleasure almost sexual in its intensity.

Only then did I realise how exhausted I was. I had not rested since before we had arrived at Uranus. It was unfortunate that, being online, my brain could not sleep, so the bed was no more than decoration. The room, bathed in the ochre glow of the candles, was warm, clean and comfortable, though with no other furniture than a white wardrobe in the corner it was a little bare. The heat and light had a soporific effect and my brain yearned for sleep that could not come. The faint sound of music and laughter flickered at the edge of my hearing.

After my sybaritic soak I dried myself and gave my shitty leather pants a critical eye. I had no wish to wear a garment that had been eaten. However, I found there was no need as the wardrobe in the corner was amply supplied with clothing suitable for a male avatar of my build. Clearly Jay was used to receiving visitors. I could only imagine they usually entered this site in a less troublesome fashion than we had. I selected an indigo short sleeved shirt and black slacks. Even before their immersion in shit the leather pants had become uncomfortable and sticky. In the hot, humid air I felt relaxed, refreshed and ready to consider the problem of how the hell I was supposed to wake up from this endless dream, pleasant and safe though it had become. It was the little things about the World I was missing: my deluxe compact; the feel of my silk bra and panties; my apartment; the spiders living in my bathroom; even Alexi, my annoying next door neighbor. This was not merely homesickness. It was bodysickness, and I pined for my body like a child forced to live in a foster home.

I wondered how my nasally challenged comrades in virtual limbo were doing. I left my room, lingered briefly on the landing to inspect some homoerotic oil paintings, and went downstairs. I paused in the hall to admire a marble sculpture of a beautiful boy, not unlike Beau, with long hair, reclining on a root, a playful smile on his lips, his small erect penis like a young plant sprouting from his groin. At this side of the house, the music and laughter could not be heard and all was silent. I wandered into a room that, like the rest of the house, was furnished appropriately for the pre civil war period upon which everything here was based. There was no sign of modern technology or even electricity. This was a quaint drawing room with an aspidistra and rubber plant in the corners, porcelain naked fairies on the tables and comfortable, soft cushioned furnishings.

I came to a library and was about to read some of the books’ spines when I heard music, closer than before, this time emanating from inside the house. It was Al Bowlly crooning ‘Midnight The Stars And You’. I retraced my steps to the hall and crossed to another room, feeling slightly nervous. After all, I was not in the mood to attend the fish and goose soiree with Delbert Grady.

To my left, at a small table by the wall, stood a woman with her back to me. Dressed in a simple white dress her figure was stunning. The wind up gramophone, with its brass horn pointed in my direction, was beside her, her left hand placed beside it, her right waving languidly in the warm air. Her hips swayed slightly in time to the old dance tune, and the skirt swished against her pale legs. Lustrous nut brown hair fell down almost to the small of her back.

She started and turned her head, though I had made no noise. It was Mary and, although her face, like mine, was missing a vital feature, she had retained her beauty. She blushed, then smiled girlishly. She made to take the needle from the record.

“No, it’s nice,” I said and meant it, even though it had chilled me initially.

She left the record playing, came over to me and pointed at a chaise longue near the middle of the room. I suddenly noticed Beau, lying on his side, facing away from us. He wore fluffy white pyjamas with pink poodles and looked utterly adorable. Mary put her hands together as if to pray, placed them by her cheeks and closed her eyes to indicate he was asleep. Disbelieving, I went over to check. Indeed his eyes were closed and his breathing was slow. I looked at Mary astonished, but she merely smiled and fidgeted with her hands.

I wondered where our host could be. At the moment we seemed to be the house’s only occupants. With Beau inexplicably asleep and Mary looking so beautiful I felt that I owed it to myself to have a little fun, especially after recent experiences. Between Mary and I the polished wooden floor was smooth enough to let me glide over to her as smoothly as a ship on a calm sea.

“May I?” I said in as deep and manly a voice as I could, though it sounded slightly nasal.

Mary blushed charmingly again, but allowed me to take her nervously fluttering hands. I place one on my arm, held the other and began to whirl her about the room. Her feet faltered at first, but learned quickly. I drew her to me, stroked her hair and felt her slowly relax. For someone so uninhibited during the sex act she was still remarkably shy. I found this quality incredibly seductive. Soon we were smooching between the chairs and tables, completely absorbed in each other. Though the record span at seventy eight it continued playing and gave us the perfect romantic soundtrack as the needle scratched out one nineteen twenties dance number after another.

I gazed at my dancing partner and, after a while spent looking down bashfully, her wide open brown eyes returned my gaze. Her beauty was so natural, like a picturesque country scene of unspoiled beauty, save the missing nose. I bent slightly to kiss her upturned face and she reciprocated tenderly. We exchanged butterfly kisses while we slowly danced. With no noses to impede movement the pleasure of kissing was increased and I soon found myself snogging her passionately. We abandoned the dance, but continued kissing and began plucking at each other’s clothes. I noticed how quickly Mary’s inhibitions soon faded as soon as she was sexually stimulated. If she really was a creation of Beau’s, which I seriously doubted, then she was a masterpiece.

I unhooked the shoulder straps of her dress and freed her breasts, letting them spill into my hands. I squeezed and kneaded them, feeling the nipples harden in my palms. She bit her lip, threw her head back and closed her eyes. She bent her leg at the knee and I pushed her against the chaise longue opposite Beau. I laid her gently on her back, took hold of her dress and gently pulled it down until she was clothed in nothing but her sandals and white silk panties. As I removed my clothes I looked down at her beautiful form and promised myself I would do her justice and make love to her like I had never made love to anyone before. She was the most stunning being I had ever seen.

My stiff cock sprang from my pants as I dropped them and kicked them away. Mary smiled up at me and I climbed on top of her. I brushed my lips and tongue across her face, neck and breasts while she gently tugged on my erection. I slid my hand down to her panties and began rubbing the smooth material against her twat. She responded to my touches like a finely tuned musical instrument, spreading her legs wide and releasing her sticky fluid into the panties. I rubbed her harder until the silk was sopping wet with her love juice and her entire skin was moist with sweat. I slipped the panties aside and rubbed my cock head into her clitty. I licked the sweat from between her breasts, kissed her stiff nipples and worked her juices up and down my shaft, allowing them to mingle with my precum until we were both thoroughly sticky. She opened her eyes and looked into mine longingly. I needed no further signal and slid myself inside her.

“Ahh!” she gasped loudly.

She felt tight, as tight as when I had first fucked her in church. My penis was sheathed in a hot, wet vice that lovingly massaged me up and down as I moved back and forth inside her. I was trapped deep in the grip of her pussy and wished for nothing but to remain her prisoner for ever. I fucked her smoothly and comfortably, now quite used to the ways my body behaved and felt when giving pleasure to a woman. With each of my downward thrusts my hips knocked against the soft cushions of her upper thighs, making her softly grunt. When I felt my cock begin to twitch urgently, I slowed and bent to her kiss her. She gripped my muscular arms, lifted her feet and dug her heels into my legs.

“Ego diligo quis vos es effectus ut mihi, Ian,” she moaned as she caressed my buttocks.

I kissed her again and smiled, loving the feel of her wet skin against mine, the sight of her breasts quaking in time to my body’s bumping against hers, the feel of my prick rubbing and pressing against the silky walls of her cunt. As our enjoyment of each other increased our bodies rocked and twisted on the chaise longue until I lost my balance, fell on her, rolled to the side and dropped to the floor with her on top. We both laughed, hugged with our arms and legs and continued fucking while barely missing a stroke.

Mary humped me with greater energy now, squatting on my cock and pounding my groin with her ass cheeks. As her orgasm built she paused to grind herself hard into me until the floodgates of her twat were opened and she squirted into my scrotum, bathing me in her hot juice. Amazingly I was able to stop myself from cumming and I continued to hump my prick upwards vigorously making her squirm in her love agony, impaling her hard on my fuck truncheon. As her orgasm faded she became as flaccid as a rag doll. I twisted her around on my cock until she was facing away from me, then took her in my arms, cradled her breasts and laid her down beside me on the rug. She seemed to have gone into a trance and was ready to let me position her in any way I wanted. I lay on my side and began spooning her. With her legs together her pussy was even tighter and I had to use extra energy to force myself inside her. Her hair, wet with sweat, stuck to my chest. I inhaled her aroma and loved it. I squeezed her boob with one hand, rubbed her clit with the other and pummelled her pussy with my prick, loving the sounds of orgasmic love that were torn from her throat with each of my thrusts.

When she felt my excitement build she looked lustfully at me over her shoulder and said, “Incito is in meus os, deliciae,” while she placed her fingertip in her mouth.

Somehow I instinctively understood her wish. I withdrew and stood quickly while she knelt before me, cradled my balls, gripped the base of my prick, placed the glans at her lips and allowed me to spunk into her mouth. I came violently and shot jet after jet inside her. It was too much for her to swallow and streams of my white stickiness leaked from her lips back down to my balls, running like a foaming milkshake over her hands. She grazed the tip of my penis with her lips, face, neck and breasts and it felt like my manhood was on fire. My ejaculations increased in force and speed, making my whole body shake uncontrollably. She moved her hands to my ass and hugged my midriff while continuing to lick and suck me greedily. I came and came, shooting streams of it into her face and hair. She wanked me as my orgasm showed no signs of letting up, while rivulets of sperm dribbled from her lips, down her chin, onto her heaving bosom and into her lap. Soon her entire body was white with a thick layer of my semen as my orgasm made me spasm incessantly, making me gun a continuous stream of cum at her.

Eventually, overcome with ecstasy, I collapsed onto my back. Mary caught me, preventing me from hitting the floor hard, and jumped back onto me. My cock, still emitting its geyser of hot love liquid, like a boiling hot mud spring at Yellowstone Park, was instantly wrapped again in the smooth walls of her cunt. She barely had to move before she came again screaming, feeling my sperm shoot deep inside her. As her body shook, cum fell from her onto me and soon we were both completely smothered. When she ejaculated, howling, her juices sprayed my groin and belly like a pressure washer, gushing the viscous sperm in thick, glutinous globs up my chest and onto the rug. I buried my prick deep inside her, firing my all one last time into her blessed womb before laying back, utterly spent.

“Ego diligo vos,” she cried like a little girl, “Ego diligo vos, Ian.”

“I love you too, Mary,” I whispered and we lay in the love pool we had made, waiting for our panting to subside.

When I eventually reopened my eyes, still breathing heavily, I saw Beau, so cute in his pyjamas, standing over us.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, smiling, with pure admiration and no apparent jealousy.

He seemed happy for us and had obviously been enjoying the show. He had tied his black hair into pigtails and now resembled a little girl more than ever.

We heard wild, high pitched yells elsewhere in the house, followed by the sound of many feet running on the wooden floors. Suddenly, at the doorway to the hall through which I had entered, appeared a child of about seven years old, completely nude, with long, blond curly hair and the palest green eyes I had ever seen. Save the underdeveloped genitals his small form was androgynous. He was bumped from behind by another boy, his double, also naked. They giggled and I conceded that Mary and I must have made for quite a sight. Beau made the scrubbing gesture he had used after our tryst at the back of the cum pool at Royce’s and we were instantly cum free again, though I noticed a small trace of myself still trickling from Mary’s labia. I was impressed that this trick worked on a site Beau had not designed and, judging from his surprised smile, so was he. Other boys, all utterly identical, ran to the doorway but halted when they saw us, until we had an audience of a dozen or so. I helped Mary to her feet, handed her the dress she had been wearing and clothed myself as quickly as I could while smiling at the children. They were beautiful and their eyes shone like jewels.
From the hall there came a tenor voice intoning, “Ave Maria! Jungfrau mild!”

Mary kicked her soaking panties aside and stepped into the dress before turning around to face the door. Our love mixture made the dress cling revealingly to her fabulous body, so that her nipples and pubic hair were plain to see. I could feel myself hardening again already. Our host, Jayden Coleville de San Bernadino Goebbels von Ecce Ecce Ptang Bukakke Uggsjvjgdvgvksdgghfxhfcdjmoi Jniojiuhubhuygvyftyfcdxreses O’Pederasty, it was who was serenading Mary.

“O Mutter, hör ein bittend kind!” he continued as he, still in nothing but his boots, slipped between the boys and stood facing my love, his arm outstretched, the other on his heart.

To my shame I began to feel jealous. Mary’s embarrassed manner returned swiftly and she blushed, though I noticed Jay was in fact eyeing Beau more than her.

After this performance he bowed before Mary, making her redden like a tomato, and said to us, “Dear darlinks, allow me to escort you to ze dinink room vhere you vill find fair repast hopefully to your likink.”

The boys led the way, running across the hall to the drawing room, then through to another room where a long table had been laid for nearly twenty, and I expected Jay and his boys to sit as if in polite civilised company. However, the children attacked the food, grabbing chicken legs and dollops of trifle at random. They threw as much of it at each other as they ate. Jay exercised no disciplinary control over them, himself taking a slice of pizza and stuffing it until it filled his mouth. He gestured that Mary, Beau and I should help ourselves. There was also wine which the boys began drinking like Coke. I poured glasses for my friends and one for myself. I clinked my glass against theirs. Mary and I smiled at each other for a long moment, our thoughts still on the pleasure we had just been sharing. Then we shrugged and dove into the food. Beau joined the boys in the food fight and quickly became accepted as a member of their gang.

I had almost forgotten the pleasure of food, not having eaten for many hours. It was a different kind of pleasure to sex, but nearly as enjoyable, especially as I had Mary to swap food with. We fed and encouraged each other to sample various delicacies such as snail and frogs legs. I had never tried these before, being a vegetarian, but felt no qualms in trying them now, these being virtual frogs and snails. All of us slurped and guzzled greedily, making our way around the table while dodging oily or syrupy missiles.

Jay suggested we take some food too consume outside. The children needed no further encouragement, heaped random foodstuffs onto their plates and scampered back to the hall. We did the same and followed them through to the back of the house were we found a beautiful conservatory, populated by more statues of nude boys and with an array of tropical plants, some vividly hued carnivorous flowers, some hairy trees that reached all the way to the glass roof. With nothing but oil lamps, the dim light from the distant sun and the reflecting clouds of Uranus shining on them it was clear that photosynthesis had not been considered by the site’s architect. But there was no point in wondering over such illogicality. After all, Kansas was a long way away now. Outside was the source of the music we had heard earlier and the cause of the children’s laughter.

“Now, my dear boys,” said Jay, adopting for the first time, an authoritative tone, “don’t go on ze rides again straight after eatink.”

Flashing in the Uranian twilight were the lights of a fun fair, the rides inactive for the moment, each playing their own tunes heedless of each other, yet harmonising peculiarly like a piece by Charles Ives. The boys were clearly eager to resume their enjoyment of the fair, but understood that Jay wanted them to remain with us in the conservatory for the moment.

Mary, Beau and I were still eating as if our lives depended on it. Everything tasted so good and I was not even beginning to feel bloated. There were wickerwork chairs arranged by some palm trees where the adults sat. The boys stood around Jay or sat on the ground at his feet. He patted their heads and stroked their luxuriant hair while their sparkling eyes regarded him with adoration. He took one, sat the boy on his lap and began stroking his chest and back. My friends and I froze with handfuls of food between our plates and mouths. We stopped chewing and gawped at this brazen display. Jay merely smiled at us and continued fondling the boy. The child looked completely at home with his bottom on Jay’s lap and his crossed ankles swinging and bumping against the stiletto boots.

I coughed some of my food back onto my plate and asked, “Are these real children, Jay?”

For a long time Jay seemed not to have heard and was absorbed in rubbing his large hands over the child’s smooth skin.

Eventually he answered casually, “Not in ze real sense.”

He placed his palm on the boy’s little penis, smiled at him and waited for the erection to form. With his thumb and index finger he rubbed the cock up and down while he inserted the pinky of his other hand up the boys anus. The boy squealed with surprise and pleasure. He squirmed in Jay’s lap like a cat being stroked and came in no time, his cum dribbling over Jay’s fingers, his mouth in a wide open ‘o’. The boy kissed Jay, jumped up and ran to the fair. Two more boys came to stand by Jay, happy to let him play with them. They each placed their hands behind their heads, stretched and stood on tiptoe while their willies were played with and brought simultaneously to a twitching, sticky climax. These boys joined their companion at the bumper cars, which they started by themselves. One by one each boy was given ‘a special present’ as Jay called this act until only one was left. Again Jay let the boy sit on his lap, but this time the boy was allowed to wank Jay. As Jay was brought to orgasm by the child’s surprisingly expert stimulation he kissed the boy and held him tightly. Jay then returned the favour, giving this boy his present also. After this child had gone to join the others Jay made Beau’s scrubbing gesture over the comparatively small puddle of semen between his feet. The puddle vanished and he smiled at us openly.

I don’t think I had moved a muscle during the entire show. I had been torn between returning to the main part of the house in disgust, saving the children from the clutches of this fiend and passing out in shock. I had done none of these and neither had my friends who seemed equally stunned.

“Vould you like to enchoy a ride viz me?”

Before I could tell this pervert to go fuck himself Beau jumped up and said, “Yes please!”

He and Jay had been looking each other over, leaving me in doubt of their mutual attraction. They held hands and ran to a carousel where Jay lifted Beau onto a horse, set the contraption spinning and jumped onto another horse behind. I wondered if I should intervene to protect Beau, but then snorted at my own hypocrisy. There wasn’t an orifice of Beau’s lovely body I not hesitated to penetrate.

Suddenly finding ourselves alone Mary and I took a moment to share a kiss and swap sweet and salty saliva. We then followed everyone else to the fair and joined the boys for a while at the Dodgems. Mary sat next to me and screamed in my ear for a solid half hour. I felt exhilarated and we both had tremendous fun, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking of Beau and what Jay might be doing to him. Eventually the boys grew bored and left to try a rollercoaster, but I had to check on Beau at the carousel.

I was unprepared for the sight of my friend being sodomised by Jay as they spun together on a horse. Sensing my jealousy, Mary slipped her arm around me comfortingly. Beau’s pyjama bottoms were at his ankles, his top riding up at his shoulders, while Jay’s hands fondled him passionately. Beau’s eye were closed in rapture. He shook with the pounding he received from beneath while the ride’s internal musical box played ‘Following The Leader’ from ‘Peter Pan’.

The sickness from overeating I had anticipated suddenly rushed over me. Mary had to support me and help me back to a chair in the conservatory. She stroked and kissed me, completely altruistic and unconcerned for herself as always. I knew Beau also meant much to her, yet she seemed sure that Beau was alright. Jealousy was a trait she appeared to be totally free of.

“Mary,” I breathed, and I recovered from the wave of nausea, “you’re such a mystery to me.”

She smiled and kissed me tenderly. My hand cupped her breast as she rested her hand at my crotch. How could I keep my hands off this gorgeous woman? Despite the language difference we understood each other so well. I wondered why on Earth I was so desperate to tap myself out, now that I had met the girl of my dreams.

There came from outside the sound of excited shouting and through the glass we saw the boys pointing to the sky while jumping up and down excitedly. The ground between the house and the fair was suffused with a pink glow. Then a bright phallic object appeared in the air over the boys. It had apparently flown over the house and was intending to land. It was a nine foot long dildo bearing two riders. The first, a skeletal man with platinum blond hair streaked with red, the other a voluptuous naked woman with glittering skin. At the sight of Royce Tyranny I trembled with fear and rage. It was this bastard who had stolen my nose and was keeping me estranged from my body.

The dildo fell, Royce dismounted and left it hovering a foot from the ground. He offered his gloved hand to Rosie which she refused. She hopped off nonchalantly and waved to Beau. I wondered what the hell Tyranny could possibly want down here. He marched up to Jay, who had dismounted his own ride with Beau. The vampire placed his arms around the nonce and kissed him full on the lips, bending him low to the ground in a passionate embrace.
When they had disengaged, Jay gasped for breath while Royce said something to him inaudible to Mary and myself. I saw Beau edge nervously away from them, but this sidling move was quickly arrested by the long arm of Tyranny. His taloned hand gripped Beau’s shoulder like a vice. I opened my mouth to scream my friend’s name, but Mary was quick enough to anticipate my intention and clapped her hand over my mouth.

We saw Jay turn to the conservatory and point. When Royce’s stare found mine my blood turned to ice and an arctic wind blew into my soul. I stood, gripped Mary’s arm and ran back to the main body of the house. We had reached the library when something landed on my back and knocked me to the floor. Wincing with the pain in my elbows and knees I turned to see Mary in a similar condition. I tried to stand but was prevented from doing so by a black, studded gloved hand. Mary received the same treatment from a clawed hand.

The hands of Tyranny had followed us from room to room, the arms winding behind them like snakes. We were gripped firmly, me at the neck, Mary by her waist, and were drawn slithering and struggling across the polished floor towards our inevitable doom.

Copyright © Irma Cerrutti 2010

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