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——Are you awake?
—I am now.
——I can’t sleep.
—You can, Georgia, I’ve seen you doing it.
——Ah, no really. I can’t sleep.
—You could take one of them yokes. The pill things. —Melatonin.
——I did already Mikey. They don’t work.
—Did you try swallowing it?
——Of course I did!
—It’s only that sometimes you spit.
——Fuck off you. Jesus, I have to be up in the morning.
—Me as well, which was why I was doing that whatchacallit. Sleeping.
——Yeah sorry.
—Give us back our blanket will you?  Thanks. Ah look it, I don’t really fancy a-
——No, not again.
—Get out the ol’ Hitachi wand?
——Will you rub my back?
—Yeah. All right, yeah. Roll over so I can. —Like that?
——Yeah, that’s all right.
—How long’s this going to take would you say?
——I don’t know. Ahh, that’s lovely thanks.
—Like that?
——Yeah. Mmmm.  ——Fuck it, it’s not after making me sleepy.
—Oh no? Because it’s my arms getting tired. —Get up and do some exercise, they say that’s good for the sleeping.
——I’m too tired for that.
—Right, you’re starting to piss me off, Georgie.
——Am I?
—Will you ever let me be? I’m going back to sleep.
——No wait. Did I make you angry?
—A bit you did, yeah.
——Maybe I need a spanking. For being bad.
—What? Jesus.
——Seriously I think it will actually get me to sleep. ——Please? ——Please, Monkey? Please?
—All right already. Yeah. Fine come around over here.  Let’s have these down then. —Hang on,  do you really think this will help you fall asleep?
——Yeah. It’s mad, but I do, yeah.
—Right. Bend over.

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