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Play with Baby

Jenny was a 35 year old woman with that motherly figure. She had 38d breasts just right to feed a baby. Since the death of her husband she has dedicated her life to help others fulfill their fantasies.

Ann was a 26 year old fresh out of college and her friends thought it might help her sex life to fulfill her deepest fantasy. Ann had always been turned on by the sight of a mother breast feeding.

Her friends thought she might enjoy role playing sex as a baby. After some searching they learned of Jenny who specialized in this type of thing.

So Ann agreed to give it a try wanting to improve her sex life. It was Tuesday just after 2:00 when Ann arrived at Jenny’s. She had shaved her pussy the night before to help with the fantasy.

Jenny had everything ready for Ann. Jenny had received a lot of this type of fantasy seekers that she even remodeled a room in her house to look like a nursery.

Ann wanted to get started as she was already hot just thinking about what lay ahead. Jenny set Ann on the enlarged changing table and began to undress her.

She removed Ann’s polo shirt and black bra leaving Ann naked from the waist up. Jenny paid close attention to Ann’s breasts as she began to massage them. Rolling the nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Ann was moaning soft noises of pleasure as Jenny removed her jeans and panties.

Jenny setting the scene said “Baby Ann’s pussy is dry mommy will help.” jenny began to rub baby oil on Ann’s pussy, which was fast becoming drench. Jenny was rubbing Ann’s pussy playing especially with her tiny clit. Ann was moaning with pleasure and making tiny baby cooing noises.

Jenny then proceeded to place a diaper under Ann’s ass and move her to the bed.

“Baby Ann needs a nap,” said mama as she placed her on the crib and handed her a bottle. “Now you be a good girl and take your nap and mama will be right back”. Ann lay on the bed sucking her bottle her pussy dripping beneath the diaper.

When Jenny returned she took Ann to a large chair and held her while humming a song and rocking. “Did baby enjoy her baba and nap.”

“Is mama’s little Ann still hungry, have some fresh milk,” said Jenny as she fed her nipple into Ann’s mouth. Ann began to suck with a loud smacking noise a baby would use.

Ann sucked and made baby sounds until she had peed her diaper from all the formula. Jenny feeling the warmth said, “Baby needs her diaper changed.” While placing Ann back on the changing table. She removed to diaper, took a cleansing wipe, and began to clean Ann pee soaked pussy lips.

Ann was moaning from this and as Jenny rubbed Ann came with a loud OH MY GOD! she climaxed.

Jenny took Ann back to the chair and said “Did baby cum good.”

Jenny removed her skirt and Ann began to lick her pussy with long slow strokes. “Baby licks mama good.” And with that Ann made Jenny climax.

Now both having climaxed they talked about the success of the fantasy being played out and Ann agreed that she had learned some valuable tips to spice up her sex. She thanked Jenny and went to find her boyfriend wanting to show him what Baby Ann can do.

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