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i finaly fucked my teacher mrs.jordon

One boring day in high school I was looking out the class room window staring at the city sky scrappers. It was 7th hour math class and we were takeing a math test. I forgot to mengin something the resone i was looking out the class room window was i was afrayed to look at my teacher. she was so sexy even if she was pregnant. every time I looked at her i would get a majore bonor. Ding Ding went the bell.
“Class hand me your papers on the way out, Dan stay after class i want to talk ta you”.
Ow great. i thought to my self, she’s going to talk to me and im going to get a boner.
I walked to her desk and she looked at me.
“Dan go shut the door and lock it please”.
Mrs.jordon was 22 and fresh out of college with brown hair and brown eyes she had the bigest most butiful breast that i ever saw on a teacher, and her ass was perfect with butiful curvs. Any ways I shut the door and locked it then walked back to her desk.
“The doctor says I only have two months entel the baby is born so i should stop working by the end of this week, do you know what that means”.
“It means we only have today to fuck”.
I couldnt beleave my ears.
“Thats right you hered me”. She stood up and took off her shirt and then her skirt. then she un-zipped my fly and took my fully erect 8in dick out. Than she frenck kissed me and got down on her hands and knees and stroked my cock.
I was so horny i thought i was going to explode. She gripped my dick and lifted it up then she licked my hairy balls with her long skiny tounge. Well she was bent over i un did her black braw, it fell to the flour and her sexy breast fell out and bobled around. Then she stuck the tip of my dick in her mouth and licked it, i felt a long strem of cum jet in to her mouth, and then she did it again and again intell she was satisfiyed. Then she got up and i took off her black thong. Then i picked her up and layed her on her clean desk, she spred her legs and stuck my long fat dick all the way in her pink wet pussy and then i grabed her smooth sexy legs and started to thrust my dick in and out faster and faster and as i went faster her belly would shake back and forth back and fourth and this went on about twenty minutes in tell she started to scream so loude the ganator looked in the window of the class room door. then we new it was time to go and i lifted mrs.jordon off the desk kissed her for a minute zipped up my fly and left.The following evening i got a call from her and we fucked at her house and now we fuck every saturday ever since her kid was born

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