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The Weekend, Part 2

The Morning After

I could sense the morning light through my still closed eyes as awareness slowly and painfully crept back into my clouded and exhausted head. The kennel cage was relatively large for what it was, but I could hardly stretch or maneuver with too much freedom. It was a situation that I was sure was both purposeful and intended. Despite the cramped accommodations, I slept through that first night without waking. I didn’t recall if I dreamed that night. I imagine I must have, but exhaustion from the plane ride and my first k9 breeding session had allowed me to sleep so soundly.

As those first waking morning thoughts worked their way into my consciousness, I could hear the events of the previous night playing out in my head. My mixed screams of ecstasy, pain and submission filled my head as I relived my k9 deflowering. It was something I had looked forward to and planned for months ahead of time. My new Master had promised to push my boundaries with this weekend trip and I made sure to promise to follow through with it this time. So many times before, I had gotten cold feet at the last minute, so this time it had to be different.

Once I had established that we were on the same page, I did something completely out of character and sent him a single photo of myself. Not just a photo, but a nude photo.  Not just a nude photo, but a humiliating photo. A humiliating photo that left me feeling very vulnerable. One that I knew that would cause me great distress if it ever got in the public realm. I had an insatiable appetite for sex and kinky sex, but it was a side of myself that I indulged in privately and kept separate from my everyday life.

I still had a very normal everyday life – loving family, great friends, decent job. Things that could be shattered, or at very least made extremely awkward by this photo being seen by people in my private life. Not that a girl such as myself should be ashamed of her sexuality, but this photo went beyond what everyday people might consider normal. My Master knew how exposed the photo made me feel, and it ensured my presence this weekend. It ensured I would finally submit to my beastly desires. It ensured I would finally go through with my submission.

It was such a mixed ride of pleasure, lust, fear, humiliation and gratification. Emotions that should probably not go together but somehow did. His condescending and probing questions only added to my exhibitionist experience as he filmed me giving up my k9 cherry to his dog. I could hear him in my head asking me again who I was and what I was going to do. They were questions in which he already knew the answers to, but he just wanted the satisfaction of humiliating me more by making me tell the video camera. I recalled the sequence of events in my head and practically mouthed the words again, “Dog cock…Big, hot throbbing dog cock,” I mouthed as I recalled the moments before my k9 deflowering.  I heard my shrieks as I recalled when my Doggy Master found his mark and began making me his true bitch.

“What’s going on Jane?” I could hear my Master say. It was from the night before but it seemed to be in the present as I began to rise from my long nights slumber.

“He’s fucking me!” I heard myself say.  I opened my eyes in confusion and glanced across the room to see my Master lounging on his sofa in front of the TV. As my eyes focused, I began to realize he was watching my taped session from last night on the TV.

I tried to stretch out but the cage would not allow me to fully straighten out. My Master heard me stirring and glanced over.

“Ah good, you’re awake,” he said matter-of-factly as he remained lounged on the sofa.  “I was letting you rest up, as you will need your energy today. I have to tell you slave, you pleased me last night. This is some great footage – you film very well.”

Leaving the video running, he slowly got off the sofa and made his way over to the cage as I sat up in the cage and brushed my disheveled mop of hair from my face.

“Don’t you think this video fits well with your photo, slave?” he asked as he came up to the kennel.

I glanced at him briefly as I connected the dots in my head.

“Yes, Master,” I meekly said just as the video screamed out, “I’m Jane Barker…and I’m a doggy whore!”  I glanced away, somewhat ashamed that my inter-species submission was forever immortalized on film.

“So, you know what this means don’t you?” he asked. “Not only do I have your nice little photo, but I have the proof on video to back it up. So, for the remainder of the weekend, I will respect the boundaries we have set but I will push them as far as I see fit. You wouldn’t want your family, co-workers or Facebook friends viewing our little collection, would you? Do you understand?”

I nodded in nervous obedience.  “Yes, Master.”

“Good, now put your mouth to good work, my dog cock loving slut,” he said as he pulled down his boxers and put his engorged cock through the cage bars.

Apparently, watching last night’s session got him excited again.  I got on my knees and began to work his cock with my mouth, getting it wet and swallowing deeper with every thrust. I sucked him long and hard with a determination to please him. Without a word, he pulled his fully engorged cock from my gaping mouth and opened the kennel. He snatched the leash from above the cage and quickly clipped it to my collar. He tugged on the leash, drawing me out of the cage on all fours and walked my stiff body like a dog to the sofa. Scooping me up, he laid me on the sofa inverted, with my legs going up the back and my head hanging over the seat edge. I caught an upside down glimpse of the TV in front of me and watched myself on video, bound on all fours being taken by my Master. Just then my view was blocked as my Master straddled my face.

“Open your hole, slut!” he said as he slapped my face hard with his stiff cock. No sooner had I opened my mouth than Master forced his cock in, thrusting hard into my face and throat.  I gagged and writhed at his starting tempo and depth down my throat, but he held my flailing legs and body down and continued his torrent pace. I gagged and spit but relaxed my throat, allowing my Master to use it with his full length.

“Good, that’s it slave. Take it all in.”

I felt his hands between my thighs spreading my legs and bringing my feet up and forward. I could feel him grabbing my right ankle and the sudden feel of my toes in his mouth. He ran his wet tongue between my sensitive toes and tickled them with his slurps. It startled me, causing me to gag as Master’s cock continued to pleasure itself against my tongue and throat. I adjusted again only to have Master start to open-hand slap my crotch repeatedly, making me squirm and cringe and eventually gag on his cock again. He slowed his pace and withdrew from my mouth and pulled me upright to the floor in front of him. He brushed my hair from my face and positioned me on my knees in front of him. I looked up at him panting for breath, teary eyed and with my spit and his precum all over my face.

“You’ve got the panting down,” he said sarcastically. “Now bring your hands up like paws and beg for your breakfast, like a good little dog slut.”

I lifted off my knees slightly and brought my hands up in front like dog paws and began to whine and beg like a puppy. Master continued to stroke his cock just inches above my upward gazing face.

“Bark for me, bitch!” he commanded as I complied with my best woofing sounds.

“Open your slut mouth, slave, and stick out your tongue. You are to hold my cum in your mouth but do not swallow until I allow you to do so. Do you understand, slut?”

I nodded in affirmation and opened wide with tongue out just below his beating cock. I felt him place the head of his cock on my tongue and just inside my open mouth as he continued to stroke his shaft. Within a few minutes, I heard my Master begin to groan and his face contort as he prepared to feed me his seed. I tasted the first drops on my tongue and then felt the wet spurts as they sprayed the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat. Master groaned and slowly squeezed his cock as he milked every drop into my hungry mouth. He wiped the tip of his cock on my outstretched tongue and examined his hungry bitch with a mouthful of seed in front of him. A small spurt had missed its marked and had made a line of cum on my cheek just below my left eye. He gently wiped it up with his finger and then onto my tongue.

“Proper cleaning and hygiene is essential for pets in my kennel, especially in the mornings.”

Master reached over to the coffee table and grabbed what appeared to be a toothbrush.

“Now use this brush and your special toothpaste to clean your teeth. I dipped the brush into my mouthful of cum and began brushing my teeth as Master watched.

“This toothpaste you don’t spit, my pet,” he added. “But it doubles as mouthwash. So gargle and swish with it.”

I placed the brush down and began to gargle with his cum, much to Master’s delight.  I rinsed and swished with his salty seed, which had now become a watery mix of spit and semen.

“Now you may swallow your breakfast, slut,” Master told me.

I swallowed his load in one gulp and looked up at my Master. He leaned in so he was looking down at me from mere inches away.

“Are you forgetting something, slave?” he quipped.

“Thank you, Master,” I blurted out in a rushed apologetic tone. But it was too late. Master stood back up and slapped me hard across my stunned face as my wide open eyes and mouth betrayed my surprise at his stinging rebuke.

“Don’t forget again, slave,” he scolded as I favored my stinging cheek.

“Yes, Master,” I humbly replied.

“Stay in that position,” he said as he walked over to the kennel cage to grab the water dish. He brought it back and placed it on the floor in front of me.  “It’s time for you to take your vitamins and birth control pill, slut. We have to keep your strength up and we can’t have you making puppies,” he said with a chuckle. He fed me the pills off the palm of his hand like a dog treat and made me lap up some water from the dish to wash them down.

“Time for you to go relieve yourself outside, my pet, and time to get you clean,” he said as he tugged on my leash and began to walk me on all fours towards the door. As I passed the still playing television, I glanced at the screen just in time to see my contorted face look straight into the camera and right back at me.  She looked to be in her rightful place, I thought.


(Image Source: Belladonna)

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