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Best Friend Surprise

This is a story about how fun it is to be drunk and surprised by friends… My name is Nia and up until last night I had no idea how much I liked group sex.

My friend Jackie and I were supposed to be going out to celebrate graduation. She had invited her friend Tara and her boyfriend Mike. Jackie is a very cute blonde with the greatest rack I’ve ever seen for someone her size and legs and ass that just won’t quit. Tara is a brown haired chick and every bit as sexy as Jackie. I’m the token black girl… don’t sleep, I’m every bit as hot as the two of them only darker and with a slightly phatter ass and thicker legs. And Mike, he has the face of a model and the body of a GOD!!! To this day I wonder why I hadn’t seen him first Anyway….

Tara and Jackie had known each other for a while so we all agreed to meet and Jackie’s place and get ready to go party. When we arrived Jackie was barely dressed… I mean barely. The only thing she had on was a thong. And in seeing this, the immediate moisture I felt between my legs struck me as odd because up until then I had never even considered the girl-girl thing. Jackie told me to wait in the living room for her while she finished dressing and in the meanwhile Tara and her boyfriend arrived. We exchange small talk until Jackie is ready and then we head to the club.

Hours later we are completely wasted. Tara can barely speak, Mike is all but fucking her at the bar while Jackie and I busy ourselves collecting as many phone numbers as we can.

“Jacks are you ready yet, I’m bored and I want to hurry up and get home so I can use these numbers”

“In a sec Ni, damn… one more number”

“Would you look and Tara and Mike… They really should get a room”

“Oh that’s nasty, did she just…yea she did. Ok we can go”

Jackie and I hastily make our way over to Tara and Mike who is about to receive a blow job in the middle of the club. We all stumble to the car and head back to Jackie’s to retrieve our cars and keys. When we arrive, Mike passes out in the kitchen leaving us girls to our own devices. I make myself comfy on the couch as Jackie prances around in nothing but a bra and the skirt she wore to the club. Once again I find my drunken self staring at those perky 36Cs thinking of how much I’d love to suck them. Quickly dismissing that thought I pay more attention to Tara who has busied herself finding a video for us to watch.

“Hey Jackie remember this one?” Tara asks.

“What’s that… oh the movie we made last summer at the beach. Wow, that shit was so much fun”.

“Well let’s have a look-see, I’m dying to know what happened at the beach”

Tara and Jackie make themselves comfy on the floor. After a good 15 minutes my lids begin to get droopy and I realize that I may very well be spending the night on Jackie’s couch. So, I remove my stiletto sandals and unbutton my shirt. As time passes I hear moans. My right lid cracks and I realize that these fuckers had an orgy at the beach… I’m not missing anything , I think to myself and close my eyes again.

Moments later I feel hands sliding up my legs. I open my eyes and see Jackie making herself comfy with her head on my lap. I think nothing of it and return to my drunken slumber. While I am falling deeper and deeper into my rem cycle I pay no heed to Jackie as she massages my calves. Moments later her soft warm hands have made their way up my thigh and ever so close to my warm center.

“Jacks? What’re you doin?”

“My hands are cold Ni, go back to sleep… like Tara”

“Thirsty Jacks, bring me something please?”

“Ok Ni… be right back.”

With eyes closed, I sip on what I presumed to be juice, but turned out to be some concoction Jackie and Tara had come up with while I was comatose. I wake to see that the room is completely dark and not wanting to disturb Tara and Jackie who appeared to be sleeping I make my way to Jackie’s room where I proceed to undress leaving nothing on but my black lace thong. I start to get really horny, but pass it off as a side effect of the past celebration and lie down on the bed…

I wake to fine myself not fully sober and handcuffed to the head board of the bed. Not realizing that I was completely naked I attempt to move.

“God I love to watch your tits bounce”

“What the… Jacks, what the fuck is going on?”

That’s when my eyes adjust to the darkness in the room and I realize that Tara is kneeling in front of Jackie playing fervently with her clit at the foot of the bed. I want to turn away or close my eyes, but the sight of Tara on her knees in front of my friend makes me hot.

“I’ve wanted to get you into this position for soooo long” Jackie drawls, pinching her nipples.

“You know I’m not like that Jackie. I didn’t know you were either”

“Oh yes… I am, and you are too. I’ve just got to prove it to you”

As soon as she said that Tara hopped up from the floor and crawled up the bed towards me slowly dragging the hardened nipples of her her 40Ds along my skin. She never said a word as she straddled me and began to suck my 36Bs one at a time. She did the shit like a pro… better than any man ever did. The look on her face showed that I had given just the right response to her. She moaned deeply and kissed me like we’d been lovers for years. At first I attempted to resist, but the feeling of her hard nipples against mine made me want her so bad I couldn’t help but to accept all of her tongue and massage it with my own. However, when she pulled away I began to protest in earnest.

“Why are you doing this to me? I don’t understand. I want you to stop and let me go home Jacks.”

“What are you kidding me. I’ve always wanted to taste your caramel skin especially that nice pink part in the middle”

I could tell by the way she said that, I wasn’t going anywhere. At least not until she’d had her way with me. All of a sudden she was face first in my pussy.

“I thought you didn’t like this sort of shit Ni-Ni” she sang, “your pussy is the wettest I’ve ever seen. I wonder what it tastes like”

Before I could even protest she began to lick and suck my pussy like there was no tomorrow. She used her tongue expertly to move the hood back from my clit so that she could what she called “suck my girl dick”. It felt so good I was almost in tears. Tara just watched while rubbing her already slick sex up and down my stomach.

“Tar be a doll and occupy Nia’s mouth would ya… she’s making a lot of noise and I don’t want the neighbors to complain.”

Before the sentence was even complete, Tara had inched closer to my face. First rubbing her nipple on my lips, until I could only oblige and suck them for her. They tasted so sweet. The more Jackie sucked my pussy, the more I wanted to sip from Tara’s amazing breasts.

“Damn, she’s good at this. She’s gonna make me come. I wonder how her tongue would feel on my ‘bunny’?”

That being said… she quickly slid “bunny” up to my mouth ass she grabbed a fist full of my hair.

“Suck my clit bitch” and as she said that my stunned mouth was forced to her slick, shaven pussy. The smell alone made me want to drink from her. Not knowing what to do, I made my tongue really wide and licked her entire twat front to back. Then, when “bunny” came out from its burrow I began to suck it while using my tongue to tease it. This drove Tara completely insane. She began to fuck my face, gyrating her hips and forcing me to thrust my tongue deeper into her hole. The roughness of the whole ordeal excited me to the point of orgasm and just when I thought I would be freed Jackie and Tara traded positions. I was so into it by then I that my pussy was throbbing. As Tara took my clit into her mouth she shoved 3 fingers deep inside me as though she was demanding that I come. I began to buck my hips to her rhythm as Jackie rode my tongue like a star. When we finally came, I just knew for sure that the party was over.

Boy was I wrong. In strolls Mike, very drunk and very hard. And without saying a word he began to go about stuffing his 10 inch dick into Tara’s very tight ass. My nipples began throbbing at the sight of this. I became so engrossed in what they were doing I did not notice my dear friend Jackie slide off me and go to her closet. When she did return she didn’t sit on my face again as I’d hoped she would. Instead, she undid one of my arms from the cuff and began to talk to me.

“You like what you see Nia baby. I hope you do because I plan to fuck you every bit as hard as Mike is fucking her”

Then in a split second she grabbed me by my hair and forced me to suck the thick 9 inch cock she was wearing. I was so turned by the roughness of it that I started to moan and began deep-throating Jackie’s dick. She in turn fondled my tits to make me nice and wet. She then mounted me and began to stroke my pussy with long hard thrusts. I screamed out in pleasure as she began to suck my chocolate nipples. She fucked like an expert.

“God!!! Yes Jackie… fuck me harder, harder” I screamed as Jackie dirty talked me right into the biggest orgasm I’d ever had.

Once we both climaxed we turned to watch Tara and Mike. Tara was taking it in the ass like a champ. I wanted to help her come… so I asked Jackie if I could help Tara while she helped me. To which she replied with a swift hell yea. So while Mike was fucking Tara I decided to suck her clit and use my fingers to make sure she was as satisfied as she had left me. As she cried out in ecstasy Jackie ravaged my pussy with her tongue yet again. Then she scrambled off the bed only to return with a double ended dildo. She pushed it into her hot cunt and quickly stabbed it into mine and we began to grind on each other until the room was filled with lustful grunts and moaning. …

Needless to say, when I woke up this morning with Jackie’s firm and ample breast in my mouth I knew that it was not a dream. We fucked again and again… and now not only is she my blonde headed kitten, but I’m her caramel pudding cup ….

See you in the next fantasy.

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