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The Summer

It was a hot steamy day in “the meadows.” My boyfriend and I had decided to go on a picnic. When we got to the lake. We had remembered that we had forgotten our bathing suits. So we just decided to eat our lunch and worry about our bathing suits later. After our lunch he and I both laid down together. I was virgin at the time. And knew what my boyfriend had brought me out here in the middle of no where to do to me. So I was the one who brought it up about us fucking. My boyfriend said nothing but looked deeply into my eyes and started passionately and deeply kissing my pouted lips. The sensation of this really got to me. I had never felt this way before. My whole body started to tingle with pleasure. My clit started to swell with pleasure. There was a wave of wettness starting to feel my panties. I started to moan deep with in, as my b/f continued to kiss me. Then he started to tease me abit. With running his hands over my now very TAUNT PERKY Nipples. I shivered with pleasure. I wondered how long I could go on like this. Then my b/f started to kiss down my neck licking and sucking my neck. I couldn’t wait for him to get to my “treasure”. I arched my back in deep mind blowing pleasure. As he continued to kiss he rips my shirt off exposing only my bra. He continued to tease by licking in between my tits. Finally he took my bra off and started really giving my breast the treatment they so desireably needed. When my breasts were fully erect and to the point I thought they were going to fall off. He gently caressed them then left them and started to lick and suck his way down. By this point I was begging him to fuck me.
He then ripped my skirt and thong off exposing my flowing juices to the sun that was now setting. He started by just rubbing and feeling my love box. While he was kissing my thighs. As he finished on my thighs he come up in between my legs and started to blow gently on my twat. I then couldn’t take it anymore so I grabbed his head and started to grind his head into my pussy. After about an hour of him eating and fucking me with his tongue. He pulled away and I could see the cum and juices dripping from around his mouth. He then said it was time to really lose my virginity so I pulled his now buldging cock from his pants and started to lick and suck on it. I forced my mouth down every inch of his 9 inch cock not paying any attention to the gagging I was going threw. After about 30 minutes of giving him head he laid me down and started to gently put his cock into me. I screamed alittle until he was lodged into me. I then started to tell him to go faster. I have never cummed so much in my life. So much for going swimming.

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