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going down

this is a true account of how i experienced my first bisexual encounter. it happened during the summer of 1999, it was also the year i took the plunge and visited a nudist beach, a daring step that i had pondered for many years. never in my wildest sexual imagination did i ever think that it would lead me to a sexual experience that i would never forget.

it had been a very hot day, unfortunately i had to spend it at work. all the while pondering the thought of me laying back naked on the beach, watching all the different shapes, sizes of naked people walking by. 5.00 didn’t come fast enough. i grabbed my bag, locked my office and made a rapid retreat to my waiting car. i wanted to get as much sun as possible, it would take me 30 to 45 minutes to drive there and i knew i would get the peak hour traffic.

i had never been to the nudist beach this late before, usually i go on weekends, get up bright and early, spend the entire day sunning my body and head home by the afternoon. but like i said, this day was very hot and i wasn’t going to sit at home in front of the telly sweating profusely. i made it there in just under 45 minutes. parking was a nightmare, but i managed to find one down a dirt road, it meant a long tiresome walk, mostly up a steep hill. was this worth it? i said to myself. then the image of naked women with luscious tits and pussies came to mind, mmmm it was worth it! you do get the odd overweight or older women and men, but hey who am i to discriminate.

as i walked, i found myself thinking more of the naked men. the images of the naked, hard bodied young men walking along the shore with their manhood dangling between their thighs for all the world to see. i had often found myself staring at the men, more so than the women. on some occasions when the beach was not so crowded, i have spotted the odd erections. this one time, a man of about 35 to 40 years of age was laying on his front, not far from where i was situated.

i was lying on my side reading a magazine. every now and then i would look up to admire the view. i just happened to be looking his was, when he turned around to lie on his back. his cock was very erect and he didn’t attempt to hide it. he sat up facing me as he began to rub tanning lotion over his belly. for those few moments i could not turn my head away, especially when he began to rub the lotion over his cock and balls.

was he teasing me? or was he so comfortable with his body that he didn’t care who was watching. after that episode i found myself secretly eyeing off men more and more. in my mind was pondering the thought of, “what if i’m gay or bi?” nah! i love women too much… maybe it was just curiosity! time will tell.

i made my way to the sandy track that leads to the secluded beach. i walked along the shore with my towel under one arm a beach mat under the other and my backpack slung over my shoulders. i noticed the beach was not that crowded, most of the beach goers must have gone to the other side where clothing is a must. i walked passed a couple cuddling under a beach tent; there was a group of friends sitting around having a good laugh. i made my way to the far side of the beach just before the rocky pools. i looked around and found a nice spot and spread out my beach mat. i began to undress first my shirt then my jeans. as i started to slide my boxers over my thighs, i noticed a man emerge from the water; his towel was a few meters away but not to close. he had a nice body; nice tan, he looked like he worked out often. he gave me a nod and a smile; i returned his welcome with a nod then continued to take off my boxers

i walked towards the water feeling free and for the first time that day i felt relaxed. the water was cold at first, the instant the water touched your balls is the worst part! but then your body becomes accustomed to the temperature and then you’re at peace with the world. i closed my eyes and dived in savouring the coolness on my body. i paddled around for a while, sometimes standing waist deep tracing the foreshore with my eyes to see if i had missed any good lookers on my arrival. there were two or three but that’s about it.

i walked back to my spot and grabbed a towel to dry off. i lay back with a sigh of relief, resting my head on my backpack; i stretched out my legs and lay my arms to my side. my eyes closed and i was in heaven with the sun beaming down over my body. this is the life! i thought. i must have dozed off, when i awoke the sun was not as hot as it was before, it was glowing bright orange over the horizon. i looked down and noticed a few ants had gathered around my belly button my chest and some were darting across my legs. i stood up to dust them off with my towel. without thinking, i had set camp near an anthill.

i quickly packed up and moved along, i set up closer to the guy that greeted me with a smile. he looked up as i was setting up. ant! i said. he smiled again and said yeah! i had to move also, i should have told you about the ants. that’s ok i said, as i lay down to rest once again. he began to make small talk, asking me if i come here often. yes i do i answered, but this is the first time i’ve come here this late. what about you i asked. this is only my third time he answered. to my surprise he asked me if he could come a little closer, as he was having trouble hearing me. no problem i said, not realising he had ulterior motives.

he stood up grabbed his towel and clothing and place them closer to mine. i must admit, i did feel a little uncomfortable as there were still some people around and i could imagine what was going through their minds. we exchanged names and i found out his name was david. we chatted for a while, about our jobs, where we live etc… then the conversation turned to nudity, nude beaches then sex. as we talked i found myself looking at his cock, i’m not sure if he notice, as he didn’t say anything. the more we talked the hotter i was getting. i felt my cock begin to rise, i tried to hide it quickly by lying face down. i was hoping he hadn’t noticed. his going to think i’m gay or something i thought to myself. but he just kept on chatting without letting on that he saw my ever growing hard on.

after ten minutes or so i sat up, all the while trying not to look him in the eyes. david stood up and stretched before kneeling on one knee beside me. he had his legs apart and his cock was dangling loosely between his thighs. then the shock came when david said to me that he saw my cock getting hard and that i shouldn’t worry about it, it can happen to anyone. i was lost for words, the only response i could muster was “um thanks” my face was burning with embarrassment. then the biggest shock of all came when he said that i had a nice cock and i shouldn’t try to hide it.

now i was very curious, should i ask him about his sexuality, will he be offended. what if his gay and wants to hit on me. is there a problem with that i thought to myself? umm! are you gay or bisexual david i asked? i’m actually bisexual he answered. what about you he asked? i paused for a moment searching for the right answer. well! i’ve never been with another man before, but on the other hand i do like to look at other men and it does turn me on to see a nice cock. bi curious i answered.

we chatted about his bisexuality and how it first began, he told me about his first bisexual experience. i found it erotic listening to him tell me the story in detail. david was still kneeling beside me; his cock was now beginning to rise as mine did not so long ago. i found myself staring at it as it grew to a full erection. david just kept on talking with no care in the world. i was so mesmerised by the sight before me that i hadn’t noticed that my own cock had resin to full mast and now precome was dripping down my shaft.

i looked up at david and saw him staring at my cock. what now i thought. the sun was slowly going down. i looked around to see that most of the beach goers had left, and there were only about three or four groups of people sitting in bunches chatting away. i also noticed that there were only men left on the beach. i found out later from david that after dark the beach becomes a haunt for bisexuals or gays to pick up men. i heard david calling me; i turned around to see him holding his erect cock in his hand. would you like to touch me david asked? again i was lost for words. i’ve never done this before, what if people see? don’t worry! i’m sure everyone you see here is probably doing or will be doing the same thing.

as i was still feeling hot, i quickly got up and made my way to the water, hoping that no one could see my erect cock swaying in the wind. the cold water had an instant effect on my cock; i could feel it shrinking back to normal. david followed me in, he swam up towards me. my heart was pounding as he got closer. david stood beside me, his body gleaming from the moonlight. i hope i didn’t embarrass you back there he uttered. no! not at all, i was shocked at first but not embarrassed i said. it’s just that i haven’t done this before and i’m not sure what to do. without a word he reached over and took my cock in his hand. a shiver went through my body and a sigh escaped from y mouth.

do you mind david asked, no it’s nice i answered. my hand was shaking as i reached over and held his cock for the first time, any mans for that matter. we moved closer as we played with each other for what seemed like hours had past. our cocks stayed limp because the cold water splashing our bodies. as it grew dark we walked back to shore. we sat and chatted some more. again david made the first move reaching over to touch and caress my cock to full erection. i turned to see if anyone could see what we were up to. it was so dark now that i could only see dark shadows moving around in the moonlight. if i couldn’t see them surely they couldn’t see us i thought.

my heart was now beating even faster then before as i reached over and held his cock. it felt nice as it grew in my hand. david’s cock was cut, about 7 inches in length and thick at the base. just a little longer then mine i thought but mine is much thicker. i was more comfortable now; knowing that david was not pushy or rough. his hand was smooth and soft; he was very gentle as he played with cock then my balls.

davis asked me to lie back and enjoy the moment. who was i to argue? i made myself comfortable as he knelt closer beside me. i could just make out his face in the moonlight. he lent forward and placed his lips on mine. my body stiffened as i was surprised by his action. i felt his tongue slide between my lips. i was so hot i opened my mouth to meet his tongue with mine. his lips were so soft and his kiss so gentle, my body relaxed and let him take over. at that moment i knew i was his to do as he pleases.

he traced a line from my mouth to my neck down to my left nipples. he licked it then pulled it between his teeth. as he slid his tongue to the other nipple i felt his hand slide down my belly and rest on my cock. i closed my eyes and let out a sigh as he gently began to jerk me off. i spread my legs to give him better access as he massaged my balls. i felt his tongue slide down my belly to my navel. my body tensed in eagerness waiting for him to take me in his mouth for the first time. i felt his warm breath on the end of my cock, he licked the head sending shivers down my spine. his mouth encircled the head as his tongue flicked the end; slowly his mouth slid down the shaft as he gently pulled back the skin. i had to stop myself from cumming at that instant. he slid his mouth back to the head, sucked on it then took more of my hard cock into his mouth.

my breathing got faster as he sped up his sucking, his mouth felt so good. he slid his mouth off my cock, kissed the end and began to lick the shaft. i sat up and pulled him towards me, i kissed him gently tasting myself on his lips. it’s my turn to please you i said. he took my place on the beach mat, making himself comfortable. i began by licking and biting his nipple as he did to mine. i then licked all the way to his belly and stopped just above his pubic hair. i could smell the strong scent of sex between his legs. i took his cock in one hand and i massaged his balls with the other.

my heart was pounding as i leant forward to taste a cock for the first time. i licked the head and i could taste his precome, it was salty but nice. i licked around the head then his shaft to tease him a little; i knew when i touched a soft spot because his cock would jerk with my gentle touch. i parted my lips and took the swollen head into my mouth; david let out a deep sigh as i sucked gently. i opened my mouth a little wider as i took him deeper. i had nearly half his cock in my mouth as i sucked harder. oooohhh yeahhhh! i heard him say, suck my cock, take more. those words got me so worked up. i jerked his cock faster as sucked harder, only stopping to try to take more into my mouth.

i found i could take most of his cock into my mouth, not bad for a first timer i thought. david stopped me by pulling me towards him. i was about to cum he said, but first i want to suck you some more. how about we suck each other at the same time i said. so we lay down, his cock inches from my face and mine from his. we held each other cock and began to suck. he must be ready to cum i thought, because his precome was oozing from his cock. i wasn’t far behind, i knew a few more strokes and i would soak him with my cum. we both sped up our tempo as our breathing became faster. i could feel my balls tighten as he took me deep into his mouth. his cock began to jerk as i also took him deeper. should i take his cock out of my mouth before he cums? it was too late i felt a gush of warm salty cum fill my mouth and hit the back of my throat. i sucked harder trying to swallow every drop. i tensed up as my cum gushed into his waiting mouth, he to sucked harder as we both came together.

i kept licking and sucking the head as his cock grew limp. i lay on my back feeling his wet soft mouth on my cock. i closed my eyes and listened to the ocean waves hitting the shore. it felt so relaxing laying there while david played with my now limp cock. we both sat up and david asked me if i was ok with what just had occurred, sure i said, what about you? i asked, no problems here he said. we sat and chatted for a while before we both got dressed and made our way to the parking lot. david walked me to my car and we exchanged goodbyes. i got in and started up the motor as i watched david disappear into the darkness. i drove out into the night with the thought of my first bi experience. by the time i got home i was horny again, i undressed jumped in the shower and jerked off with the image of david’s mouth on my cock.

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