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a few years back when i was 19 years old, i was a college student studying tourism. i never really had girlfriends because i was too busy studying, working out, and hanging out with my friends. i was also freaked out by the fact i was physically attracted to a few guys in college. not knowing how to deal with this situation, i certainly didn\\\’t want to talk about it with them, because i knew they would laugh and probably reject me.

everyday was the same old routine; take the bus, take the subway, being surrounded by ugly, smelly people. that all changed one day as i was returning home after a long day in college. the subway was packed as always, and here i was standing in the middle of one of the cars hoping the 15-minute trip wouldn\\\’t be as boring as usual. within moments, i felt a hand brushing up against my ass.

at first i thought someone was trying to grab the pole to hold on, until i realized the hand continued to massage my ass cheeks. being shy, and this having never happened to me before, i didn\\\’t turn around to see who it was. enjoying what was going on, i was hoping the people around me wouldn\\\’t notice what was happening. the hand slowly slid to the front of my body until it stopped on my upper thigh. i could now see it belonged to a man. continuing to move his hand upward on my thigh, he reached his final destination–my crotch. massaging my cock through the fabric of my pants, my cock was now responding to his touch. instinctively i moved my body closer to his, my ass now rubbing against the bulge in his pants. continuing to massage my cock through my pants during the subway ride, this stranger could now feel my entire 9\\\” of hard meat.

suddenly, he started poking my asshole through the fabric of my pants, sending electric vibes through my body. i couldn\\\’t help but let out a soft moan. i couldn\\\’t believe how good this man was making me feel. i wanted to stay all night in the subway. he was massaging my cock with one hand and pushing a finger in my asshole with the other. i would have wanted to take my pants off to give him easier access to my body, but since there was a lot of people in the subway, i couldn\\\’t. at one point, in a low sexy tone the man whispered in my ear \\\”i\\\’m getting off at the next station, follow me.\\\” i didn\\\’t know what to do. i didn\\\’t know this guy. in fact, i couldn\\\’t even see his face. however, i was so aroused by the way he was touching me, curiosity got the better of me and i followed him.

once we got off the subway, i finally saw his face. he was much older than me, around 50 years old based on the graying highlights in his short light brown hair. \\\”my name is henry,\\\” he said as he pulled me close to him, squeezing my ass cheeks with his firm hands. he took my hand and led me up the stairs and out of the subway station.

once we were outside, i was feeling very nervous as i had no idea of what to expect next. noticing i still had my raging hard-on from the exciting subway ride, henry looked at me and asked \\\”what\\\’s your name, cutie?\\\” vbcrlfvbcrlf\\\”alex,\\\” i responded with a shady voice. walking in a park near the subway station, i was too shy to say anything. walking by his side nervously holding his hand, i began wondering where he was taking me. suddenly stopping next to a small cabin where the park employees store the equipment, he managed to get the door open. as soon as he closed the door, henry ordered me to take off my clothes. i was so excited at this time; i couldn\\\’t believe i was going to get naked in front of a man letting him see my hard cock pointing at him. completely naked now, he got close to me placing his hands on the firm cheeks of my ass. kissing me hungrily, his tongue pushed deep in my mouth almost choking me. the feeling was unbelievable. as he was kissing me, his hands started sliding over my body quickly grabbing my throbbing cock. slowly stroking me while at the same time french kissing me, i was in heaven! i never felt this good in my life. after a few minutes, he stepped back and just looked at me. vbcrlfvbcrlfin a firm, authoritative tone, \\\”get on your knees and undress me.\\\” i did as he said, within seconds he was completely naked. staring at his expanding cock, although not as long as mine it was two times thicker. putting a hand on his cock and gently stroking it, this was the first time i touched another man\\\’s cock.

henry put his hands behind my head and guided it to his hard manhood. vbcrlfvbcrlf\\\”suck it!\\\” he said pushing my head closer to his cock. i was able to smell his musky, sexual scent. opening my mouth, this stranger forced his massive cock deep inside. choking on its thickness, i slowly sucked his cock while swirling my tongue around the tip. \\\”mmmmm–yessss, alex!.\\\” henry was really enjoying this. the more he moaned – the faster i slid my mouth up and down the shaft of his cock. \\\”oh! alex! you are a great cock sucker! that\\\’s it you little pussy let me fuck your mouth.\\\”

i could tell by the sudden jerking of his rock hard cock lodged in my mouth, he was on the verge of cumming. just when i thought he was going to empty his load, he pulled out of my mouth and pushed me on the floor of the small cabin.

\\\”get on your knees you little slut! i\\\’m going to fuck your ass\\\” i did as he instructed. i was a little bit scared because i never had anything put up my ass before. wiping pre-cum from his own cock and putting it in my asshole, he pushed two fingers deep in my tight hole stretching the opening. while he was finger fucking my ass, i started massaging my cock slowly. pushing a third finger in my ass, it started to hurt and i let out a loud moan.

\\\”don\\\’t worry kid you\\\’ll get use to it,\\\” henry remarked. stroking his tool with his own saliva for lubrication, a few seconds later i felt henry\\\’s thick cock entering my ass–stretching the entrance to it\\\’s maximum. i screamed in pain. there were tears running down my cheeks. he forced deeper, then withdrew completely. it gave me an amazing feeling. i continued jacking off.

then without warning, he shoved his fleshy weapon deep in the entrance. this stranger\\\’s length was impaled so deep into me, i felt his swelling balls bouncing on my own sac. with brutal force, henry was fucking my tight ass. \\\”oh yess!!! you\\\’re my bitch, alex! your ass is so tight.\\\” i was on the verge of cumming. his hot body was pressed to mine. i could feel beads of sweat trickling down my back as henry continued pumping me. i couldn\\\’t hold it anymore, as i was jacking off, i felt my orgasm build up inside and in seconds i shot out a huge load of cum forming a pool beneath me.

on the verge of cumming himself, the stranger at the last minute slipped out of my hole-turned me around-and slid his slick covered shaft deep inside my mouth. not having time to react, he spurt a warm load of cum deep in my throat. swallowing it all, i loved the taste and feeling of this stranger\\\’s cream going down my throat. v

collapsing on the floor for the next few minutes, i got back to my senses. looking at me, henry\\\’s final remarks were, \\\”you\\\’re a good bitch, kid. maybe we\\\’ll meet again tomorrow in the subway.\\\”

smiling at me as he got dressed, the stranger stepped out of the cabin leaving me completely naked lying in my own cum and covered in his. i never saw him again, but i continue to take the same subway hoping to feel his hand again.

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