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Good Times part 1

Cristin was 12 years old when I first saw her walk through the gates of the school. Her beautiful long red locks flowing along behind her. She was so beautiful, so radiant, I knew I had to have her. She was about 5 foot and weighed about 38 kilo’s and looked so skinny and innocent. I was 19 and probably nothing like what a girl like her would be looking for. I managed to see her again a couple of weeks later coming through the gate again. This time I stopped her and spoke. She was so much more beautiful up close. She said she would meet me after school. I waited for her at the front gate and when she arrived was wearing a short tartan skirt and a singlet top. She hopped in my car and we went for a drive up the mountain. We stopped at the picnic area and spoke for awhile, then it happened. I kissed her and she didn’t mind. As I started to caress her back she started to take off her singlet. I looked down at her chest and she had little white tits with beautiful pink nipples. I kissed them lightly and she shuddered. I asked her if everything was ok. She said that she wanted us to “do it”. I laid her down on the park bench and stripped her skirt and undies off revealing her tight little pussy with a whisp of red hair just above her clit. I dropped my shorts and started to play with her clit. She was wet straight away and I was throbbing hard. I am not that big, about 8 and a half inches long and about 2 and a half inches wide. Cristin played with my dick for awhile and then started to suck on it. I was in heaven!!! Her little mouth going up and down on my cock. I looked at her beautiful little body and then laid her down on the table and started to slide my cock into her pussy. She wasn’t enjoying it in the slightest. I had only just got the head of my cock in and she started crying. I decided not to let the pain endure and pulled back a bit and shoved it straight in as far as I could in one move, then pulled back out slightly and shoved it in again, right up to the base of my cock. She screamed and cried for a little while until she started to get used to it. I looked down and noticed there was some blood, but that just made me pump more. She was starting to enjoy it now, her hips raised up a bit and moving in time with mine. I pulled out and turned her over to take her from behind. As I slid in again she let out another little scream and then started to push back on me harder and harder. I felt her pussy tighten until I thought it was going to break my cock off and she shuddered and came. I turned her back over and she hopped on top of me and started riding. The sight of her on top of me made me cum nearly straight away. I shot a huge spurt of cum into her and she kept riding until she had felt all of it come out of me. She hopped off and our juices and some blood came out and landed on my stomach. I kissed her and cuddled her for awhile and then we cleaned up to hop into the car. When we got back to her place her parents were waiting at the door for her. She kissed me goodnight and went inside. The next day she told me that she needed to go to the doctor today and get checked out. During the activities I had torn her a little bit and she needed a couple of stitches.

A couple of weeks later we went out again. This time she had told her parents she was staying at a friends place and she would be home on Sunday. I knew I was going to have her all weekend! I went hard just from the thought, and she obviously had the same thought because as soon as we got back to my place she took off all her clothes and laid on my lounge. I took off all my clothes and hopped on top of her and kissed her. She grabbed my cock and positioned me straight away over her pussy and tried to move forward. I slid in slowly again. It was still a really hard job getting into her, but I loved it. I started pumping her slowly and she came almost straight away. I felt her juices come out around my dick and with this I came. This didn’t stop me, I kept pumping her until she came again. I turned her around and slid in again. She enjoyed it more from behind and it was so nice seeing that little ass pointing in the air and my cock spreading that pussy to the absolute maximum. I pulled out and made her suck on my cock. She wasn’t very good at it, but the fact that she looked so cute doing it made me cum straight away. She just about choked but swallowed it all down. When she had finished, we cleaned up and watched TV
This is basically what happened for the whole weekend, and she was getting very good at sucking cock.

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