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Good times part 2

Over the years Cristin and I were inseperable. She moved in with me when she was 14. It was absolute bliss. My mates used to give me a lot of shit over going out with someone so young, but she was my angel. One night there were a few of us at our place having a few drinks. Things started to get a bit rowdy and spin the bottle was just about over. We were all sitting there naked when one of my mates suggested we have a bit of an orgy. Cristin just about died. She told them that nobody else was going to put a dick anywhere near her except me. Everyone else agreed and things started to happen. Sarah leant straight over and took my cock into her mouth. Her boyfriend Peter stuck his finger into her pussy and noticed she was very wet. I laid down and Cristin sat on my face. I loved her juices, so I could do that all night. Sarah then turned around and started to give James head while Jules came over and slid straight down on my dick. Her boyfriend Ross stood above me and stuck his dick into Cristin’s mouth. She tried to say no, but Ross told her to look at what I was doing to Jules. She stuck his cock straight into her mouth and he came in about 30 seconds. Cristin came at the same time and sprayed cum all over my face. Jules hopped off me and Sarah hopped on. She started riding me hard so that all of my cock was inside her as far as it would go. Jules let James take her from behind. He was ramming her really hard and she was yelping like a dog. Ross went and put his cock in her mouth to keep her quiet. Sarah started to cum, and with that I came as well. I shot my hot load right up inside her and as she slid off, made sure to suck me clean. Cristin then hopped off me and Slid down on my cock. She was so much tighter than the other girls. James shot his load into Jules, just as Ross shot into her mouth. Sarah had cleaned up and I was starting to lick her out. She had a nice little clean shaven pussy, that was red and well used by me. Cristin hopped off me and started to suck my cock again. I felt her almost bite me off and looked up to see James entering her from behind. She nearly cum straight away. James lasted about 30 seconds before he pumped her full. Sarah hopped on me again and made me cum. We all just laid around and drank again. About an hour later our guests went home and I asked Cristin what she thought of it. At 14 she was a bit shy and embarrassed about the whole thing. She asked if I was pissed off because she had sex with someone else. With that I turned her around and pushed straight into her from behind and fucked her like the dirty little whore she was.

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