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Good Times part 4

The New girl is Kerrie. She had her 15th birthday 3 weeks ago. She is a beautiful little blonde girl, and is now finally putting on some weight. She had anorexia when I met her at 13. Her parents kicked her out of home and she came to me for help and counselling. We hit off a relationship pretty much straight away. She is mature beyond her years, but I guess that comes from being bashed and neglected all your life. I offered her a place to stay and we didn’t do anything for about 12 months. She would innocently walk in on me having a shower or hop into my bed with me during the night and rub her crotch against mine. Just after her 14th birthday it happened. We were sitting on the couch when she said she was going to bed. I went to bed as well. 10 minutes later she came into the room. This time was different because she was naked, her C cup tits swinging ever so slightly as she walked. She looked stunning. I asked her what she was doing and she told me our relationship needed to move along to the next level. I went hard straight away. She went straight to my cock and started sucking. It was extacy! I just about cum then and there. She told me that she had learned to do that before she met me. That was how she survived people trying to rape her. I pulled her up on top of me and kissed her long and passionately. I started to feel her clit and rub her wetness all over her pussy. I pulled her up over my mouth and started licking her clit and darting my tongue in and out of her hole. She hopped off my mouth and laid on her back with her legs spread. Take me she said. With that I slid up between her legs and positioned my rock solid cock at her entrance. I slipped it in and she started moaning. She just about sucked my tongue out of my head when I broke her hymen. I stopped and told her that I didn’t realise that she was a virgin. She had managed to keep people away from between her legs and I was the lucky first. That just about made me cum straight away! She held the base of my cock so I couldn’t cum. I wasn’t getting away with it that easily! She rolled me over and rode me. The little trickle of blood was visible from her virginity. She rode me long and hard, her pussy muscles clamping tighter every stroke until we came simultaneously. She slid straight off me and laid next to me with her head on my arm and thanked me. Needless to say we have screwed plenty more times since then. She is 2 months away from having our first child and her sister has just moved in. She is 12, but Kerrie has told me that she is off limits.
To be comtinued……..

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