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got fucked on seinor prom night

senior prom night was the most exciting thing in highschool. i was all dressed up and had the best looking guy their i was about t take a spot on the dance floor and my nam wispered in my ear i havea room and a key with our name on it sooo as eger as i was i went long with him we took the limo he had rented to the nearest decent hotel and we went in the room to my surprise it was a honeymoon suite and i went to the bathroom and took off my dress and i came out to find my man on the bed naked with his dick in hand,hes a bout 9inches long and about 2 inces around has a six pack and huge muscles he about 6’1 anyways i was wearing a bright pink thong and a light pink corset and i walked over to him and he started kisssing my neck and it was driving me insane he picked me up and laied me on the bed and took off my thong and corrset with his teeth i was naked, he sarted kissing down my neck and got to my 36d brests and sucked on my hard brown nipples it felt sooo good and as he worked his wat down my stomac he was licking me and rubbing my ass, he got to my shaved pussy and played with my clit ring and then he shoved his long thick tong im my alredy drippin wet pussy he licked and sucked till i orgasmed like never befor on him and he just licked it up and kept going i probly orgasmed about 4 times, i traded spots with him and i was on my knees on the floor and he was on the edge of the bed and his meat was hard as fuck soo i took him all in my mouth and sucked his dick sooo hard i had himm cummin in like 3 min and he came 2 times in my mouth and being the ladie that i am i swollowd egerly i pushed him back on the bed an hoped on the saddle and i eased his dick in my hott wet pussy and rode him for all he was worth he rolled on top of me and pumped sooo hard i was screming soooo loud i was hurting his ears he he pummped for about another 15 min and came sooo deep in me i could feel it all over my body he came 2 times in amater of minuets he just kept on pummpin i came about 10 min later with a earth shattering orgasm i begged for more and we fucked all night long and we feel asleep in each others arms and the next moring we too ka shower together and he washed me off adn i gave him a blowjob and from that day on we stay in the same room every time we go to the hotel

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