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The Secret Hole part 2

COUGHT!…this outta be fun

Sarah walks outta her room and Knocks back on Eriks door and tell him to come on. Erik opens
the door with a big smile on his face, kinda like a kid on a toy shopping spree. They enter Sarahs
room together, before all the girls looked at Erik as the annoying brother, but now.. the girls (who
are most virgins) look at him as a man with a big cock they all secretly want too see. Erik sits on
the bed.
“hello ladies, I heard you earlier seems as if you were having ALOT of fun”
They all smile,Erik is actually kinda suprised because he thought they would all hate him for
interrupting there little “get together”.
Shelli Chimes in, “I think before we all got frisky we were playing Truth or dare, and Im next”
The girls and Erik all agreed to continue playing.
“Im sorry to keep picking on you Sarah but you are the main person of the party” shelli says
“Truth or Dare?”
“truth” says Sarah
“Have you ever fantasized about your brother?” Replied Shelli
“AHHHH” screams Sarah
“Ugh, and I gotta tell the truth, well me being a virgin and all, I admit on spying on my brother
when he is in bed, I found this hole in the wall, and I peek at him while he strokes his cock, it gets
me off so fucking good!” says Sarah
Erik is is Awe because she thinks that hole is just there, when in reality he put it there to spy on
” So are you saying, I mean if Erik is up for it, That you would have sex with him?” says Shelli….
“HEY Thats not fair we want him too! Said Tasha
“Okay how about we all have a round of him?, thats if you UP for it Erik, can you Handle 7, 17
year olds?” said Shelli
“you bet I can, and even If I cant I’ll try my best” Erik Replied
“BUT wait” Sarah said loudly
“My mom is due home, who knows when.. what if she catches all of us..”
Well, Sarah we will just chill till she calls, you know mom calls us when she is a block away so we
can open the garage door for her since YOU broke it ” Said Erik
“true, but what are we going to do till then” said Tasha
“Lets all suck his cock, take turns ya know” said the brunette
” Well I think you guys should introduce yourself then take off your clothes” Erik said.
Tasha started she was a 17 year old black girl, she wasnt that skinny but she wasnt fat at all…she
“Hi! Im Tasha, Im 17, and a virgin to guys…”
She removes her yellow sundress and reveals her tiny breast.. about b cup.. they are cups in a
pretty little sea foam blue bra with matching panties, she looks kinda she as she unhooks her bra
and slides it off and pulls down her panties to show off her thick black bush, And sits down.
“NEXT” says Erik with a huge Grin
“Yo! he he…Im Carrie, Im actully 16 my birthday is next week…Im not a virgin but I have only
had sex once.
Carrie is almost a twin to Sarah, the long golden blonde hair and the pale Blue eyes, Long legs and
a good set of racks. She takes off her boyband shirt and unhooks her black satin bra….unbuttons
her flare pants and pulls them down and takes off her white thong. She looks up and Erik and
Licks her lips, kind of inviting his cock to her hot warm mouth.
“Ok, I guess Im next”
A Very hot looking redhead stands up…
“Hola! Im Serena, im 17 I’ll be 18 in the fall, Im a virgin to guys, But I have sucked many guys
before, I just havent gone all the way.. I think Im ready to go all the way tonight tho”
Serena Is a typical redhead she has the pale skin BRIGHT red hair, and green eyes, she is wearing
a black tank top and a mini skirt, she slides her skirt down to her ankles and she has no panties
on, her pussy is shaved except for a little line right about the hot spot, she lifts off her shirt and
removes her bra to reveal the most perfect tits Erik has ever seen. They are about a size D, Dark
Pink Nipples poking straight out, ready for a suckin. Serena slips her finger in her pussy the
removes it and licks her juices off it,
“Mmmmm, Im waiting to taste all of yours…. Erik and the Girls..he he”
And she sits down.
Then it got real quiet in the room and Erik looks over at the girl who should be next, Tasha Speaks
“Thats Stacy, she is into Punk music, but she is shy she barley even shows her shoulders or belly, I
doubt SHE will even show you her body”
“OH YEAH” Stacy replies
“I’ll show you!”
Stacy Stands up, she has short brown hair with purple highlights, and she starts..
“Whats up? Im Stacy, and yes Im shy, But I dont back down from ANYTHING”
She walks over to Erik and sits on his lap,
” I have been a bad girl and I may need a whippin”
She looks down at the ground and stands up she unbuttons her long denim skirt and slides it
down, she removes her white plain panties and lays across Erik lap,
“Slap me, I have been a bad girl, I Like it rough”
Erik does as he is told her slap her ass a good one, and pinches it.
“Not so rough Mr. Tough guy, and by the way your not hiding your hardon very well mister.” says
She stands back up and takes off her long sleeved sweater, she has about a C cup with big Brown
“Oh and Erik, Can you please fuck me up my ass later”..she winks… and walks back to the girls
and sits down.
A tall lanky Brunette stands up, Erik has seen her before at his house, she seems a little shy.
“Come here” Erik says
“ummm okay” she says
She walks over to Erik and Erik pulls her onto his lap,
“And whats your name” He says
“Im Amber, I’m 16.. Im real shy about my body because I dont look as good as the others”
” awww, why dont you let me be the judge of that” says Erik
” I dont think I can in front of the girls” says Amber…
“RING………..RING…….. ”
“Sarah can you get the phone” erik asks
“SURE!” says Sarah,
Erik learns toward Amber and says,
“I know how you feel how about you and I go in the bathroom and undress you I PROMISE I
wont make fun of you your very pretty Amber”
“Okay” says amber,
Erik and Amber walk hand in hand to the bathroom as the other girls complain because he is
leaving, he picks up amber and sits her on the counter he leans up against the wall across from her,
” Ya know Amber I know you have came here before I have watched you, the way you move..
He puts his hand on her leg…… the way you walk and your ass shakes….he slides it up further
getting closer to her……and the way I just want to bend you over my bed and fuck you….maybe
even make love to you is UNBEARABLE!.
He leans in to steal a kiss and she pulls back,
“Do you really mean that?” She says
“yes, i do”Erik Replies
and to eriks Suprise he really did, maybe he is falling for this chic…
Amber broke off that thought she she leans in and kisses erik, first soft baby kisses then she
speads her legs and pulls him closer, she licks around his lips then kisses him deeply, This cause
Erik to get a Sunnden feeling that he had to have amber right now, but he didnt want to come on
to her to fast, but that was to late amber already was unbuttoning his pants and pulling out his 11
inch cock she strokes it for a few seconds then she speads her legs apart to reveal she had no
panties on under her lil pink skirt she glides his cock into her pussy, Erik could tell she was a
Virgin as soon as he entered her, so he was very careful not to hurt her, for once he actually cared
what the girl went through, normally when he had sex he would say anything he knew the girl
wanted to hear so he could lay them….. Erik pushes a little more, And kisses amber’s neck….
“Are you okay Amber”
“yes, Please dont stop Erik”
“Okay baby,I wont” replys Erik,
But then erik starts thinking again, kinda I dumb thing to do during sex, If he were a girl he wouldnt
want his first time to be in a bathroom,
He pulls out, she instantly asks if she did something wrong…. he puts his arms under her legs and
wraps his other arm around her back and carries her into his room, ever so quietly so the others
couldnt hear, he over hear Sarah saying her mom wont be home for a few hours and her and the
other girls were going to get some icecream in the kitchen. He Opens up his bedroom door and
closes it softly and locks it, he lays Amber on the bed, and lights a few candles that he uses to
calm his nerves, he climbs onto the bed with her and takes off his shirt.. she runs his chest, and he
asks if he could take off hers,
“yes Erik” she says
Erik grabs the bottom of her gray tank top and pulls up on it slowly, he takes it off and lays it
neatly on the side of his bed, he scoots down and unzips the little zipper on her skirt and slides it
off and sits it by her shirt… he looks up at her little puppy dog eyes, wide with curiosity and he
stands up and unzips his pants and takes them off, and slides off his boxers, he himself is actually
kindas embarrassed to show off his body, even tho he works out everyday and has a fit and toned
one. He climbs back on the bed with her and Cuddles up next to her.
” Are you sure your ready for this Amber?” he asks
“Yes Erik, I have dreamed about this night forever, And its so perfect please..please take me to
that state of unforgettable pleasure”
Erik climbs on top of her and slowly puts himself in, he knows he hasn’t “broke” her yet,
He pushes in hard… and he felt the slight breaking of the skin, he looks down and kisses her
forehead and ask if she is okay..
“yes,it hurts a little but dont stop” She says quietly
He pushes in all the way and slowly pulls back, and puts it back in, she is rubbing his shoulders
and ask for it harder, he starts moving his hips so his cock is moving in and out of her tight pussy,
his cock wrapped up in her warm flowing juices, and her tight pussy walls, he felt as if this was his
first time… the joy of finally doing it, and the passion of just wanting to make it right. He looks at
Ambers face with the soft candle light casting over their bodys “she looks like the most beautiful
woman alive” he thinks to himself.
He feels the urge to say I love you, but he knows it would be to awakward….Amber starts
moaning softly and squeezing his shoulders tightly, she is moving her hips slightly getting in the same
rhythm as Erik, she was mumbling something but Erik couldnt make it out,
“amber, baby, are you okay” he asks
“yes erik, faster…faster..” she screams
She burst out with a loud moan as her little body trembled, Erik couldnt handle this, he pulled out
and shot his load on her tight tummy,
“Im sorry Amber he says as he is blushing I made a mess on you”
“Its ok” she says, Erik Picks up a Towel laying next to his bed and wipes off her tummy.
He lays down next to her and holds her tight, she is still shaking slightly. He lays his head on her
chest and listens to her heartbeat he has never felt like this before, he feels as if he needs to be with
her, that SHE is also pleasure, when before when he fucked chics, he fucked them and went
home.. no cuddling, no nothing, he came home and showered.. now he has the urge to just lay
here and listen to Ambers heartbeat…
“whats wrong with me” he ask himself in his mind…” Could it be Lo–”
His thought was cut off by a Knock on the door……………….

To be contunied…. part 3 cumming soon!! E-Mail me with comments PLEASE!!!

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