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High School Sleepover

High School Sleepover

My first group sex experience was when I was fifteen. My parents had gone away for the weekend with my younger siblings, and my sister, who was nearly 17, was having one of those girlie sleepovers, where they do each other’s hair and manicures blah blah blah. My sister invited five of her friends over.

Michelle was the model with small, perfect breasts and long legs that went all the way up; and Philippa was the girl with huge breasts and long, straight red hair like Nicole Kidman. Laura also had large breasts, (which at sixteen are always perfect – no imperfections normally associated with huge breasts – just youthful and fresh), and Tracy was the one with the reputation for being experienced. It wasn’t true; she was as virgin as the rest of them. The reputation came from her lusty, sultry, sexual attractiveness, and the mean gossip of boys she’d rejected and jealous girls. Emma was the most beautiful of them all. She had a white cotton, sleeveless, button-up top on, and no bra. For a sixteen-year-old girl, she had very big breasts. They required no imagination, and her nipples pointed through the top. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, and wanted more than anything to touch them. Emma had blond hair, soft brown eyes, and really tight hipster jeans on. I retreated to my room, and let them have the house to please themselves.

Well this is what happened while I was in my room. My sister found the key to Dad’s liquor cabinet, and proceeded to drink enough to pass out for the night (which for her wasn’t very much). Her five friends, instead of going home, decide to entertain themselves. Putting my sister to bed in my parent’s room, they started doing the normal girlie sleepover activities, when a lesbian kiss in a video they were watching gave them all the same idea – they started playing fathers and mothers. One thing led to another, and being a little “relaxed” and uninhibited themselves, they were soon full into each other’s naked bodies with wildly exploring tongues.

Emma, with the no-bra-breasts and erect nipples approached me in my room where I was reading a book, and said, “Mark, would you like to come and play with us?” I thought, Honey I’d love to play with your body, but what I said without taking my eyes from the book was, “Depends what you’re playing.”
“I think it’s called an orgy, except we don’t have any men.” Whammo, she had my attention, and I knew my sister was out for the count, but kids can be so cruel, and when you’re fifteen it’s hardly believable when five virgin, 17 year-olds invite you to have sex with all of them at once.
“Yeah, sure, and I’m dating the pope’s mum!”
“Would I show you these if I didn’t like you?” I put my book down, and finally looked at her. She lifted her shirt over her head and showed me her perfect, C cup, pert, soft, bouncing breasts, totally free and there, within reach. A tent was being erected halfway down the bed under the sheet.
“Well you can touch them if it’ll help you believe me.” I reached out with one hand, and under her tee, grabbed a handful of the soft, divine, white flesh. I kneaded and massaged her boob, and gently squeezed her erect nipple. Her chest felt so soft and silky that it nearly made me cum!
“Will you suck them for me?” I lay back on my bed, and she pulled the sheet right off me. She then straddled my stomach, and pulled her top off, over her head. Lifting her arms high, her full chest was displayed in all its glory. She lowered herself to place a nipple in my mouth. I sucked her like a baby, and massaged the other with my hand. Placing her hand behind her, she rubbed my balls. Her weight on top of me felt so good, and moving back, she ground her clitoris on my very stiff cock, obviously pleased at my size.

She pulls off my boxer shorts, and left me naked before her, dripping with pre-cum. I was mesmerised, and let her do what she wanted. She traced her nipples down my chest, and around my pubic hair, finally pushing her breasts together to create a soft valley of flesh, and gave me my first tit-fuck. My pre-cum made her heavenly mammaries so slippery, and just as I was about to shoot a load all over her face, she got up and left my room, leaving me agonisingly frustrated. She paused at the door to take of her tight jeans, revealing a gloriously pear-shaped arse in a g-string. Leaving her jeans in my doorway, she clearly invited me to follow her.

I followed her down the hall, and as I entered their room, I saw Emma bend over, slide her g-string down her legs, and flash her waxed pussy in my face. There were lacy panties all over the floor, and my attention was divided as Michelle, on her back, was lying naked on the bed, legs spread wide with her hand rubbing her clit, while Tracy was sitting on her face, getting a deep cunt licking. Tracy was groaning with pleasure, and rubbing and tweaking her nipples. Emma jumped on the bed and dove her face between Michelle’s wide legs, and started lapping at her pussy.

Philippa and Laura were on the floor, 69ing each other, and their muffled squeals made even more pre-cum wet my penis. They held each other’s lips open and while inserting exploring fingers, furiously sucked each other’s clits. Emma popped up to take a breath, and looking back at me said, “Are you going to stand there wanking all night, or are you going to fuck me with that monster?!” I walked over to that bed, gave her smooth cunt a bit of a rub with my cock, and then shoved it up hard. She gave a little whimper, and moaned, “Be gentle, please.” We were both virgins, and I had just popped her cherry!

I realised there were four more genuine virgins to consume before the night was over, and started fucking Emma in earnest. My dick pushed in and out of her young, tight pussy, and we both came in a few minutes.

“Ok! Who else wants to feel my cock inside them?” They all paused to look at me, and then my cock. Their eyes widened noticeably, and they virtually rushed me! To be fair, I said they all had to please me in their own way, and I would let them all have my dick up their pussies, with the best temptress getting fucked first. Emma had already had me fuck her, so she had to go to the end of the queue.

Michelle knelt before me, and sucked my cock like there was no tomorrow. I pulled her head backwards and forwards, forcing her to deep throat me, my head dragging along the roof of her mouth and down her throat, and then grabbed her small breasts in my hand, and played with her firm nipples while she sucked me. She played with my balls at the same time, and before I came in her throat, I moved on to Tracy.

Tracy pushed me to the floor, and showed me her vagina, glistening with her juices. She squatted above my face, and teased me with my first cunt licking. She smelled sexual, and I could see the juices of her arousal in her pussy. She inserted her fingers, and made me watch her masturbate, while teasing me by getting not close enough for me to lick. Then she suddenly dropped, and my mouth was buried in her cunt, licking, slurping, and tongue probing. She grabbed my cock and started hand fucking me, and before I came, again I moved on.

Laura was laying back on the bed, her naturally hairy pussy, trimmed neatly, was on display and begging to be fucked as she splayed her legs wide apart and held her lips open with her left hand. She was trying to tempt me to jump her, but I was getting plenty, and teasing her right back, I rubbed my juicy head around her entrance, which was better than masturbating, but didn’t go inside her. She pulled me up, and invited me to fuck her very large, soft breasts. I paused to suck her tiny, pink nipples, then slid into her cleavage. I’d had this before, and sensing this, she began to lick my cock as it appeared at her chin. Soon she was sucking me, than tit-fucking me, than sucking me again. It was too much, and I came all over her tits and tongue. She was so ready to fuck me; she licked all the jism from her own nipples, which was a horny thing to see.

Than came Philippa. She laid me on the bed, feet toward the wall, and started kissing me, and rubbing her body over me as she slid down my body toward my dick, and into the 69 position. She sat up a little, and forced me to tongue-fuck her mature pussy, which was shaved around the lips, but above, the pubic hair was light, red and so erotic I wanted to lick it. Her pussy opened willingly before my tongue, and she squeezed it occasionally between the walls of her vagina. She licked my balls and hand-fucked my dick; she deep-throated my cock and sucked me like a demon. She spurted love juice into my mouth as she cummed, still a technical virgin, and she swallowed and sucked every last drop of my 2nd ejaculation until I was clean!

I made them line up around the bed, Philippa and Laura on one side, then Tracy at the foot of the bed, then Michelle and finally the divine Emma on the other side. I told them to spread their legs wide, and to rest their weight forward on the bed. Then starting with Philippa, I stood behind each of them, and fucked their pretty young cunts from behind. Each one bucked at the initial pain of losing their virginity with my huge 7-inch cock invading them, but soon they were bucking with enthusiasm for having me deeper inside them, and slammed back against my shaft inside them. I fucked four cunts in a row, and when I got to Emma, I asked, “Do you want me to fuck your pussy again,” expecting a yes. She said no!
“I want to feel what it’s like having you fuck my arse,” she purred. So starting with Emma, I went back around the girls, gently pushing my dick, sopping-wet from their combined pussy juices, around their rear entrances, eventually fucking their arse holes, pulling their heads back by the hair, and roughly grabbing their swinging tits, as I shoved my entire length deep inside their arses.

“Now we’re going to have a real orgy!” commanded Emma, obviously taking the lead. “Lie back on the bed, Mark, and hold your cock up in the air. Philippa, you slide your anus around and down that long shaft, legs wide open facing his feet, and I’ll lick up and down you both, from his anus, slowly around his balls, sucking his shaft as it slides in and out of your arse, and continue up to lick and slurp in your pussy and nibble your clitty. Meanwhile, Michelle, you sit on his face so he can tongue-fuck your pussy, and Tracy, you suck Philippa’s lovely huge tits while she finger fucks your cunt and arse with one hand. Make sure you fuck her arse hard, Mark, and leave lots of sticky cum inside her.” Philippa was screaming with multiple orgasms in next to no time, which made her hand bring Tracy to a quick and sticky climax. My tongue also composed a brilliant culmination in Michelle’s vaginal walls, which quivered and clamped on my rapid movements.

Next, I lay on the floor, and Emma fucked me, cowgirl-style, this time facing my face so Philippa could this time suck our fuck from my anus, up my balls, over our connection in Emma’s cunt to tongue fuck Emma’s arse hole. Resting on her knees and elbows, she was in turn licked from underneath by Tracy, who was on her back. Tracy’s legs were tightly gripping Michelle’s head between them, and Michelle, on her elbows and knees, was slurping away at Tracy’s cunt. We all angled a little bit to form a circle, and my head was now between Michelle’s kneeling legs, which she lowered so I could tongue fuck her. I love this kind of orgy! We fucked and bucked, sucked and slurped, tongued and licked until we had orgasmed and jismed and squirted and cum all over each other faces and bodies in the early hours of the morning.

When my sister later asked what that girls had done while she was “asleep”, I simply said, “Fucked if I know!”

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