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Me and Maria part1

I was at home working out as usual since there was no school today when i heard my doorbell ring. I went to answer it and it was my girlfriend Maria, she wore a short black latex skirt and high heels that looked good with her smooth shaved tanned legs, and a tight black latex shirt that made her beutiful breasts show. I asked her what she was doing and she said, “I came to visit my lonely man” She sat down on my personal couch and crossed her sexy legs. I sat down beside her and she pulled me down and she sat on top of me and tore my work out shirt off and sh ekissed me on my lips. We kissed for a short period of time and I took her shirt off, she didnt have a bra on then i took her skirt on and she didnt have and panties on.

i picked her up and set her on the arm of my couch. I lift up her legs and put them on my shoulders and licked her pussy. I kept on licking it until she cummed. She let out a soft moan, and I took out my 12′ cock and gently put it in her cunt i fucked her and she moaned loudly. I stopped and we got in a 69 position. She sucked my cock as I ate her pussy, she had a huge orgasm and she cummed alot. Her juices were warm and sweat tasting. I swallowed her juices as i cummed all over her face. I still had a little energy left so i got on top of her and fucked her until we both moaned. I got off of her and i helped her up, we kissed for 2 min. and she asked “did you like your visit from me?” and i said “oh yeah”.

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