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I taste just like candy

As Candy stepped out of the shower her cunt twitched. This is the night she had been waiting for. Sort of like a devirgining. Her girlfriend Sarah said that the money was fast and on occasion you’d get a really good fuck. And while she had no need for the money her sex life has been a little weak these days. Her and Tom broke up 3 months ago and she still masturbated with his sweater under her. This was it now or never her pussy was wet with anticipation. Just thinking about all that cock made her cringe. She dressed herself slowly wanting her finger to linger to the point of orgasm. But, still she put on her clothes not wanting to cum before the night had begun. First the black panties, bra and garter belt she loved so much. She just loved the feeling of silk on her nipple as the half inch monsters rose poking obscenely through the thin looking fabric. “Oh” she sighed, damn it felt good she thought.

She finished dressing in her red and black leather dress that could be hiked up for easy access. She got in the car and drove to the corner of 5th and Dawnview to an obscure looking little building. The address matched up and she walked in just behind the closed door she could hear music loud and full of bass. Two eyes appeared behind a now little open slit in the door. “What in the hell do you want” the deep voice said she shuddered and replied, “I’m Candy, Sarah said you had a position that’s wide open.” The little slot closed and the door swung open. All she could see was rooms in all red doors and there must have been 50. Now besides the music she could hear moaning softly because the music was so loud. She was lead by the 6’5 large black bouncer/doorman to room 21 that was wide open. Nothing in the room but a bed, a nightstand and tube of KY jelly. Damn, now what have I gotten myself into she thought but backing out was not an option. She was told to wait and 2 minutes later a lean dark haired woman walked in.

She introduced her self as Vicki she was the owner of this den of bliss. She told candy the price and what her cut would be and was told that her first “lover” would be here any second. She blushed, Vicki told her not to worry, and that she would be fine. Then a man looking to be a bout 28 walked in wearing a blue business suit. Vicki introduced him as John single. The names meant that he was a man and single. No real names are to be exchanged. Vicki led John by the arm to the bed. Vicki said in a seductive voice “this is her first time so be easy john ok. John nodded and Vicki left candy to her own devices. She tried not to be nervous but that didn’t work. When suddenly he kissed he and said, “I’ve never had a virgin before”. She smiled and said ” Well I guess it’s a first for both of us” with a cute schoolgirl smile. “Well what can I do for you” she marked in her best diner waitress voice. Id like to eat your pussy first and the fuck you ever which way. Her pussy again twitched now she was moist. Just thinking about his professional pecker driving in and out of her.

She dropped her hand to the zipper of her dress but his was already there. After he dress dropped he smile loving what he saw. A beautiful 23-year looking with huge 36d breasts and nice curvy hips a tight and a now dripping pussy. She blushed again and he smiled now taking off his clothes. Her jaw dropped as she saw the biggest dick she had ever seen. At least 11 inches, as thick as an old coke bottle, and rock hard. Her pussy creamed again and she almost came again just think about being impaled by this giant cock. She almost came but instead sat on the bed after removing he panties that had gotten wet from he anticipation. He kneeled before he and inhaled he musk that had filled the room. Now he was hot and ready he started on her pussy. Just running his tongue up and down he slit letting her juices run into his mouth. She was wild grinding his face into her small vee of pubic hair begging him to lick he clit. Finally he got that message and sucked he clit hard she ground harder and he sucked harder letting his tongue run over it as he sucked she came. Hard and sweat came down her fair cheek.

That was the best orgasm she had in six months. She almost cried in ecstasy but her moment of excitement was heightened when he inserted a KY jelly coated finger in her tight pink anus. She came again even better than the first seeing that she was satisfied for the moment he stood up and Candy looked at him like he was crazy as he left he high and dry literally. But, soon he directed the huge pecker towards her lips, which she lovingly accepted. First, the head that was the size of an egg. Inch by inch she worked the huge pole down he throat. She ignored the first gag and then it happened. Her nose was buried in his pubic mound. She shuddered and loved the thought that she had taken it all. Then she worked it back and forth hearing him moan she worked harder. Wanting his to spit his hot jism in the back of her throat so bad. His ball sack suddenly tightened and he started cumming. He started slamming her head onto his spasiming cock then pulled it out and shot what looked like a half gallon of hot white and thick sperm into her mouth.

She drank every drop damn she though it had been so long she had that salty treat in her mouth. Savoring every drop he then collapsed on the bed breathing heavily he said “oh god no one has ever taken the whole thing your fucking amazing”. She smiled and kissed him deeply letting he cum coated tongue wrestle his. She lay on top of his and felt his huge pecker poking her in the navel. He smiled and said in a loud voice” round two”. Not waiting for formalities she jumped on the semi erect monster and worked it in. He pussy was so wet they didn’t need to work it in. She took it to the max and felt his gain full erect status inside of her also, he stretched her so much it hurt. But, she loved it and he slowly bit her nipple as leaned in and came again from the over stimulation. And she bucked and her third orgasm hit her hard and her body felt weak. And she fell on him he pounded he still. She rose up and continued to ride him. The he flipped her over on her stomach and continued this assault on her little vagina.

Then a familiar and welcome feeling two finger in her still moist asshole. The feeling of being filled in both, wholes was too much and she came again this time she gripped the sheets on the bed with her teeth. This nut was powerful and as she came he came too. He thrusted his 11 inches into her and shot more of the hot thick cream into her cunt. It was so much it dripped out as he thrust her harder trying to shoot it up her as far as he could. Then they lay there his cock still in her throbbing from the earth shattering cum. Out of nowhere she saw the cock as it penetrated he ass. She wanted to scream with the pain. As the giant cock pumped her ass she came twice back-to-back. She had the whole thing in her ass. She came again just thinking about it. Her ass was contraction around the huge member now and he spurted more of the life giving elixir into her it felt sooo good to having all his cum in her now. It was over and he threw 1500 dollar onto the bed. The dressed kissed her and said. “You’re the best”. He smiled and left she rolled in the money and cum that was a combination of his and hers just like towels. Then she thanked Vicki and her little place. Finally a good fuck and money to boot. In all he thinking she didn’t notice the door opening and a figure peeking in the door……

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