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Jennifer, Good and Pure

Jennifer was 18 years old.

She was completely unaware of how beautiful she was.

Her Mother had died when she was young, and her father had kept her very locked up. She attended a beautiful private school for very chaste catholic girls, and never even thought of men or even boys. The Nuns kept her, and her giggling schoolgirl chums very busy with their education and they were deeply committed to spiritual enlightenment.

The training was to make perfect socialite wives of them, for the very wealthy man who could afford both excellent stunning well bred wife and driven sent from hell evil mistress on the side. Jennifer had breeding, beauty, innocence, intelligence and excellent mothering prospects. She was in training to be the perfect wife.

Her father, a wealthy businessman with no thought for the erotic life of woman, lived in fear of her being discovered. So when it was time for her to gain some social experience and needing to be dating, he monitored this very closely. She was only to date men from his work, who had a fear of him, and who would lose their very high paying jobs if they actually touched her. Her dates were the envy of every woman her age, and yet never actually touched her. She knew nothing of sex, and had never masturbated.

Jennifer, because of her unusual situation had an erotic appeal that was mesmerising. Voluminous breasts, with beautiful hard little pink nipples. Her little pussy was sparsely coated with hair. She had long blond hair to her waist, and huge green eyes, that truly lit up when she saw anyone. They lit up for anyone for her innocence was such that she naturally assumed everyone to be good. She was a skilled conversationalist in topics such as science, theology and history. She knew nothing of philosophy, art or music as these were known to incite the passions, and passion was a thing Jennifer knew nothing of. She was totally unaware of how desirable she was.

On her 18th birthday, and realising that she was now at the age of consent, her father decided that she must, always, from now on visit with the priests before and after each date. Her father had her in mind as the wife to the heir of his vast business empire and she was to be the jewel in the crown of any offer a man received to take over the business. So Jennifer went to confession to visit the new priest there, as her father had instructed. Her purpose for this visit was to meet and establish relationship. At the end of each of her dates, the priest was to speak with her again, and then she would be taken home.

The Halls of the church were stone and cold, and had Jennifer not been so at home in such and environment her intuition would have warned her to be on her guard. However, the suckling a priest offered was mother’s milk to her and she was more comfortable in the dimly lit huge room than her own bedroom.

She moved into the confessional, when the priest in there asked her to move into the pews, as he needed to meet with her there.

When Jennifer stepped into the half light, with her black lace dress framing her beautiful figure, her hair laying flat and long down her beautiful back, her shapely legs in black stockings and her high shoes making her lovely ass poke out a little, the priest attained an erection he had not had for a long time. Why this lovely woman was beautiful. Divine.

He knew her father well, but had never met the child. She was always closeted away with the Nuns.

Now, I am sorry to say, dear reader that although the world is an interesting place and many people live for different meanings, the Priest was not an honest man. He was a deeply sensual man, who had taken many of the nuns under the guise of establishing and maintaining his purity. He lived deeply embedded in his passions. His justification was always that if he were not to elaborately and manipulatively steal the luscious charms of the women under his spiritual care that he may be forced to take from the other priests, and this he could not bare. Many of the Priests kept their sexual dallyings to their own kind, however, he wanted women. And he felt that the desire for women kept him from the evil of the desire for men, therefore it was the lesser of 2 evils, and therefore, not really bad at all. Thus was the reasoning that led to the justification for the trapping of Jennifer.

He HAD to have her. She was beautiful and her childish ways in love made her even more appealing. He could do anything with her and she would not even know. She was perfect for all of the evils he had in mind for her sweet young body. As they talked about her education, he openly eyed her breasts…and allowed his eyes to wander down her body to her legs. He did not hide his stare and Jennifer kept looking at her body wondering why the Priest stared at her so. She told him about her plans to be chaste when she married and that her husband would teach her about procreation and she had no desire to learn prior to her marriage. She chatted away happily unaware of what the man in front of her was planning. Soon he had worked out his diabolical plan without listening to a word of what she said.

Finally he leaned forward and placed his hand on her thigh. She did not even flinch but looked into his eyes with a wide sparkling smile. He said:

“My dear. This is a complex issue. I will need to ensure that your goodness is in tact when you go out with men. Men can be treacherous creatures and you need to be on guard.”

“Yes father” said Jennifer with a smile.

“My child, there is only one way to ensure that the evil of a man is not in you. After you attend your dates, I want you to come to me and together we will examine if he has placed his evil into you.”

Jennifer had never in her life heard of such a thing, but she had no reason to doubt the goodness of the man in front of her. Nor the motives, nor his greater understanding.

And that was how it was decided upon that Jennifer was to go on her date and then return to the church.

John Ryan picked Jennifer up at the Church. He took her to a beautiful restaurant in the city that had views all over the mountains and then they attended a function in the art gallery for the bankers and their wives who were competing for the right to finance the business and its new promising venture. John Ryan was thrilled. He had the boss’ daughter on his arm. She was beautiful and he was the most likely successor to her father’s kingdom. He was the youngest man allowed to date Jennifer thus far, and he considered this a huge vote of confidence from her Father. He worked hard at the function. If he could land the financing deal, his fate may be sealed. Also, if Jennifer had a good time with him, he may even get to be the heir. Yes, for John Ryan this was a very busy night.

Jennifer had a lovely time. The food was beautiful, and the function great fun. She knew everyone there of course, and so she was able to chat and mingle happily. John was very attentive, witty at dinner, fun and good looking. Daddy had asked her to be on her best behaviour all night, as this young man was most likely to be her husband. She was very good to him, and played the perfect “wife’ on his arm. She was beautiful, interesting and not too bright so as to be threatening. She was perfect. It was a perfect night.

Outside the church in the car, Jennifer looked smiling at John as they parked. John took her hand, and told her that she was beautiful, and that he had never enjoyed himself so much in all his life. He said that she was his secret love for years and that if fate would be so inclined he hoped to be free to date her again, and maybe, even one day to kiss her. Jennifer blushed a deep crimson, and stammered a thankyou. John kissed the back of her hand, and escorted her to the church door. At the door, he hugged her, and expressed a dire longing to see her tomorrow night at the next function. She was glancing downward, and with flaming cheeks, finally looked up at him. He smiled, with warmth and understanding into her eyes, and she turned and entered the church closing the door behind her. John, with hands in pockets, strode off toward the car congratulating himself on a very successful evening, and drove off into the night toward his favourite brothel.

Once inside the church, Jennifer nervously looked for the Priest. John had shown more deep interest in her than any man had ever done and she was a little nervous. She was not sure if she had been bad. It felt rather nerve wracking. She had a lot of wetness between her legs from the way that John had looked at her…just at the end. It was all fine before then. And her heart was racing. She did not know what to do now. She coughed nervously and then headed to the confessional. Just at the door, she heard a shuffle to her left. Out of the shadows stepped the priest.

“Well little one. You seem in a hurry to get to confessional. Do I have news for your father? Have you been pure?”

Jennifer could feel the priest’s eyes all over her. She was breathing heavily now, and she was very confused. Had she been bad? She was not sure. She could not look him in the eye and why was she was breathing heavily? She kept seeing John’s eyes at the end, and then her heart would race and the itch between her legs would start again. It was all very confusing and most distressing.

“I…I feel rather weak Father…” she stammered. “And I am afraid. I do not know if I have been good or bad. I feel very scared.”

The Priest walked over to her with a serious face, but evil in his eye that was fortunately hidden by the darkness of the room. He took her in his arms and held her to him. She started to cry softly, and he held her, as she sobbed. She felt safe here. He would help her. No matter what it was that she needed…. he will help her. The priest stoked her hair and gently brushed her neck with his fingertips. He had one arm about her, and his hand gently moved softly against the outside of her breast. If she was wet at all, he was going to make sure it remained and that her crying did not take away from her mood.

Jennifer soon stopped crying. As the good Priest held her, she thought again of John’s eyes. The fingers on her hair and neck were lovely, and made her think of John’s eyes. Soon she was swept up again, and breathing heavily.

The Priest stepped back and gave her a tissue to dry her face.

“Little one, my dear child” he said. “There is only one way to see if the evil did in fact enter you tonight. There is a spot on your body that I can check. You are safe with me. But you have to be brave. You may not have ever touched this spot before. But I know women well and I know how to help women. I do this with the Nuns and with all good god fearing women. You will have to trust me my angel.”

Jennifer looked up at him with wide eyes. “And father, what if any evil DID enter me tonight?”

“My child. We will apply the cure when we are sure of the disease. And we have no need to tell you father any of this. I will keep it between us. Your cure will be our secret.”

Relief flooded through Jennifer and she felt she would melt from pure joy. She thanked the man in front of her for all his goodness and kindness to her, and promised to be very brave.

The priest sat in his side of the confessional box. “Come and sit on my lap my child. That way, if you grow afraid or sad at any time I examine you, you can cry into me and we can work through this together.”

Jennifer moved into the confessional and sat on the lap of the Priest. He leaned forward and closed the door. Then has he pulled back he rested his hand on her knee. He other hand he placed about her lower waist, just above her buttock. Gently with his free hand, he moved her knees apart, moving her into the space between his own legs so that his legs held her apart. She was sitting still. She did not say a word.

The Priest started to glide his hand up her inner thigh. Very softly. His intent was to apply his hand like soft feathers, so that she felt a tingle and hopefully wetness like she had never known. He spoke as he did this.

“I will be gentle with you my child. I know that you are very new to the ways of this world, and we need to see how much damage was done tonight. This may be frightening, but I am going to try to be as gentle as possible. You must try to help me. When you feel like pushing me away, that is the time to embrace my goodness and push the evil away instead. Do you understand?”

Jennifer nodded and sighed. “It feels good now Father, but I can feel the desire to hide myself. I am afraid of the feelings, but I know that you will help me through this. I will do my best.” And with that, she pulled her legs wider apart.

The Priest moved up to the tops of her stocking and felt the satin cool soft flesh of her inner thigh. He moved his hand up further, all the way. He could feel the heat coming from between her legs even before his hand found her panties. He cupped his hand into her mound, and she jumped with a start. He held it there firm and pressed her into it gently with his other hand about her buttock.

He lifted his other hand up her back and moved her toward his face. Keeping his hand unmoving over her wet mound he started to whisper into her ear: “You are safe with me. I am here my angel. Just relax. The more you relax and let me do the job of freeing you, the sooner you will be able to put this behind you forever, and you will be free for your husband. But we must kill the fire in you. I can feel the heat, and the wet. Can you? That is a bad thing. It means the fire is on its way through your body. I can fix it for you, but you must just be very patient, and let everything happen. You are with me. We are in a holy place. You are very safe.”

With that, Jennifer leant against him, breathing very hard. She was still silent however. So the Priest moved his hand. Gently. Over the top of her panties. He softly moved his middle finger to the opening of her hole, and used his thumb to find her clit. She jumped as soon as he found that, and he soothed her again with his words. His voice was like smooth soft silk and he was made of warm honey. He could feel the clit hardening under his touch and he wanted to burst with desire for this young woman. But he was going to have her by deceit, not force. It was better that way.

Soon she sat upright on his lap. Jennifer felt very safe. She was in the arms of the Priest and she needed his help. She did not understand this, but he was right. The heat and the wet were killing her. He nipples were hurting and very hard like rocks and she felt in her stomach like she wanted to pull her own legs apart hard, so that he can touch her easier. She did not dare to do anything. Just stay there and allow the good man to cure her of this violent feeling. She was so caught up in it. That was what she did not understand. It was just so incredibly strong. She felt bad, but in a good way. It was hard to explain. She did not understand it at all and she was glad that the priest knew.

Then he touched a spot. He was whispering in her ear that he knew how much evil was in her, and that he knew that the evil was making her nipples rocks and her stomach tighten. He whispered that he knew that the evil was trying to get out, but that she was enjoying it too much. He told her to throw her head back and free him to do his work. As he said that, Jennifer threw her head back and felt lightening enter her at her spine. It rocketed through her wet place and made her cry out with a deep guttural moan like a woman’s cry. It felt very good, like a hot bath over her mound and as she closed her eyes and allowed the flood to sweep over her, she felt it exit her body through her secret place and she could not think for the joy of it.

Jennifer’s first orgasm nearly drove the good father wild. He stimulated her clitoris and whispered into her ear and she came so fast, so willingly. She was thrusting into his hand and groaning and panting with abandon and lust. She had opened herself up completely because of the trust. She was totally pure, no inhibitions, no knowledge. Her dress was high about her waist, and her panties soaking. She had her hands back against the wall and was supporting herself there. She looked like pure lust and abandon and the Priest had her virgin cum all over his hand. The confessional smelt like woman sex and he had a hardon that would break through wood.

He lifted his hand to his mouth, away from her as she was languidly panting after her first orgasm. He tasted her cum and it was fresh, like very light seawater, and sweet like pineapple juice. Without thinking, he moved his fingers to her lips and she naturally sucked and licked at them, removing all of her own cum from them. She still had her eyes closed; she was just in an extreme state of arousal. Her willingness was intoxicating, and her trust was divine. The Priest was overcome with evil and desire and wanted nothing more than to steal all of her goodness from her.

She was still in a trance like state, and he leaned into her. He whispered, “The evil is very strong in you. Did you feel it? Can you feel it still? I will have to try to get it out of you. I will try next with my mouth. I want to suck it from you.”

Jennifer heard his words as if he were at the other end of a long tunnel. She was not afraid because she knew that the Priest would save her, but she had never felt anything like the evil that was in her now. She could not think. She kept seeing Johns smile and then the Priest would help her and the evil would burst out. Then there was that last big burst. She did not understand and everything was a fog and she was so warm…. so very very warm. She smiled at him through half closed eyes, and said: “Yes”.

The Priest took her out of the confessional. It was 10.30PM and he had an agreement to have her home by midnight, so he wanted to act fast. She was so intoxicated with lust, that he knew he needed time to be sure she went home pure to her Father. He knew that she would break open over his cock tonight though. He needed her virginity and this was when he would have her.

The Father stood her in front of him. She looked at him, in his eyes. She was starting to wake up and she looked a little fearful. She was still quite dazed and looked confused. He placed a hand on her breast and squeezed her nipple through her dress. It grew hard immediately and he told her this was because of the evil. She stared at him, tears welling up in her eyes. She wanted it out of her. How did this happen to her? How did it get this bad? She was afraid of it. It felt so strong. As a single tear rolled down her cheek she asked the Priest if she was ever to be cured of it. He smiled with deep warmth and compassion. “My beautiful child,” he said. “I will cure you of it. Believe me. I know how to do this and you are very very safe. I will drag it out of you.”

With that, he took her to the pew at the front of the church. She looked up and saw the statue of Mary looking down at her, holding the child. And she knew that she was safe. That here was her sanctification and that the evil would leave her and never return. She almost loved the Priest. The warmth for him flowed out of her body and she felt so much for him for helping her and saving her that she stared into his eyes, and leaned up to kiss his cheek. He smiled down at her with a look that she did not know, that she did not understand, but as soon as she transferred her eyes to Mary, she felt the peace and love and trust of thousands of year of tradition.

The lust filled man took her to the steps leading to the platform at the front of the church. He laid her on the table that was used to hold the sacrament. He asked for her trust, and the love in her eyes and faith as she agreed to do what ever he required to bring about her redemption almost made him cum in his garments. He had her on her back, and he spread her legs apart. He slowly slid her dress up her thighs to her waist again, and this time he was able to remove the black lace panties that she wore. She even helped him get them off her. He spread her legs apart and watched her face the whole time. She had started to be aroused again, without knowing. Her eyes were half closed, and her mouth was falling open. He moved his gaze down to her hot little virgin pussey and saw the glistening wetness there. Bending her legs at the knees, he placed her feet flat on the table, so that her legs were lewdly spread and her cunt gaped open. She was moving her head from side to side now. He was amazed. She did not even understand her own arousal.

He looked into her eyes, and gave her a prayer of confidence and asked that the evil be removed from this young innocent girl. She cried as he muttered it in her ear, all the while his fingers manipulating her clit. He almost brought her off again, but this time he wanted her cum in his mouth. After the prayer, he moved down to her pussey and moved his head toward her hot wet mound. She was shaking now, and he gently breathed his hot breath on to her, looking deeply and carefully into her beautiful vagina. He saw a small drop fall out of it, and he stuck out his tongue and licked it off her outer lips. She started ever so slightly, so he held one of her hands, told her to have courage and not resist him, and then he went back and wiped his tongue straight up her outer labia. She moaned but did not move this time. He moved his tongue to the top of her wet slit, and lapped gently at her clit. She moaned again, but did not move. He could feel the heat radiating from her cunt, and he wanted to suck the life out of her. Spreading her legs even wider, her hot little lips fell apart and he could see her clit standing up like a soldier. He took it in his mouth and sucked it, and she arched her back and thrust into his face.

She was wild with lust and she had no idea. He let go of her clit and stuck his tongue deep into her virgin hole and wriggled it about hard. She was bucking like a bronco now and he knew that she would cum fast. His whole mouth was on her and he was deeply kissing and lapping for all he was worth. She cried out and groaned and he moved his mouth to her clit, and sucked hard. She cried out again and pushed her hips into the air. She reached out with her hand and pushed the back of his head into her cunt as she spread her legs and pumped into his face. Her cum sprayed out this time, all over the good fathers face, and he lapped at it hungrily and sucked it all out of her fresh sweet tasting pussey.

Now he was almost at bursting point and he needed to cum inside of her. It was no longer possible for him to hold back. He shifted his robe and his huge ugly member sprang into view. It was massive. Its angry red pulsating head had pre cum all over it, and it was waggling about as if it had a mind of its own.

He leaned over and kissed Jennifer hard on the mouth. Her eyes flew open in surprise. He apologised for scaring her and told her he was worried that she was fainting from the shock of it and wanted to wake her suddenly. She was very lost under the influence of her orgasm, so he decided to act fast.

“My child,” he said. “You need to have the final part of your treatment. Your purification will be complete when I can inject the holy water into you. Then you will no longer feel the pain and the sorrow of your shame. You will have the perfection in you again and you will be pure.”

In her wild lust Jennifer looked up at the Priest and thanked God for him. She did not know what he was saying, but she was in love, and so glad he was there to save her from this beautiful sweet feeling deamond that had entered her.

The Priest, crazed with his own desire now, lifted her up and took her to the base of the statue of Mary. He laid her on her back so that she could look up into the eyes of the statue as he took her virgin cunt for he ride of its life. He told her to watch Mary. Look into her eyes. And he spread her legs, smoothed her own cum all over the opening to her pussey, and holding her legs apart, he watched her face as he eased his huge cock into her tight little hole.

She had a look of purity at first. Like she was a saint. Then, when the monster was moving in to her, her look became one of fear, and she was obviously trying not to cry out. She bit her lower lip, staring at the statue all the time. The Good father asked her to say her rosary as he saved her, and she repeated it as the great prick eased its way in. She was chanting and repeating her mantra, when there was a sharp cry caught in her throat, then the deepest, blackest lust he had seen on her face yet. He knew that he had broken in to her, and the wetness was amazing, but it was hard to get all of his stiff cock into her small small hole. He leaned over her, as she stared trance like into the statue, and held her shoulders and forced her body over the top of his huge throbbing dick. She was so tight that he struggled to get it all in, but determined he forced her whole body down and soon he felt her cunt give way.

He was in.

He moved back so that he could see the giant cock in her. It was fantastic. He slid it in and out, watching it move with ease and slick speed into her.

She was crazed. Going mad. She was bucking and writhing. God, the little bitch was made to fuck. Hot wet fluid spilled over his cock and he leaned over her to make sure that she was able to cum. He had to feel that cunt grab his cock before he gave it to her; he just had to feel it.

Sliding in and out of her, he reached down and grabbed her nipples and pulled them hard. She arched her back and shrieked and came immediately. The hot flood pouring over his cock made the Priest explode. He leaned over her and screamed: “Jesus Christ I am fucking cumming in your hot twat. Fuck. Take it all you little whore, you slut made for fucking. Take it all.” With that, the Good father ejaculated into Jennifer and spilled all of his hot fuck juice into her.

Jennifer woke from her trance, to a hot bath and one of the Nun’s she had grown with, washing her body down. She felt strange and there was a sore rubbing between her legs. She looked up at the Sister, and she smiled sweetly down. “I understand my small lamb. The father has saved me from lust also.” With that, the Nun washed her, dried her and placed her beautiful clothing on her body again.

The Nun’s took Jennifer to her Father and reported to him that she was indeed pure and would be of no worry to him. Jennifer’s father smiled at the Nun, and asked her if she was long in confession. “No Sir.” Replied the Nun. “She had noting to confess. But she will need to come each time, before and after. Father Baker will be happy to help her with any difficulties each and every time.”

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