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They say you never forget your first time and in my case that is certainly true, mind you it was a little different from the normal furtive coupling behind a bike shed or under jackets at a party, the memories of that experience will stay with me forever.

I was only 18, living away from home for the first time in my life, staying in a south London bed and breakfast, I was still wet behind the ears, women were a complete and terrifying mystery to me. One night, quite a bit after the pub closed, I was walking home, I was sure I’d missed the last bus, when to my delight I saw the flickering headlamps of one of those wonderful old London red double-deckers coming towards me, being in between stops, hopefully, I waved my arms frantically and to my silently given thanks it pulled up next to me, “Are you going to Peckham bus depot?” I asked the ticket collector as I jumped aboard the open entrance at the back end of the vehicle and grabbed hold of the pole.

Looking up I noticed for the first time that the ‘clippy’ was a young woman and very pretty with it, I blushed, she smiled saucily at me, winking as she replied, “For you love, we go all the way” Her name badge, pinned to her green blazer told me she was called Samantha. She had curly blonde hair that escaped haphazardly from beneath the peaked cap she wore, falling gently onto the epaulettes of her jacket, her piercing blue eyes were emphasised by the hint of gold on her lids, she had a dainty little nose and bee sting lips painted vivid scarlet, her beautiful smile revealed perfect white teeth and formed cute dimples in her cheeks.

Reaching up, Samantha rang the bell twice, her jacket falling open exposing thick nipples, sticking out noticeably through the semi-transparent material of her white shirt. The bus lurched forward and I found myself nestling amidst that warm soft cleavage. “I can see I’m going to have to watch you, cheeky” said the pretty ticket collector, laughing loudly and brushing aside my apologies.

Putting her right foot on the bottom step of the stairs that led to the upper deck, Samantha grasped the handrail on either side and even though there was no-one else on the bus, turning to me over her shoulder she huskily said, “Why don’t you come upstairs, you’ll get a better view from up there.”

Without waiting for an answer she started her own assent. The staircase on those old buses are very steep, very narrow, I watched transfixed as Samantha’s shapely arse swayed beneath the short black pleated skirt she was wearing, rising upwards, pushed higher by her tan stockinged long legs. I shuffled behind her, then looking up I gasped at the sight that greeted my eyes. Samantha wasn’t wearing panties! She wore a suspender belt, the straps twanged as she moved, but her pussy was stark naked. I could feel my cock instantly spring to attention as my jaw dropped open.

I can still remember every detail of her full round bum, the blonde hairs covering the chubby, pink slit sandwiched between her buttocks already glistening with love juice. I gulped, looking higher and catching the amused smile on the lips of the sexy clippy. When I reached the top of the stairs, Samantha was waiting for me, taking me by the hand she led me down the aisle. “It’ll be best if you sit right at the front,” she said mysteriously.

By now my manhood was beginning to throb. I felt like all the blood in my face had drained into my cock and I would have followed her anywhere. Sitting me down in the front seat, the pretty blonde stood next to me in full view of the windshield. “I saw you looking at my pussy you naughty boy, and judging by the state of your trousers you liked what you saw. Would you like to have a feel?” she purred, taking hold of the hem of her skirt with both hands, lifting it slowly, sure of my answer, though I stammered helplessly, unable to reply. Finally, I held my breath as more and more of her creamy flesh was revealed.

Eventually Samantha held her skirt high above her waist, her thighs slightly parted. Her mound invitingly thrust forward, I tentatively extended my arm, letting out an involuntary groan as my fingers touched her hot snatch, enjoying the softness of her pubic hair, smelling her musky odour as my amateur caresses made her cunt gape wide and sticky cum began to dribble down her legs. Whatever I was doing seemed to be having the desired effect. “That’s the way I like it” said Samantha moaning with pleasure, urging me to frig her. So with growing confidence I slipped two fingers inside her, squelching in and out of her steaming hole.

Taking back control of the situation, the pretty ticket collector leant forward, her feverish fingers unfastening my belt buckle and buttons. I arched my arse upwards to aid her as she yanked down my trousers and boxer shorts. “I’m sorry, I’ve got to get that big cock up me straight away!” I didn’t know why she was apologising, I couldn’t believe my luck, my eyes half closed as I felt her delicious cool touch on my aching member, her sharp, red painted talons lightly raked the length of my shaft.

She wasted no further time on any kind of foreplay, squeezing my purple headed prick hard and straddling me backwards whilst she looked out of the front window, ‘Ah, so this is why she was so determined to sit here’ I thought, ‘so she could flash to the strangers outside.’ I didn’t care what it was that turned her on, I was getting the benefit.
Carefully positioning herself above me, Samantha briefly rubbed my spongy helmet along her puffy, sodden pussy lips. Frankly I was relieved she had spent no longer on any kind of preamble as I was bursting but determined to hold on for as long as possible. With one movement the horny blonde sat right down on my throbbing erection, squeezing the base of my veiny knob hard before concentrating on rubbing her own pulsating clit. We both moaned together.

I didn’t know what Samantha had done to me but I was amazed at my own stamina and slowly I began cupping my hands under her firm buttocks I helped her slide up and down my sodden slimy length, building the depth and speed of each stroke, hammering away until she could take no more. Screaming loudly, my pretty, experienced lover ground her way to an ear splitting orgasm. To my surprise my cock was still as stiff as an iron bar, I felt I could have gone on all night but that was just my naivety.

Dropping to her knees in front of me, the blonde conductress, rubbing my sticky knob with her thumb, said “Now it’s your turn” Without taking her eyes off mine she quickly engulfed my prick with her wet mouth, slurping loudly as she sucked hard on my length , swirling her tongue around my throbbing glands and gently stroking my fuzzy balls. Suddenly without warning I felt Samanthas finger slide along my arse and I nearly passed out as I pumped gallons of seed down her throat.

Looking up as my climax subsided, I noticed for the first time, a mirror above my head, I didn’t think anymore about it, but as I got off the bus I saw the driver grinning and wiping his hand with a paper towel, I knew of course what had been going on, but these days it only takes the sight of a red bus to give me a hard on.

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