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Me and my Bob

“Honey, what you need is a good Bob.”
“Excuse me?” I was talking to my friend Pearl over dinner. We had just been discussing the fact that I hadn’t gotten laid in a few months.
“Bob, a battery operated boyfriend.”
“You mean a vibrator?”
“But isn’t that kind of… dirty?”
“Isn’t that the point?”
“I dunno…”
“Look, I’ll take you shopping tomorrow.”
That’s how I found myself in a sex shop, looking at the vibrators. I couldn’t believe it, I had never even considered something like this before, and here I was shopping for one. But with Pearl’s help, I picked one out. It was about 8 inches long, and shaped like a real cock, only it was bright pink and glittery. I couldn’t help but giggle at it. We stopped at a gas station on the way home to buy batteries. When Pearl pulled up to my house to drop me off, she gave me some pointers. Then she sent me in and told me to get ready to have a great time.
I was apprehensive and nervous to say the least. I felt so dirty. I had never even considered using any kind of sex toy before, and here I was with a vibrator, about to go try it out. But at the same time, I was really excited, and turned on. I was pretty wet by the time I got inside.
I went straight to my bedroom, turned on some music, and took off my clothes. I nervously opened the package, took out the vibrator, and put in the batteries. I turned it on and just held it for a while. I decided to try it out on my nipples first. I gently touched it to my right nipple, and immediately a wave of pleasure went through my body. It was amazing, like nothing I had ever felt before. At this point, I lost all apprehension. I still felt kind of dirty, but that just made it better.
I moved the vibrator downward and started stroking my pussy lips with it. I began to shudder with pleasure, and immediately moved it to my clit. That felt even better. Suddenly, I hit a spot that made my pussy start to spasm. I just held it there as the first orgasm ripped through my body, my pussy spasming out of control, gushing it’s juices all over my sheets, my breasts arched upwards, my legs flew into the air, and my mouth opened to scream with pleasure, but I couldn’t make a sound. As soon as I could catch my breath, it started again, I completely lost control of my body for what seemed like hours as I was ravaged by orgasm after amazing orgasm.
Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore, I plunged that vibrator into my pussy. It was a bit big for me, but I was so wet that it slipped in with ease. I was pumping myself with the vibrator and playing with my clit and it was a matter of seconds before I started to orgasm again. The more my pussy clenched around it, the better it felt and the more intense my orgasm grew. I pumped myself harder and faster, my arms weren’t used to such a workout and started to hurt, but I couldn’t stop. My pussy was twitching out of control, practically fluttering around the thick pink shaft and it was driving me absolutely wild. I came more forcefully than I ever had, juices spurted out of my pussy, all over my already soaked sheets, and I just kept pumping away, my other hand still rubbing my clit. I finally collapsed on my bed, so tired that I couldn’t move. I turned the vibrator off and looked at it for a minute. I had found my new best friend.

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