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Mind Blowing Orgasms

Sean had met Jennifer online almost one year ago. They corresponded and chatted with each other for a while and started getting very fond of each other even though they had never met. Trust gradually built up when they found how much they cared for each other. As Halloween rolled around, they worked jointly on a project that brought them closer. They exchanged dreams and fantasies and what they wanted out of life.

Soon after that, a natural progression of events followed as they told each other their real names, exchanged pictures, and then Sean called Jennifer on the phone one day. This call was a turning point in their relationship. They began talking frequently, and the more they talked, the more deeply they fell in love. Since they lived across the country from each other, they could not meet that easily yet they became very intimate on the phone. While most people don’t consider phone sex as real sex since there is no physical contact, yet the imagination of having sex along with each other while hearing sexy words over the phone can bring mind-blowing orgasms while masturbating during the phone call!

Eventually they couldn’t resist the temptation of physically bridging the gap between them. Sean suggested he fly out to see Jennifer in her home town and she agreed to meet him at the airport. They were both excited as they finalized their plans to meet.

Jennifer had waited at the airport for what seemed to be an eternity, when the Continental flight landed and she could see Sean’s plane as it connected to the jetway. Her heart was beating faster at the thought of seeing her lover for the first time. She wondered if everything would turn out as planned. What if there was no physical chemistry between the two? She shrugged off that thought quickly. They had already developed a lot of emotional intimacy and there was no reason why physical intimacy couldn’t develop the same way.

In preparation for their time together, Sean had given her several gifts, among them an open bra he had ordered online. Jennifer had promised to wear it under her blouse and Sean couldn’t wait to slip his hand underneath as soon as they had some privacy–maybe in the car.

Finally Jennifer saw Sean walk down the ramp. Their eyes connected for the first time and she could feel the instant spark as smiles quickly appeared on their tense faces. They rushed towards towards each others’ open arms.

Jennifer looked at Sean and said, “You’re just as I thought! My Sugar Bear!”

“Jennifer, you too are just like I thought! My Angel Baby!”

Jennifer looked around quickly and saw there were too many people. She grabbed Sean’s arm and said, “Come with me. I found a perfect place for us.”

The two walked hand in hand, until they came to a spot behind the ticket counter. There was no one there. Sean folded his strong arms around Jennifer as their lips approached and finally touched! It didn’t take long before their lips parted and they locked into an embrace, French kissing passionately. Sean loved gliding his tongue under Jennifer’s. He had imagined this moment a thousand times before and finally, it was a reality and every bit as enjoyable as his imgagination. Sean’s hands moved up and down Jennifer’s back as he felt a huge bulge under his pants.

Because they were at the airport, they dared not go any further but walked hand in hand to Jennifer’s car. She had parked in a corner of the garage so they could enjoy some passionate French kisses in privacy. Once they were in the car they exchanged more French kisses and for the first time, Sean was able to play with Jennifer’s breasts. He looked around and when he saw no one nearby, he sucked her breast as she let out a moan!

When they saw someone approaching, they decided it was time to pull out of the garage and go to lunch. Jennifer had picked a restaurant that served excellent margaritas. Sean had told her two margaritas were perfect for a session of lovemaking with mind-blowing orgasms! Jennifer did not really believe Sean but wanted to humor him anyway. Over a leisurely lunch they both had a couple of margaritas which set the stage for an amorous time later at Sean’s hotel.

As soon as they entered the hotel suite, they were impressed with the layout. Now, they were alone, to do as they wished. The two margarittas had loosened Jennifer’s inhibitions. Sean pulled her towards the sofa and soon they were French kissing again!

Jennifer could see a bulge in Sean’s pants.”Are you wearing the present I picked out?” she asked. Sean grinned and nodded his head. Jennifer couldn’t wait to see the sexy red thong that fastened with Velcro. All she had to do was unbuckle the strap to free the prisoner inside for his and her pleasure! Sean unzipped his jeans and pulled them off. Jennifer winked at him and then immediately unfastened the thong. She giggled in delight as she saw Sean’s cock jump to attention for the first time. She reached out to touch it and then curved her fingers around Sean’s cock!

He reached over and cupped her breast as she gently stroked his hard shaft. They kissed and fondled each other as they undressed until they were completely naked in front of each other for the first time!

“Should we go to the bedroom, darling?” proposes Sean to Jennnifer. She nods her head and stands up. Soon they are in bed, their naked bodies touching each other inch by inch while they lock into a French kissing embrace! Jennifer had brought another present from Sean with her, a dildo they had picked out together. Sean reaches for it and inserts it into her pussy. They continue French kissing while Sean moves the dong in and out slowly. She plays with her clit the whole time they are doing this and soon her orgasm is building up. Sean hears her moans as she begs him not to stop!

The moans grow louder and louder until finally, Jennifer’s first mind-blowing orgasm explodes and Sean watches her whole body shiver with excitement!

As the orgasm subsides, Sean holds Jennifer in his arms and looking into her eyes, says, “I love you, darling!”

Those words are like magic to Jennifer. Her eyes get moist and she reaches to kiss Sean on the lips! “I love you too, darling,” she says. “Come ‘ere! I want you to lie on top of me!”

Sean climbs right on top of Jennifer, their naked bodies touching from head to toe. His lips reach out to hers and their tongues slide together in enjoyable French kisses. As they both get aroused again, Sean moves downward and his lips land on the nipple of her right breast. Sean cups his hand around her breast and gently sucks! She lets out a moan as she enjoys the gentle sucking. Then he switches breasts, sucking the left one, and then finally with his hands brings her breasts together so that he can suck both her nipples at the same time! Jennifer loves that; no man has ever done that to her before!

Sean’s cock is hard as he starts moving down, kissing her soft body! His tongue reaches between her thighs and he feels moist dew drops on her pussy. His tongue seeks out her clit and moving in a circular motion, he enjoys the taste of the juices from her pussy! His middle finger goes in and out as he continues licking and hearing her ecstatic moans and groans. He now inserts two fingers and moves them in and out and continues licking her clit as her moans become louder and louder until she bursts into a second mind-blowing orgasm in all its fury and pleasure!

After getting two orgasms, Jennifer is now keen to give Sean his first orgasm from her. She notices his cock is hard. Curving her fingers around it, she licks the tip and then wraps her lips around it. As she is bobbing her head up and down, Sean watches her and says, “Oh baby, that’s so good!” His hand is caressing her hair as he finds his own orgasm building. “Ohhhh….I am going to cum baby!”

And cum he does, the white juice from his cock spurting as he has his first orgasm with Jennifer.

“Thank you, Sweetheart! This feels so good,” he said. “Come and lie in my arms.”

The two lie in each others arms, cherishing their time together, and enjoying the physical intimacy they had wanted for so long!

By this time, the sun has set and it’s getting dark in the hotel room. Jennifer gets up and lights a candle and places it next to the bed. Then she climbs on the bed and looking at Sean says, “C’mon! Once more! I can make you cum again!”

She notices Sean’s cock sleeping as she puts her hand on it to wake it up. Sure enough as it stirs up, she lovingly starts stroking it.

“Sugar Bear, put your cock between my boobs and let me pleasure you!”

Sean slides his hard cock in the valley of Jennifer’s boobs! Jennifer lovingly envelopes his sliding cock between her ample breasts and then sticks her tongue out! Sean can now feel his hard cock throbbing and longing to get sucked again. He moves forward and Jennifer guides it into her mouth. She enjoys sucking Sean’s cock again because now she knows she can give him another orgasm. Sure enough, the orgasm comes with mind-blowing force as Sean exclaims,”Ahhhhhhhhh !!!”

Following each orgasm, Sean and Jennifer loved to lie in each others’ arms. They now felt they had achieved true physical intimacy whereas before they just had emotional intimacy since they had not met in person. They both had heard a lot of negative things about internet relationships but after sharing their innermost feelings for a year, they knew they were made for each other and that they had a bright future together! With those thoughts, and exhausted, Sean and Jennifer fell asleep naked in each others’ arms.

Sean had remembered to put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door knob. By the time they got up, the sun’s rays were filtering in through the corners of the pulled drapes. “Wanna take a shower with me, baby?” asked Sean.

“Sure, I would love it!”

After adjusting the water temperature and the force of the spray, Sean and Jennifer both get inside the shower as he wraps his strong arms around her and holds her close to her body! With the water streaming down their joined bodies, they French kiss with warmth and passion. Sean feels his cock undergo a hardness transformation at the touch of her warm body!

He now takes the wash cloth and puts some soap on it. He starts washing her forehead and face, being careful not to get soap in her eyes. As he comes close to her lips, they French kiss again.

Sean rubs the wash cloth down her neck, her shoulders, and stops at her breasts. Before soaping any portion of her breast, he bends down and sucks her right nipple gently while his right hand is cupped around the curves of her breast. Then he sucks her other nipple while his right hand goes lower between her thighs. Soon his finger finds her clit and as he massages her clit, she lets out a slight moan.

Sean starts soaping her breasts and notices how slippery they’ve become after being covered with soap. He moves the wash cloth down and then soaps her navel.

As he comes close to her pubic hair, he stops and bends down, squatting on his knees until his tongue is level with her pussy. His hands grab her tush as he pulls her towards his tongue. His tongue probes the folds of her pussy until it lands on the tip of her clit. The shower water, mixed with her juices, is delicious to taste as he inserts his finger in and out of her pussy! He hears her moaning and now he can feel her legs getting WEAK!

“How about if we step out of the shower and dry ourselves and finish on the bed?” Sean asks.

“Okay, darling! I would love that as long as you promise not to stop until I cum!” she responds in anticipation.

They dry each other with Sean taking his time when drying around her breasts and pussy.

Jennifer hops into bed and spreads her legs. Sean leans down naked on the side of the bed and starts eating her while fingering at the same time. He loves watching how her body is responding to the cunnilingus until her orgasm explodes in wave after wave. He takes a brief respite to watch her orgasm subside and then starts all over again for another mind-blowing orgasm!

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