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one hot summer night

It was a hot summers night and I would do anything to get cool i tried a cold shower but that just made me hotter yet i called for a pizza and 30 minutes later the door bell rang and there he was young handsome and hot I asked him in so i could get some money we started some small talk which made my pussy hotter I asked him if he had ever been with an older woman he said no so i started to rub him in all the right ways i then asked him if he ever ate pussy he said no which by now my pussy was dripping down my leg so then i reached into the freezer asked him his favorit flavor he said cherry so i grabbed cherry popcicle and lead him to the room of pleasure where anything happensi then took off my teddy reached down his pants to feel his hard throbbing cock i laid on the bed took his hand put it on my clit. asked him if he was ready to eat his popcicle he said yes so i put the popcicle in my hot pussy told him to lick my pussy suck on my clit while he was eat the popcicle and my pussy i stuck his hard cock in my mouth he was very surprised he said my pussy tasted good and told me to suck his cock harder just then the popcicle was gone i came all over his face i stopped sucking his cock to lick all my pussy juice off his face he then grabbed my ass turn me around slamed me up against the wall and fucked me so hard i screamed harder he made me cum so hard i cried then he dropped me to my knees rammed his cock down my throut and cam in my mouth we then got dressed i give him the money for the pizza he went on his way until the next we had another hot summer night

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