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Tasha was a very sexy girl she was 5ft4” and had nice hips firm butt and she carried a nice 36d breast size for a girl of 14. Unlike most of her friends she was a virgin and had nice ly shaped and firm tits.
One day while walking from school as she usually do a bunch of men and a watch dog she didn’t suspect them until she heard a noise behind her she turn and saw them , as she turned back around she was grab by one of them. She was carried into a daark warehouse she was tied up and they got to work immediately. They ripped her close off and then took off theirs. One man by the name of Ferron took one of her breast into his mouth. she started to cry as she new she wasn’t supose to take short cut home. He slapped her face and told her never to make a sound. They started to fuck her inall her holes repeatedly. When she thought it was over she saw a woman and the watch dog came out. The woman decided to give tasha pleasure and sucked on her breast in alternation.When the woman was done she brought the dog who was sniffing at her cunt. She protested but only got her face slapped. She was placed on all four and the dog began liking up amd down her cunt she began moanning then suddenly she felt something sharp poking into her side oh no he is going to fuck me. Needless to say she got it and to her surprise the dog’s dick was much bigger thananyother dick she had gotten. When the dog was finish she had collapsed and when she recovered she saw every man that had raped her standing with ther cock in there hand and theey all cum on her wheh they were finally finished she had counted them and found out she was raped by 23 male, a female and a dog. She had in all climaxed about 150 times. From that day she would walk around their everyday to she if she had any luck finding her rapers and having them do that to her again.

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