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The Demon King

She walked down and through the woods. Seeing things less and less familiar to here she moved in whatever direction seemed right. She found herself against a natural rockl wall. She continued along the wall hoping it would lead somewhere. A cave appeared next to her. She stared in and lost herself in the blackness. “What is your name?” called a voice. “Who are you?” shed replied defensively. “What is your name?” the voice called again. “Kara,” she replied. Then a tentacle came out of the blackness and hit Kara directly on the head.
Kara awoke in a world completly different from hers. She got up and soon felt light-headed. She walked down the only path out of where she was. Seeing rock formation and objects that completely baffled her, Kara felt even more lost than she did in the woods. She heard scurrying around her. Something scratching, moving. Two beast jumped out of the shadows and grabbed her. “Let me go,” Kara cried. “Who are you?” one of them demanded. “For the last time my name is Kara.” She looked at the two beasts. They both stood upright. One was red and had horns growing out of his back. The other was yellow and had a long jaw and pointed ears. Then Kara saw that both of them where completely naked. Their cocks were twelve inches long Kara guessed. “Come on, we’re talking you to the Demon King.” “Who’s that?” Kara protested as the beasts grabbed her arms and forced her onward.
She stopped kicking and screaming once she realized it wasn’t doing her any good. She looked at herself in amazement. She was so different from the beasts beside her. She was in her school uniform: white blouse, bow, and a skirt. The beasts were completely nude and they didn’t care at all.
A palace arose before them. Nothing like the palaces of her world. They entered a hall and there were many more beasts. All nude, all seemed to be men, but they still looked very strange. They entered another room. There was another beast this one was far bigger than the two next to her. The beast turned around. It’s legs and arms where huge. It’s body was even more massive. “Another vergin?” the giant beast said. “Yes, my Lord,” one of the beasts answered. “Leave,” the giant beast ordered. The two smaller ones kneeled, left, and shut the door behind them. “Who are you, and where am I?” Kara asked feeling she would get the answer. “I am the Demon King and you are in Demon world. You want to know why, our world lacks women and I need the juices of a virgin to become more powerful and soon dominate your world. You will be that virgin that helps me,” the Demon Kinig explained. “I’ll never help you,” Kara said defiently. The Deom King smiled. He raised his arms and from his sides came tentacles. Two rapped around Kara’s legs and hoisted her into the air. Two more rapped around her arms. The Demon King poitioned ass facing him. One moved up to her blouse and coiled inside the top and through her bra and ripped them from Kara’s body exposing her eight-teen year old breasts. Kara began to scream. The tantacle came back and rapped around Kara’s breast and squeezed it hard. It’s head raised and started pinching her niple. Another tentacle tore away Kara’s skirt and exposed her panties. The tentacle rapped around a string and ripped it. The tancle moved into Kara’s pussy. When Kara realized what was about to happen she screamed even louder. “You are a virgin,” the Demon King said happily as his tentacle poke Kara’s pussy. Then the tentacle pushed it’s way into her tight virgin pussy. It reached the end ad began to push into her. Kara’s screams were annoying the Demon
King. “Oh, shut up!” he said. Then a tentacle snaked its way infront of Kara and then shoved itslef into her mouth and down her throat. One the Deomn King had widened Kar’s pussy enough two bigger tentacles came from between the Demon King’s legs. The smallr tentacle removed itself. The two big tentacles moved into Kara’s pussy and started pumping away. The two worked as pistons. Pushing in and out at different times. The Demon King moved his free tentacle up to Kara’s ass. It squirted some kind of liquid over her ass and the burrowed its way through. It pushed deep into Kara’s ass and began to expand. All the while pushing in and out of her. The tencles around her beast circled and squeezed her plump tit. juices were now coming out of Kara in torrents. The Deomn Kiing could sense Kara’s approaching climax and began to fuck her harder in every way. “Yes, let the climax take over you. The Demon King shot its juice down Kara’s throat, over her breasts, in her pussy, and in her ass. Then Kara climaxed. Her body went limp as her energy left her. “Guards,” called the Demon King and two men walked in. “Take her to the best chamber and bring her back to me the same time tomorrow.” The guards took Kara away from the Demon King and brought Kara into her lavish room and left her on the bed.

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