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First sexual experience

I belonged to a singles club years ago and meet an older woman when i was 21. she was about 32 at the time. We were good friends and always talked to each other at the meetings and outings. I knew her for while. At one picnic outing, She needed a ride home and I said that I could give her a ride home from a club event. She accepted my offer. On the ride back, we talked like usual about everything. When we got to her apartment in the parking lot in the car, i just asked her if i could kiss her. I never ever asked this of any date. This was not a date. she said ok and I kissed her passionately. She invited me up to her apartment. we kissed in the elevator all the the way up to her floor, kissed at her front door and as we entered her apartment. As we entered her apartment, we kissed again and she offered me wine. we both felt a little strange or uncomfortable while sitting on her couch, but there was connection. i told her to relax and we kissed passionately for a long while. it was very good. she seemed more relaxed. i took her pink tennis shoes off to make her feel more comfortable and to get a reading if she wanted to have sex. we continued to kiss. i started to unbutton her blouse. it went easy. i took off her slacks. i took off my shirt for her to feel at ease. i took off her red socks. then, i thought she would pull off my jeans, but she did not; so i pulled off my jeans, socks, and shoes. now we were both in our underwear. we kissed somemore. i uncoupled her bra from the back and gently kissed her breasts. She thought they were to small. I told her they were fine and kissed them again. Then I took off panties and kissed her pussy. It was very nice. She sighed. i then took off my underwear. She was not aggressive to make any moves toward me. Now, both of us were naked. then, i laid her down on the couch on her back with myself on her. even though i was hard, i could not pentrate her just right. it seemed my penis could not go in just right. it might have been her first time also. i did not want to ask her. Finally, i did ejaculate into her just right and my penis moved into her hole quickly amd expanding very big and she let out a sigh of joy. it was very good. I just kept banging my penis into her hole several time more. Each time she would scream out for more and seem totally out of control.

We kept our relationship for years. many times, she would visit me while i was out of state. I would pick her up at the airport and we would go to my place. She liked to dress in red baby dolls and robes, and I would just love to undress her until she was totally nake with only flats on her feet. I would want to take her bra and panties off and kiss her pussy. She would always wear some colorful pair of flats on her feet. On one occasion, I undressed her petite slim naked body sliding her baby doll panties down her slender legs, but I left her red flats on her feet. I then got on top of her and my penis exploded in her pussy. Later, my hands would rub her ass and her legs, while my feet gently
slided her red flats off her feet and I would put my stick back inside her. We had prolonged sex all evening until we fell asleep. She looked so sexy with just her shoes on that it became a turn on for me to have sex with her. Our chemistry was so automatic and free flowing. She would fly up to meet me whereever I was. Even though she was ten years plus old than me, we would always talk and have sex. It was a special type of feeling and sex that I have not shared with anyone else. Even after all these years, I still think of all the good times we had; and to this day, if I had met her on the street again, even we are much older, I would still want to talk to her and have endless sex again. I still think today she was very hot then and still hot now and I still prefer mature women.

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