Wolfdog In Heat

(These are the story of two of my original characters)

For three years now, Sean had been living with Volk, a red, beautiful, earless wolf with horns.

She was the only witch in the whole second world that agreed to help cure Sean. Many years ago, a ghost decided to fuck a human, and that’s how Sean was created. In the second world, there are no humans and neither do ghosts and other creatures feel pain as humans, but Sean does.

He was born with hemophilia, and yet was immortal. Therefore he always felt strong pain when he got hurt. Once he fell, and a metal tube pierced his head. He came crying to Volk.

After that, the two of them have always been good friends. They talked a lot, but suddenly Volk distanced herself from him. After a while of research he understood why!
It was the time of the year when she would be in heat.

Volk walked in into the room, where Sean was laying on the bed doing nothing.
“I’m in a hurry!” She said. “A customer just walked in and he says I need a potion for him due to next week.” She pawed her desk, standing on only her two back legs. This time, she was in such a rush she didn’t have time to put on her coat.

Wiggling her tail, he could see everything. Her fine, pink asshole, and her swollen tight pussy.

“Why are you in such a hurry, Volk?” He said, standing up from the bed and coming closer to her behind.
“Cause I have to leave as soon as possible.” She muttered, and Sean knew why. She had to either get through her heat whithout cock, or with cock. Sean wanted to give her only the best.

“Volk, you’re a virgin aren’t you?” He said.
“W-what are you saying!” She halfway yelled, blushing.
“Your swollen vagina says it all. It’s super tight.”
He poked in it, then smelled his finger and felt a rush to his pants. A boner.
“I know you have been reserving yourself, but that isn’t necessary anymore. I’ll fuck you loose.”

Sean tugged off his pants and his underwear, took a strong grip of her tail and massaged her vulva with his tip. Volk wasn’t protesting, so when she least expected it he stabbed it in quick.
She screamed, but of pleasure. Sean humped her fast, making her growl out of pleasure and lust. For a human, his dick was enormous.

Humping her rapidly in speed, he realised that he was feeling something. He increased his speed, almost tearing Volk’s fat, wet hymen to shreds and cummed all inside her. Jizz filling her fully up came oozing out of her.

He took his dick out of Volk’s, now loose and bloody vagina. She fell to the ground, panting.

“That was so painful,-” a big part of cum flowed out of her. “-ly good.” She moaned as her piss was starting to fill the floor of her room. “It was the least I could do.” Sean said, patting her back.


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