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A Birthday Party to remember

It was my 18th birthday and I was stuck in my
all male boarding school. I treated the boys to
a chinese meal promptly delivered by the local restaurant and sneaked in some beers and spirits
to add to the occasion. I didn’t hope for much else as we all said goodnight at midnight and retired to our rooms.
As I lay in bed naked , contemplating my wasted life , there was a knock on the door.
“Come in” I whispered . James , my best friend walked in wearing his usual torn bathrobe .
” Hi , John ” , he said , ” Just wanted to say thanks for the food and drink and I wanted to give you my present”.
“What now ? ” I exclaimed half asleep . Also , I noticed he wansn’t holding anything in his hands.
“Right now!” He replied and in one movement he threw off his robe and stood butt naked in front of me with a huge pulsating cock . Suddenly ,
he climbed on me throwing his legs over my head and landed on top of me , thrusting his cock in my mouth while his head lowered onto my emerging
cock. We sucked each other furiously for about five minutes , biting and licking cock and balls
while our fingers probed each others love holes.
Then , in one movement , he swivelled around to face me and lowered his ass onto my wet and shiny cock and began to ride me furiously .
I grabbed his hips and pushed as far as i could go while watching his hard cock bouncing up and down in front of me . He stroked his cock and soon came all over my chest with bits of cum flying onto my face .I responded by cumming in his ass in great giant spurts .
He dismounted me and sat on my face and made me clean his ass with my willing tongue as I licked my cum and his sweat .
He finally got off me and knelt down and kissed my ravaged face and whispered ” Happy Birthday!”
In three seconds he had left my room and I fell asleep thinking ” One down , 364 days to come!!”

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